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  1. Option 2: 4 Hongmoon Gem Fragments 2 Hongmoon Gilded Square Gems 1 Dyad Gilded Triangular Gem 80 Gold I think it should require 2 gilded triangular instead of 2 gilded square else there is no point in making top tier gems because of constant value drop
  2. I have evolved stones, transformation stones, crystals but I can’t craft sacred oils because of this silly stone. The only source for it is doing Cold Storage which gives max 0.05 stone per day (0.5 if I had 10 alts and time to do CS 10 times). This is way too inefficient, so please give updated method to get these stones or just remove it from the recipe. You know the nowadays gears require massive amount of sacred oils.
  3. Please rescue wind summoner

    The game knows only damage, people want top damage classes or classes that provides party damage buff. The wind summoners can't do neither of those, they are currently 20-30% under the average dps and provide no party damage buff at all; and therefore can hardly get places in end game content. Changing elemental is not easy at all because of the high accessory, obsidian upgrade costs. So please do something to make ensure elemental balance. I would suggest: Reduce RB focus cost, wind summoner is the only class having focus problem even with endgame gear. Redesign HM skill for RB, it is right now useless for pve. Redesign the legendary mystic badge like it was done with warlock's badge.