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  1. Well, Jin FM makes sense given that Jin can be SF, which is already half FM... Like, it makes no sense for a race to be able to be SF, but not also be FM + KFM. The only thing I can think of, is that Jin already has access to the most classes (6 compared to Yun's 5 and Gon/Lyn's 4), but ehh... Could easily balance that out by opening up more classes to other Races. For example, I'd buy a Race Change for my Gunner in a heartbeat if GunsLynger was a thing. Other options include, giving Assassin to literally any other race. Gon BM? Gon/Yun WL?
  2. Well, it's only as "Basic" as the ability designers imagination. Given that every single attack in the game is infused with elemental energy and Chi, there's tons of possibilities for exciting attacks and skills. I mean, they're not as inherently flashy as other potential weapons, such as Scythes, Sickles, Nunchaku, Poharan's LMG (And the assortment of other modern military weaponry its existence enables) etc. But they have potential. I mostly make a thread on them because, they're a reasonable addition to the game given that there are many NPC's that utiliz
  3. Honestly, there's no "Last Class" until they run out of unique element pairings. That would be a logical end to making new classes, given they seem to have deliberately avoided duplicating pairings (Also, something I considered when selecting elements for my OP) Since, you know, more classes is a way to effectively print money by giving people a reason to roll a new character, buy more outfits, inventory space, level booster bundles, character slots etc... If Gunslinger does end up being the last class, then meh. Can still theorycraft for fun about potential classes (O
  4. Yeah, that's something I hadn't thought of but is worth noting. I mean, I was originally thinking something slower paced purely to counter the recent Gunslinger and to an extent Force Master whom spam a bunch of stuff all the time. 'cause you know, catering to more than 1 playstyle is pretty cool. But it would help with high ping players, as well as looking so dope when you get those big beefy crits. To be honest, something similar could be done with the Lancer too, specifically for the Frost spec, they could make it slower and more proactionary so that high
  5. Javelin class does sound pretty neat. Very few games really utilize javelins at all. Not so sure about the shield though, would that not be super annoying in PvP, much like how annoying it is in PvE when you can't do anything because nothing counts as hitting because like everything is a block... Would also be wary about bringing in such potent boss debuffs too, I'd hate to see yet another class become a "Mandatory" class for parties, much like how everyone wants a Warlock and someone with blue buff (KFM/Sin). I haven't been looking recently but Gunslinger might be in t
  6. Hey, what's up guys and gals. Just been musing on the idea of Lancer and Archer classes given that there are so many NPC's that are seen using spears and bows. Thought I might share them here if for no other reason than because I can't sleep and I'm bored. If the ideas happen to make their way over to the Korean devs and the classes become a thing in some part because of this feedback then great and if not well, it'd be no surprise xD Now, in no particular (But actually alphabetical) order: Archer Elements - Shadow/Wind Gameplay - Ranged combatant
  7. The key it's on makes no difference. One of the requirements to USE Upshot is to Reload first. Probably to ensure you have enough ammo and wires to do your juggle. Since, if they wanted, they could have just made Upshot take priority over Reload when aiming at a stunned/dazed target and thus make LMB/R not have any issues with Reload. However, they decided to ensure that you NEED to Reload before you can Upshot by not only altering the priority, but also putting in that requirement.
  8. Lightspeed is crippled by 2 main factors: It's a HUGE focus sink, that also needs you to be high focus to deal full damage. This means it's basically relegated to just usable during Tombstone (Move 1) and Moonshine (Move 1, with HM upgrade). It gives no boosts to anything other than RMB. But is completely removed from existence by the use of 4, which you'll be spamming on CD because it's so efficient. So, logically, the way to make it actually a thing to use would be the following: Remove the Dark Light sink from 4 and put it somewhere else that isn't natura
  9. Seems 'aight. I'm not wowed by it so far, though not too deep into it yet. Also, that 50% exp boost messes things up too... Doing storyline only but still massively overleveled so it's basically just walk through quests holding RMB and occasionally pressing F... Maining it? Probably not. I seem to have a type... In Tera I mained Elin Warrior, here I'm maining Lyn BD. Apparently I like cute loli's with swords. Maybe if Lyn Gunslinger was a thing... Who knows.
  10. So you can press R to reload.
  11. Mostly that you seem to be clutching at straws trying to find and bend any reason you possibly can in order to justify an asinine viewpoint. Like, really, how much would Gunslingers being available to the Lyn race affect you? Would you suddenly be forced to make a Lyn Gunslinger? No. Would everyone else be forced to make a Lyn Gunslinger? No. So why so much effort to try and "Prove" that Lyn cannot be Gunslingers, despite evidence to the contrary (Such as your main argument about physical strength being completely negated by the existence of Blade Dancers. "Oh but there's no NPC BD's" - Yeah,
  12. I believe Corage would be referring to your lack of input on HOW to balance classes. Just saying "Yeah, buff the weaker classes" without anything as to what buffs to give to what parts of what classes. Doesn't really help. I mean, you state you feel that melee classes damage isn't high enough to justify the extra dodging of attacks they need to do... So what do you propose? Do you want their iframes buffed? Damage increase? What abilities do you feel aren't strong enough or should have additional iframes? Would you buff badges? If so, which ones? How would all these cha
  13. Dude, it honestly just seems like you have a vendetta against Lyn for no reason... So I'll address a few of your points: - The gun isn't a small toy. Yes, neither is throwing fireballs from your hands, neither is a sword that's length is like 70% of your height (In reality a sword of that proportion would be used with 2 hands. Yet BD's can swing them with one hand with ease). All of these things would be as exhausting or more than firing a couple of pistols. - Nothing in the lore (That I'm aware of) states that they're too weak and feeble to do anything phys
  14. Ehhh... It could be worse, it could be a Blizzard game. Now there's a bunch of games to play and whine about Melee vs Ranged. So many mechanics that punish melee (Boss movement, cleaves, PBAoE's, mechanics you need to run over to etc), but nothing for Melee to utilize to mitigate all the movement they need to do. On top of this, they're not even top DPS on theoretical 0 mechanic fights (Despite being more complicated to play, to the point where there's little margin for error for even computer programmes to do perfect rotations) Then comes along 2-3 button mashing range
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