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  1. There seems to be an issue with people using skills without cooldowns and people not losing hitpoints when hit it seems. Then there is some tinfoilhat attempt to say ncsoft is helping the hackers. There have been many questionable things happening in my PVP fights today, but things happen and I'm not there to actually climb the ladder. I just want the beans, but some people take pvp seriously so of course there will be cheaters and exploits.
  2. Battlefields are all about using the pve bling you paid real money for, smack talking, skill abuse, level pimping and a whopping 2 types of capture the flag.
  3. You spent your gold on tradable mats, then had to convert them to be usable, so you have lost nothing, you still have the materials to get it back. You just don't have the chance to sell things that you had already devoted to crafting an item. Since you have really lost nothing but the ability to sell the products you impulsively swiped for no pity is due, and no need for anyone to think about your pain and suffering. You were taking advantage, you lost the advantage and got a little slap on the wrist. Keep THINKING you're entitled. Caveat emptor, with a dose of a fool and his money. Don't worry, you can swipe to buy the time of people willing to listen to you cry.
  4. You can always buy your mats back from the daily specials. You know, like you did the first time. Now THINK again about right now, who is crying?
  5. Its not enough that NCwest gets lots of money from whales, they want it faster in large frantic amounts. I've previously cut back my playing and spending. This last two weeks shows me that NCwest is going beyond favoring the players with the fastest swiping and limitless credit. There is a pattern here and it seems that the same people spot and take advantage of these mistakes every time. There may be a grapevine about this sort of thing, but i bet the root starts in the NCwest office. Since i can't possibly compete, my further investment in playing this game is over, and all NCwest games will be tainted in my eyes and opinion.
  6. SF heal does work without entering combat mode. It also boosts the movement speed of the party and gives 100% focus.
  7. it was, but now it is not because it costs money to keep things listed in steam. Couple that with the gold sellers and the amount of people that fall for obvious scams and you have the reason why steam doesn't trust NC, and NC doesn't want to pay for steam.
  8. Hepta gems weren't dropping so they "fixed" the system by rigging it. save your ncoins and just buy gold if you have already invested. All in all this event is not worth spending anything on, and everyone already paid through the nose with the spyware and increased ping.
  9. My ping goes up to 250ms now, never less than 190 even in a single instance like the CB ritual chambers. thats up 70-130ms from pre patch. There is only one thing to explain it, and the devs have heard about it. I play SF and BD, rather ping reliant, so i only log on to help clanmates atm. The free hard drive space from uninstalling is looking like a good incentive to do so atm.
  10. I don't think NCsoft will listen to polls, or respond to negative outbursts in forums, as they have seem to pay little attention to them. For that purpose i have eliminated them from my monthly gaming budget, and am extracting myself from the game. It will take some time to vote with my dollars and my feet, I'm very active in my clan and have friends I would rather not leave, but I'm going to because i have been sufficiently alarmed by this unannounced and intrusive installation to install a seperate os instance to play the game. NCsoft is shown to only pay attention to the bottom line. My small contribution to their finances will not have any effect individually, but that is not the intent. I'm just going to migrate to a game where the developers actually pay attention and don't half ass their product.
  11. being there to do things there, then adding 45 minutes fromt he last time the announcement went up
  12. only did 100 or so keys, got a Hepta diamond, 2 silverfrost keys, 50 radiant, 50 gold, 20 msp flowers, 4 SS of which 3 were #7's, elements of both sorts and high quality fabric. I had one crit that was worth being called a crit, and that was the diamond. the high quality fabrics and elements were all the rest of the crits. the regular rolls covered the rest. This update has been the biggest letdown I've ever had with bns.
  13. I have a feeling this is because of all the refunded keys, and the people foamingat the mouth to spend money on trove. I spent myself out so that i don't have to log on until they fix certain issues. I noticed that some of the regular drops are like semi-crits and have better rewards than the crits do.
  14. yes yes, I must be low geared because I point out that you're crying, and point out that SSP and things like it created an obvious imbalance, just like the 6v6 matchmaking formula. Git gud and all that. *slowclap* Try adapting to the game, like everyone else has to, and seeing reasons why they make the fixes they do. As for giving us fast upgrades to more crap, it was quite a grind getting to the base level of a much harder grind which was a much harder grind etc. They're looking for something that will let more people play without being left too far behind, and getting mocked because of it. Go do the event boss, its easy enough to do for free, and just like everything else the whales will have it easier because they're paying for the freeloaders. Find other ways to make gold, theres plenty. edit* Oh, and on that topic, the keys are quite cheap if gold is sold in order to get them, particularly so considering the entry level of the event grounds. Looking at the prizes it is also for upgrading people playing for free. Look at the upgrades for pinnacle stuff, now people don't have to grind out all the hard dungeons to get gear to do hard dungeons. Knowing mech is a different matter of course.
  15. It could be they finally noticed that 1 faction seems to dominate SSP and changed things so that it is a bit more balanced and SS are not as needed. It could be they noticed that SSP is a huge money faucet and only benefits a few players, as well as feeds bots. Make things unprofitable for both and they get les complaints from half the server population, and elitism via faucets is no longer a factor for unbalancing the factions. If you think its entirely pay to win, why did they just lower all the upgrade prices and provide alot more drops? Just because you made lots of gold in the past doesn' mean you should always have that means at the cost of other players. Projecting your angst on everyone because of your lost income gets you nowhere, because now everyone has the option of saving and crafting, or putting them up on the market, not just a select few. Your good old times are gone, and will not come back. Thank goodness.