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  1. You removed easy mode, replaced it with medium-hard mode and reduced gold. You have to return easy mode or up the gold from dungeons to compensate for harder dungeons than before the patch. If You don't do something about it You will lose a lot of people. I know 10 who quit till it gets fixed.
  2. What have You done with the servers? Until 2 weeks ago I had between 100 and 150 MS (ping) and now it's from 250 to 350+!! Can't activate skills in time or dodge mech or even do it properly. Please do something about it!
  3. I'm looking for VT raid and I am experienced in first 2 bosses... On Asuras I did H1,H2 and DPS, on 2 boss I did revival... I have started learning 3 boss where I would stealth the party and do conducting... I learn fast and I'm adaptive player... Summoner HM12... Stats on the link below http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=NatsuCro&s=214
  4. Just to add some things ppl cant log in, I was in the game and could not finish Aransu raid or start 1vs1, other ppl couldn't take or finish quests....
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