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  1. @Cyan Can you provide some info about what will happen to leftover Armory / Superior Armory Evolution Stones from the event after it ends? Will they be exchangable for premium transformation stones or normal ones? If someone completed the event with their gear upgraded to where these items are not usable anymore, they would literally be just useless items (as a login reward that could be bad). Thanks,
  2. I saw their patching the gunner passive "Way of Destruction" - Since the servers are down, can someone enlighten me what were the numbers on that passive? Thanks,
  3. I've been looking through the crafting guild and I see that rare elements are kind of the basis of all crafting orders - only one problem though: there is no consistent place to farm them!!!! It just says Party Dungeons on it for Aquiring location, but that is a bit too vague... If you want to farm these solo it seems a bit impossible? Do correct me if I'm wrong - I've tried google-ing for answers and searching on youtube but I'm quite surprised that NO-ONE is actually covering this?!
  4. Does the GC weapon come with 8 open gem slots btw? or you have to pray to you sweat rng god that you get it 8 slots? :D
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