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  1. Blade Dancer or Summoner?

    I enjoy both(but i'm a self loathing trap summoner). Sum would be the one i would pick for myself now, because of the latency issues the game is having. BD timing is almost as unforgivable as KFM, summoner can do things more reliably with a bad ping.
  2. Website purchase processing?

    10+ hours later, it appears. Perhaps its time to hire some h1b's, ncsoft, the billing system is garbage.
  3. Website purchase processing?

    How long does it take a transaction to be approved? I'm still waiting 4 hours later for direct ncoin purchase transaction for the website to go through, yet the ncoin i got from amazon happened immediately.
  4. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Thanks for the results and breakdown of your trove experience. 2000 keys is plenty of room to see everything the trove has to give. I'd like to see a comparative breakdown of 20 people using only 100 keys each with all slots open, and should have done one myself, but my rationale is to see what the average person can get after launching $us50 at ncsoft. I can't say my results are what anyone should expect, I'm very well known for having abysmal luck, but i would like to see what others get from this casino.
  5. Opening 5 treasures with trove keys --> proc?

    100 keys, 4 crits, all of them NOT crits, they just had the bear. non crit items are a joke. Weapons no one needs for upgrades anymore? I took the risk and tried it early, know that the devs do sneaky things like adjust the drop tables after whales do the initial swipe. I did have a 2/5 crit with the 5 key opening tab. 2 bears. This trove has the least reward for risk so far, lesson learned.
  6. High ping after maintenance

    it wasn't too bad after the gunner intro, about 1.5x the latency, but now its double to triple since last weeks maintenance. I can't play the game at 400ms.
  7. Everything is intended. They need to stop using that phrase because they continually look like morons when they do. Level 55 mobs/bosses so you cant get xp or do dungeons? intended. Memory coins instead of bells? intended. Constant crashing? intended.
  8. So ! What do you think about the gunner guys ?

    As expected it is obscenely powerful in arena pvp. A very heavy alpha, 5 rapid fire 1 button iframes and the 5 second immunity.
  9. Until when ncsoft will be conniving with hacker

    There seems to be an issue with people using skills without cooldowns and people not losing hitpoints when hit it seems. Then there is some tinfoilhat attempt to say ncsoft is helping the hackers. There have been many questionable things happening in my PVP fights today, but things happen and I'm not there to actually climb the ladder. I just want the beans, but some people take pvp seriously so of course there will be cheaters and exploits.
  10. PvP 100% dead?

    Battlefields are all about using the pve bling you paid real money for, smack talking, skill abuse, level pimping and a whopping 2 types of capture the flag.
  11. The end result of the hands of xanos cry baby fiesta. updated

    You spent your gold on tradable mats, then had to convert them to be usable, so you have lost nothing, you still have the materials to get it back. You just don't have the chance to sell things that you had already devoted to crafting an item. Since you have really lost nothing but the ability to sell the products you impulsively swiped for no pity is due, and no need for anyone to think about your pain and suffering. You were taking advantage, you lost the advantage and got a little slap on the wrist. Keep THINKING you're entitled. Caveat emptor, with a dose of a fool and his money. Don't worry, you can swipe to buy the time of people willing to listen to you cry.
  12. The end result of the hands of xanos cry baby fiesta. updated

    You can always buy your mats back from the daily specials. You know, like you did the first time. Now THINK again about right now, who is crying?
  13. Unlimited Items in Today's Specials

    Its not enough that NCwest gets lots of money from whales, they want it faster in large frantic amounts. I've previously cut back my playing and spending. This last two weeks shows me that NCwest is going beyond favoring the players with the fastest swiping and limitless credit. There is a pattern here and it seems that the same people spot and take advantage of these mistakes every time. There may be a grapevine about this sort of thing, but i bet the root starts in the NCwest office. Since i can't possibly compete, my further investment in playing this game is over, and all NCwest games will be tainted in my eyes and opinion.
  14. Soul Fighter vs Summoner as a healer class

    SF heal does work without entering combat mode. It also boosts the movement speed of the party and gives 100% focus.
  15. Blade & Soul should come to Steam

    it was, but now it is not because it costs money to keep things listed in steam. Couple that with the gold sellers and the amount of people that fall for obvious scams and you have the reason why steam doesn't trust NC, and NC doesn't want to pay for steam.