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  1. You might be able to run it, and play the story, which i doubt, but you would get nowhere with dungeons and raids, people would not wait for your load times.
  2. As soon as a company makes ¨your favorite game here¨ 2, the old game is a waste of money. Any real support will be for the new games, and given NCsoft history, any further troves and updates will be ncwest crabbing everything they possibly can. The game was dying, the game is now dead.
  3. Summoners should be charged even more because everyone ELSE has to tolerate their cats, and those cats are responsible for more wipes than any other class in my experience.
  4. Dickish behavior is to be expected in a faction vs faction game where the side that pays to win the most stacks to one faction for better farming. What you get are the wallet-steroid heros. They just PAID to be awesome, so you're not allowed to consider yourself anything better than their patsy. If you want less of that, just switch sides, otherwise enjoy your choice of companions, cause it is YOUR choice.
  5. No, what we really need is another axe class, but the axe should be bigger, and instead of losing hp when hit it loses stamina, and takes life to run. once stamina runs out biggeraxeclass( i'm so awesome with names) it uses focus, but every time focus is used the axe gets smaller.
  6. it takes ages to ship that many costumes, clearly NCsoft can't do anything about that, and they are doing everything possible to make sure you go to school wearing the latest fashion 2 months late. fantasy world problems.
  7. I think we all need everything free, in fact cheaper than free. and we should get our weapon and accessories maxed and matched to our new class. Why should we pay for and level a new class of character. also the controls are too hard. i demand a 1 press 1 win button. for free. oh, and trophies for logging on. free.
  8. Costumes are for sales or bait for trove, and events are only for crushing the hopes of new players. how many people will have 100% pets at the end of this event, i wonder.
  9. But they just got what theyt wanted and you didn't. Having them change the way things are done would mean that you COULDN'T break down and buy another 50 keys, because it might still happen, that mythos might drop.. BNS business model is to jump on the customer with both feet to squeeze out as much blood as possible. You aren't a customer, you aren't a player, you're a mark.
  10. Its a filler pet, meant to be turned into pet pods without outright giving you a pet pod.
  11. The rewards and frequency of them have driven me to half the buying for every successive trove. next trove I'm not going to bother because it would be down to 20 USD, which would unlock the slots but then never get a crit on the bread for the masses they call daily trove. Edit: I've also cut out the premium, and have stopped with the cosmetics which have become a joke.
  12. If you believe devs, you have lost the game. Its their job to offer you less than nothing and make it seem like the best thing in the world, and that you can't work hard enough for it. With this thread you have vindicated them, and justified their existence.
  13. I market manipulate because it is a basic part of MMOs and a little notation can equal alot of gold. This is part of my enjoyment of the game, and it is a bit of control i can have and abuse, and so can anyone else. The market itself is a game, and if you're bad at it, that is really your own fault. Stop being bad, stop being poor(in game)
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