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  1. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    Costumes are for sales or bait for trove, and events are only for crushing the hopes of new players. how many people will have 100% pets at the end of this event, i wonder.
  2. Gunner needs a more useful variant of Z in PvE.

    rollback and delete gunner.
  3. Currency for Outfits from Trove

    But they just got what theyt wanted and you didn't. Having them change the way things are done would mean that you COULDN'T break down and buy another 50 keys, because it might still happen, that mythos might drop.. BNS business model is to jump on the customer with both feet to squeeze out as much blood as possible. You aren't a customer, you aren't a player, you're a mark.
  4. Gauntlets/Bracers are too ugly in my opinion, no matter what

    My rose corsage/bracer is the only weapon skin i will ever use.
  5. Its a filler pet, meant to be turned into pet pods without outright giving you a pet pod.
  6. Treasure trove costumes

    The rewards and frequency of them have driven me to half the buying for every successive trove. next trove I'm not going to bother because it would be down to 20 USD, which would unlock the slots but then never get a crit on the bread for the masses they call daily trove. Edit: I've also cut out the premium, and have stopped with the cosmetics which have become a joke.
  7. If you believe devs, you have lost the game. Its their job to offer you less than nothing and make it seem like the best thing in the world, and that you can't work hard enough for it. With this thread you have vindicated them, and justified their existence.
  8. The raven king's ferocity has waned

    I market manipulate because it is a basic part of MMOs and a little notation can equal alot of gold. This is part of my enjoyment of the game, and it is a bit of control i can have and abuse, and so can anyone else. The market itself is a game, and if you're bad at it, that is really your own fault. Stop being bad, stop being poor(in game)
  9. Section in forum for ideas to the development team

    Idea #1: actually pay attention to your playerbase, and respond within a month with real news. Idea #2: find another job that is suitable for you like automated phone dialing. Respect deserved by devs in this game: -9000
  10. this stupid

    Now you know the full BNS experience. the problem is you only spent $80. you will only see what you want if you spend thousands, and maybe not even then.
  11. Loot Boxes

    Oh, now the changes to our rewards make sense. We have to cover for NCsoft's losses in europe, so they make most mats untradeable. They're doing it while they still can.
  12. Plenty of other rewarding games, but none of them are open world arcade fighters. Still feels arcady, have to keep pumping in quarters to get close to the endgame. Thank you for the wallpaper response, we really appreciate the hollow and much iterated copypasta of "we're listening to you, and we promise we aren't laughing at you behind closed doors."
  13. Removal of Venture tokens from TOI rewards

    When asked, I tell people not to play the game. I still play because i supported the game for long enough that i'm invested, but I would rather my friends play something that doesn't treat their playerbase as marks instead of customers. For a company that sells nothing of real world value and the intangible items sold depreciate in a month or two, only to be given out for free, NCwaste ( and i don't believe for a second that these reward schemes are trickledowns from Korea) is more than stingy. At this point I DGAF if the game folds tomorrow.
  14. While waiting for just a response to this problem, my clan leader quit, and 4 other members of my clan have permanently deleted their characters. NCWimp has made choices that have permanent results in regards to friends with whom i have enjoyed playing this game. All of the people that left were heavy spenders, as am I, and I'd not be very surprised if many big spenders decided to do a chargeback just to make sure they're not tempted to come back.
  15. Regarding Your Efforts to "Help" People Gear Up

    its a cycle, just wait for it. pretty soon you'll probably get raven at level 50 through the storyline, and all the acc. will be almost free. At the same time they'll run some cashgrab event for the paying customers. then new materials will be added to the game and the market gets flooded with a glut of old stuff. Free stuff comes with huge costs in this game.