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  1. Raging MS(ping)

    I'm having a similar problem where I can't even really attempt to do combat because the connection is so bad. The server ping is so high that I can't even do combat, let alone walk where I want to go or do much of anything. This became unplayable a month or so ago, within the past two patches or so. The game always ran smoothly before, and now the frame rate is so low it's not feasible to try doing anything. Even when the settings are "optimized for combat" or turned as low as can go, the connection to the server doesn't allow for much of anything. This is coming from a player who used to be able to run this game on ultra on a laptop at a minimum of 30 FPS or greater (usually a steady 60 FPS or greater). I've been a fan of this game for years through its ups and downs, but with the latest server merger the game is now unplayable. I hope this issue is fixed sooner rather than later! The updated NC Launcher takes a huge amount of memory just to start up the game and takes maybe 10-15 minutes going by last load-up attempt, just to time out once the game opened and force quit. It has its days where it can and can't launch the game, but even if it manages to load, the in-game quality and even the character selection screen are very laggy. Please, I hope attention is being given to these issues that are being reported. It has been a long time since I've been able to enjoy this game in a functional capacity, and I fear the worst for the game. I love Blade & Soul a lot, and I hope things turn around. :)