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  1. Stop Lobby Harassment please

    You should accept the kick as a hint that they don't want you in their party. Only morons would keep joining a party they get kicked from. You don't have a "right" to finish the dungeon, and no one should be forced to help you, except they are: in LFP.
  2. Shell Hath No Fury

    hallo, that quest is for Midnight skypetal plains, and is for either level 3 or 4 of the boss there.
  3. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    Being carried is not a right, newer "entitled" players frequently ruin pug groups by not understanding level requirements. This means the more experienced make their own groups and advertise, and when they do that they get to kick if they want. People HAVE to party with you until the pre dungeon lobby when they lfp. They don't have to if they're willing to wait for a party composition by advertising. You will not get carried, and will get kicked from those groups. Complaining on this level will get you blocked in game. For the OP: LFP will be your best bet, those will be much more willing to take Bale/seraph hm10s. hm9's and lower will have a harder time, if half your team are below double digit HM levels most people will drop because they want to be able to beat the bosses even when the mech fail, which has a higher likelyhood for every sub HM10 in the party.
  4. Leavers need to be punished

    Because your multiple rant topics on the same line will be locked: Find a clan, don't be a jerk, nobody owes you anything and there are many dungeons with many levels. The ignorant is a good laugh by the way, and if you want to kick veteran players, you shouldn't be trying to party up with them.
  5. Upgrades

    Of course i don't expect them to cost the same, but I expect them to cost. OP wants it ALL for free as part of the story, with no actual work or effort invested. The game gives them an accessory for free(250 cores), and if they know what they about they get a best in slot acc, only having to do a dungeon 10 times. They're trash, but they are mid-level trash and a decent goal for a fresh out of story character. Those small goals are important.
  6. Upgrades

    I have started with nothing and trained up 2 alts in the OLD DAYS when you had to fight for an upgrade weapon and far more mats than we have now, all from dungeons that were a challenge. Now people start at EC+ for their dungeons, and my latest character, a cancerous gunner also got everything on its own. My main soaks up all my materials that i get from having a decent AP, my alts fend for themselves. I'm not being dramatic, I'm countering a whine about entitlement, a whine that is a wall of text. Am i jellous of the lack of effort needed? no, I'm disgusted.
  7. Upgrades

    100 ap is an incredibly small grind to overcome. Weapon upgrades, which have been cheapend beyond belief will easily cover it, and moreso if you get 3 piece SS from EC or higher. People will complain about not having everything handed to them because free games should be easy right? Like absolutely no challenge so you get all the feelings of accomplishment but none of the effort. Everyone gets a prize, there are no losers, no noob left behind and we can all be equal as soon as the loading screen ends. no. Work for it, this isn't a welfare-state game. edit: whups forgot about gems, which are so cheap and easy to get that there should be no complaints. This game has functioned on about a 300AP gap for a very long time. What really makes the difference now are the endgame SS and elemental accessories which drop in dungeons after... working for it.
  8. censored or no?

    Not censored in my clan, we're the explicits for a reason
  9. Heart Fireworks

    ._. I keep all my fireworks and light them off while fighting in easy dungeons on my trollyn spincat
  10. Leavers need to be punished

    Yes, I've run into that too, and if i see it I let them finish the dungeon on their own, since they're so awesome.
  11. Upgrades

    This entire thread reeks of entitlement and laziness. You are new to the game, everything older players have they actually had to work for. The game has been dumbed down so much it is almost unrecognizable, yet its not enough. You feel you deserve endgame loots as soon as you finish the storyline. How about.. no?
  12. Does it ever get fun?

    And while you may not get the item, you get a slice of the winning bid. Your logic is faulty. The object is in an auction que, therefor there is a chance you can get it. Someone else has more money, they might not want it. Just because you lose a bid, you claim you never had a chance, but that auction proves otherwise. Also, #nopoors
  13. Leavers need to be punished

    This, at least, is solvable by NCW simply by changing the quest to completing the dungeon. NCW knows, its been mentioned here many times. As to punishing droppers, LOL. Its bad enough you can't boot people. I had to drop so many dungeons yesterday, not to solo them, but to not be in a NS 5 person carry attempt. PUGging is horrible, so heres my solution: Wait to do it with friends. I have to do it a lot, because people seem to think that higher levels owe them a carry. The issue with the running and dropping is because the cardinal gates in zaiwei are a fair bit more pointless running from any windstride point. Thats right, its still more lazy to go through the lobby.
  14. No, you probably wont regret not spending money at this point, when you get a better taste of the game, when you have found the class and character that you like(if it happens, but i bet it will), then spend money AFTER level 55 hm8(which should be approx. the end of the storyline. At that point you will have the proper weapon to start upgrading, a decent soul shield to improve on with some of the dungeons that start at that level, and most of the accessory slots filled. There is also the "trove" event. Don't upgrade during that event, after every trove the requirements for upgrading get cheaper and you can advance faster for less. I'm not saying don't spend money in trove, thats fine, but expect to feel ripped off if you upgrade during the event. Save the materials for weapon upgrades till after. You can usually upgrade accessories, those costs don't diminish much.
  15. Remove "Advance to start" from Daily Dash

    Ah, so you admit that it IS for bypassing the later, more valuable stuff in favor of the low value items at the start for premium users. Good to know that. Yet another setback for premium users.