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  1. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    I think it's 3rd Tower of Memory that I remember and it always was like that. And other event dungeons usually have "letter".

    If you pay attention to daily deals in f10, you can notice that you can buy Yunsang beads at some day. I think that's why we need it to get bracelet. Otherwise Yunsang beads are useless
  3. Remove unrefined bracelet

    This: "There is a quest that gives those beads as a reward but good luck finding ppl to carry you from NS to HH so you can complete the quest and get the beads" You need a clan or crazy luck in f8 to do those dungeons. Unless you magically have 1.3 ap and vt gear already.
  4. Remove unrefined bracelet

    I farmed bracelet for all 4 chars with warden alt :D However I agree, this could be hard for new players, and most classes will not be comfortable with f16-f19 because it's 1 vs 2 and a lot of cc from enemies
  5. Want to add that "new players" excuse is so silly! These players should be completely new to MMORPG to not understand concept of main quests and side quests How they are going to progress if they can not find out about such simple thing? B&S requires player to look for information for every new piece of content: want to choose build - google/ask, want to know optimal rotation - google/ask, want to choose bracelet - google/ask, want to know boss mechanics - google/ask. Let's remove all that? Removing things is not the only method of simplifying. You can add some sort of in-game wiki/reference, for example. In f-chat people ask 1.1k AP for raids like Skybreak Spire. And you know what? There is almost no way for new player to get that AP without help of a clan. Char with soul from last event, elementary acc from DT/NS, Oath Necklace + belt, divine bracelet and bale 12 have like 1060 AP. That is what turning people away and what you need to simplify. And how new player would know what gear to get first and from where? Right, they need to google it or ask in chat. So what's the point of removing quests?
  6. why in the world is this still a thing?

    Few thoughts on subject: Game does not really show that you are loading, it shows little icon inside dungeon in a second after you step into portal. I may be wrong but it seems to me that even your character model is there while you re still loading. Source - often when I loaded into dungeon I see others just stay in beginning without moving. So you can't really tell if they are just afk or if they are bot or disconnected. And people who go afk exist for a long time, so "they probably afk, screw them". It is an obvious bug that you become locked out of dungeon without receiving quest reward. They should change that to lock people out only after quest is done. Daily lock in Cold Storage is ridiculous. It doesn't drop anything valuable anyway. Game is very poorly optimized and servers/network is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  7. Blue quests was a part of the story, part of B&S world. Removing them is really sad and unreasonable move.
  8. RIP story substance.

    Do you mean they removed all blue quests?
  9. I have no words

    What?! I didn't know, lol
  10. A challenge to the development team...

    No matter what developers will do, this would not change the fact: our community is toxic as hell an throws right into trash can any attempts to make game easier for new players. With each update that increases average AP, community raises AP requirements for old content. Some time ago 950 was considered enough for Naryu Sanctum. Now it's 1.1k+ for almost everything. And people leave immediately if Granite Titan takes more than a minute or so. Enrage timer is not the thing anymore - everyone will leave dungeon much earlier. I personally see progress: when I just started to play B&S, my char finished story with something like 400 ap or even less. Now new char finishes story with 900+ ap and it can be leveled to 990 in pretty short time. It's just the bar set by community is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing too high.
  11. That if you didn't use lvl 50 voucher (which I did because I had one and didn't had a lot of time to play from lvl 1)
  12. Gear element proposal

    Proposal: make gear element (if gear is elemental) changing according to selected tree in K. Because: Some people can't decide what build to choose and want to try both Sometimes you change skills and another build becomes more appealing We can change build any moment but elemental gear at the moment limits that feature
  13. Faced the same issue, wanted to take a look on stalker greatsword
  14. I'm getting 4 emblems per day with my chars (incl. warden) via LFP. Sure, with 1.2k you can get one or two more but it's not like getting emblems impossible or hard on alts
  15. Story line makes me windwalking weary

    Buy that premium :)