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  1. Raging MS(ping)

    What have You done with the servers? Until 2 weeks ago I had between 100 and 150 MS (ping) and now it's from 250 to 350+!! Can't activate skills in time or dodge mech or even do it properly. Please do something about it!
  2. Looking for VT raid

    I'm looking for VT raid and I am experienced in first 2 bosses... On Asuras I did H1,H2 and DPS, on 2 boss I did revival... I have started learning 3 boss where I would stealth the party and do conducting... I learn fast and I'm adaptive player... Summoner HM12... Stats on the link below
  3. Few bugs and problems...

    Just to add some things ppl cant log in, I was in the game and could not finish Aransu raid or start 1vs1, other ppl couldn't take or finish quests....