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  1. Just never trust patch notes lol
  2. Everything will be translated into moonstones (aka p2w)
  3. Hi @Hyunkel, I have verified with BnS community that NCSoft has given many incorrect announcements recently in every update. I hope those were not intended.
  4. Making updates inconsistent with announcement Silent editing patch notes Silent increasing crafting costs of material you want to trap people in What else worse can you do? Are you that desperate for money? Is your action even legal anymore?
  5. Oh well, no more wipe mechanics even in the most endgame dungeon. Welcome back to the braindead game.
  6. About gold nerf, we were always making more gold than we were spending it. We all know that the value of gold inflated and everything got much more expensive. If the currency inflates, it is the government's resposibility to stablise its own currency. If there is gold cost reduction in upgrade materials like jewels and elements, a reduction in gold income is inevitable to follow. NCsoft only did wrong by using dungeon difficulty as a reason. You should think like this: Does NCsoft actually sell us gold? Not really. We use gold to deal with other players and if it is harder to make gold, t
  7. Stop complaining about dungeon difficulties, I’m still able to do 4/4 Daily Challenge with my dawnforge 3 alt and so are the other 5 party members. You don’t need more than 4 daily quests on an alt. The game design was bad and that was the reason for dead Hard mode. People have to change their habit, they need to wake up and start learning mechanics. And that is true for new players. We don’t teach new players to just collect items and simple mode bosses to death. Finally, please bring back arena and solo dungeon as part of the daily challenge. There is no reason to remove them. Let
  8. All heroic dungeon daily quests reward scale/blackstone fragments except for the new dungeon Cathedra cliffs. Is this a mistake?
  9. The benefit of playing alts is just more than anything else. We have to play alts for event rewards. We have to play alts for gold. We have to play alts for unity (and now unity exp cap per day is raised more than double). In other words, we have to play alts a lot to be competitive. If we have a life, we have limited time for this game, we will have to rush through daily challenge on alts with easy quests. We will rush through pleb dungeons with simple mode, so that in the end we will have our shiny gears and HIGHER NUMBERS. But when will we have time to learn our main class? When will we hav
  10. Option 2: 4 Hongmoon Gem Fragments 2 Hongmoon Gilded Square Gems 1 Dyad Gilded Triangular Gem 80 Gold I think it should require 2 gilded triangular instead of 2 gilded square else there is no point in making top tier gems because of constant value drop
  11. I have evolved stones, transformation stones, crystals but I can’t craft sacred oils because of this silly stone. The only source for it is doing Cold Storage which gives max 0.05 stone per day (0.5 if I had 10 alts and time to do CS 10 times). This is way too inefficient, so please give updated method to get these stones or just remove it from the recipe. You know the nowadays gears require massive amount of sacred oils.
  12. The game knows only damage, people want top damage classes or classes that provides party damage buff. The wind summoners can't do neither of those, they are currently 20-30% under the average dps and provide no party damage buff at all; and therefore can hardly get places in end game content. Changing elemental is not easy at all because of the high accessory, obsidian upgrade costs. So please do something to make ensure elemental balance. I would suggest: Reduce RB focus cost, wind summoner is the only class having focus problem even with endgame gear. Redesign HM skill for RB
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