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  1. FM Lightning Spec - Power Play Talent

    This needs more attention
  2. Thrall skin costumization

    Check out the Shadow Mage's Alter from Kritika (nearly identical to a thralls in BNS) and the skins they have for them if you want some fodder to base your thrall skin fantasies on
  3. Candycloud Park

    This dungeon takes about as much time as Cold Storage, and is super easy. I enjoy the change of pace, and I want a dance CC attack now lol.
  4. Nerfed? Really?

    I'm an FM, when i see blocks, parries, 1 button aerials, cc's that last longer than 2 seconds, cc's on super fast cooldown, burst damage, attacks that can be done when grabbing someone, spammable damage mitigation skills, and in-vulnerabilities that you can still attack during instead of self CCing, I feel a bit scammed :P lol But i feel your pain I suppose lol ^_^ <3
  5. Simple solutions: Release the equivalent of Raven stage 6 for pvp weapon (the extended path beyond Galaxy) Relase the beluga Soul Shield (not clue why this has not been done yet... ) Both of these need to happen immediately, no logic in them not being released yet. I'm galaxy stage 10 (11 today, and probably 12 in a day or two) Fully maxed out Whirlwind Soul Shield With the new stat system however, dying to raven is not as big of a problem for me. Most of the raven pvpers (specially the crazy p2w people) frankly don't know how to pvp well it seems in 6v6, they rely so heavily on their sheer dmg that they make stupid mistakes repeatedly and I've had a good success on winning against them.
  6. Nerfed? Really?

    I often wonder if people ever consider that when they get their class nerfed, it is not because people complained, but more so because the buff they received to "balance" was overboard and thus they need to dial it back? sigh, people in this game do not care about balance, they just want the odds to be stacked in their class's favor. Maybe it's an age difference or generation of gamer difference, but it blows my mind the mentality of people who are terrified of the idea that a having a fair challenge that's equal for both yourself and your opponent is some how a bad thing. I guess I'll just never understand. Maybe i'm too old, have I reached the age that I can say "well, back in myyyyy dayy" :: pushes up imaginary bifocals from falling off nose :: 31 is not that old >_<
  7. Nerfed? Really?

    BM dragontongue did more dmg per hit in f9 than FM's inferno (which has a 45 second cooldown) , which is ridiculous, glad the dmg got nerfed. It's about time, there are no extra rewards in dungeons for being top DPS or doing more dmg that your teammates, but in pvp, when the scales are tipped in BMs favor, much more rewards and character growth happens. Seeing a BM complain about it, meh, I get it, nobody particularly likes to see their dmg nerfed, however, this is an over all buff for BM (sorry about your ping though).
  8. I believe this is a mistake, the bound "processed" versions, are supposed to be the only usable versions in both crafting and upgrading. Please send them a support ticket to make this obvious mistake blatant to them so that they can fix it as soon as possible.
  9. What kind of game status we are in now ?

    I brought this topic of DMG vs DEF up quite a while back when the greater stages of souls came out, it pretty much got swept under the rug, but here is that thread for anyone interested in looking to read some extra insight on the topic. I've spent the better part of the past 15 years in video game design and development, a fair portion of which on AAA titles, MMO's, and competitive titles. The KR server may really enjoy the 1-hit your dead style pvp, but the western audience does not react well to this as a whole, and data has proven this time and time again. This localized version for the western market needs to seriously consider adjusting some of these things to allow for actual fights, instead of 1hit KO's. I got hit for a 145k attack yesterday from a BM, just a single attack did this. This is not entertainment or competitive gaming in the realm of martial art arena fighting, this is sniper shooting head shot kills if you throw your credit card hard enough at the screen. I don't mind the whaling, hell, i'm a whale. What I mind is even when it's whale vs whale, someone dies nearly instantly, and certain classes can pretty much garauntee that it's them standing. More consideration for Defense in general needs to be taken into consideration. In theory, when it's 1v1 in full gear, it should be a stale mate with a long drawn out fight of endurance, but this is not how we play geared pvp in this game. We play it in groups, which are supposed to be a primary function of it, as a group focusing down a target and killing them that way. Anyways, I digress. The publishing house needs to stand up for what's best for their market and not let the development house walk all over them.
  10. Put exit button in 6 vs 6

    I'm cool with an exit button on battlegrounds, but it should come with a catch, like if you click it, then you are banned from battlegrounds for 24 hours ^_^
  11. Real Solutions to Real Problems <3

    Everyone is bringing up good points and interesting ideas, however, every single suggestion requires a completely new mechanic, or modification of classes, which is unrealistic to achieve to be done. My solutions just simply modify existing mechanics and don't effect mechanics outside of that particular content. As for limiting team comps, honestly, that's the point. For example, everyone knows if you bring a 3 member team of SM to 3v3, the odds of you winning are nearly guaranteed. As for the time limit being increased, this benefits the healing classes, yes, because those are generally the one's that aren't succeeding in 1v1. As for 6v6, most games that have goal oriented pvp limit the amount of 1 particular class allowed on the team, there is a very good reason as to why they do this. You can attempt to balance a class for a piece of content, but to balance it so that having multiple of that same class on a team, is down right impossible. If "heals" are the problem, having a limitation of the amount of healers on the team helps aid that. If grabbers are the problem, having limitation on the amount of grabbers helps that. If invisibility is a problem, same thing. etc etc etc. Stacking classes causes more problems than it may possibly solve. As for the afker's and leechers, unfortunately my solutions don't directly attack this problem, but however, they may adversely solve that problem by accident. I believe these solutions would greatly increase the amount of people participating in these pieces of content (instead of, oh well, i'm gonna lose anyways, might as well just afk, only way i'm going to get these points). So it is possible that these may also help this situation as well.
  12. Real Solutions to Real Problems <3

    Please don't just give me a bunch of reputation, please give your comments, and draw attention to this thread if you believe these are good ideas. These would require very little change to existing mechanics, and would be fairly simple in terms of development to implement. A discussion around this will be the only way they even pay attention, don't let the thread sink into the abyss of other well meaning threads people have posted.

    I've never known about this, I'd love to see some screenshots of what you're talking about ^_^
  14. In regards to certain content being unbalanced, unfair, or giving particular classes a huge advantage in certain content (specifically ranked content). I have read many different ideas from people, but they all require changing mechanics of the classes with nerfs and buffs, and unfortunately not only are those unrealistic to be implemented, they also possibly introduce other problems into other content of the game balance wise. So then I started to wonder what possible solutions WITHOUT changing class mechanics would look like. So I have a few, brief, yet (in my opinion) highly effective solutions so some of this content and would like to hear people's opinions on the topic. Tower of Infinity: Taking a quick peek at the leaderboards for TOI, one can easily see a trend among the classes and notice that certain classes are doing exceptionally well, while some other classes are barely even making it onto the leaderboards. I believe this can be remedied a good bit by simply increasing the timer (by about 40%) for the battles (and the total timer for the ticket) to allow the non-burst classes to perform decently. This isn't a 100% solution to fix all the many problems with TOI obviously, but it does help a great deal. This is based on the idea that most people in TOI aren't being killed by the NPCs but rather the AI of certain classes vs other certain classes simply runs out the clock and prevents people from progressing and ultimately drags down the overall mood and more importantly the rewards from TOI. Tower of Infinity Practice area: Same solution here as well, simply increase the timer by about 40% and it should help quite a bit. 1v1 PVP arena: Given the strange order of the way that content, skills, story, and balance patches have come to NA/EU and given the state of the average ping/latency of people, NA/EU arena is not cut from the same cloth as the KR arena. Thus, some adjustments should probably be made to aid this. Some of the major problems I've noticed among arena players is that some people run out the clock, some fights are ending in 10 seconds due to some classes having easy set up 100-0 combos, and 1 error for some classes = death, while multiple errors for some classes is perfectly fine and recoverable. So my simple solution to this problem is to do increase the HP of ALL classes to be double their current HP in arena (no need to change any other stats), and also to increase the timer of the rounds to triple what they currently are (to prevent people from easily running the clock). This will allow for a little larger window for error (specially due to ping), more engaged battles that the tide can go back and forth, and stops people from 100-0 any class. I believe the overall 1v1 arena experience will be more enjoyable this way 3v3 PVP arena: The main issue I've noticed with this content is one that can easily by fixed by limiting that amount of people in a party of the same class to 1. This means only 1 person of each class can be in the party, so this will remove the double and triple stacking of classes in 3v3. This will lead to a greater mix of team compositions, and a potential evolving meta being created within 3v3 and also stops the over dominance of particular classes on leaderboards. 6v6 PVP Beluga: I'll keep these last two, short and sweet. Remove all self buffs upon picking up a horn (this still allow other people to buff you once you've acquired the horn, but not buff yourself). Horn carriers are supposed to be vulnerable, and only have the few skills available to them when the are carrying the horn, and must rely on their teammates as bodyguards. Another change is to have the "ping alerts" on the horns even when players are in stealth (this still makes having stealth an advantage, but not a ridiculous advantage, as nothing should be a ridiculous advantage in content like this). Lastly, allowing only 1 player of each class in the party, no more stacks of one class vs stacks of another class. These 3 changes, I believe, will greatly improve the quality of Beluga. 6v6 PVP Whirlwind: Pretty much the same as Beluga, except of course there is no horn, so the buffs portion does not apply here. But the ping alerts on ALL attempts to capture, and the only 1 player of each class allowed. Also, food for thought, but taking a gander at the rewards for the rankings, due to the newer content, and the ability to get different things in different ways, maybe BNS should possibly consider changing these tables up a bit to be more worthwhile, and also relevant. Alsooooo, I'd like to see a gear based 1v1, a gear based 3v3, and a "balanced" 6v6 beluga and whirlwind. I feel like having the options would entice people to be more interested in pvp at different points in their game play evolution. Anyways, that's my 2 cents, please let me know what you think in the comments ^_^
  15. update: 2800 keys so far, still no oils