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  1. System error (10) when logging through launcher

    Got this same problem after last mainteance.
  2. Hello Cyan What if I bought some key on F10 in that time and I didn't get any keys from your comensation? How could I get it now? Best regards
  3. Beacause of people like you, I don't try for codes. Thanks to community.
  4. What should i do ? KFM 55

    Where is you Solak Soul?
  5. It's more RNG because you need some ingredients. You get them from crafting but if you need f.e. 6 decks for an item, one time you can get 4 and next time - 1. So it takes more time to exp it later.
  6. Shadow warlock vortex soul shield

    We won't get Zulia at 16th of august. This become available on next patch with solo asura and new weapon.
  7. this is very bad experience

    Find a guild, play with them. You can easy buy leg acc for 100 g and they can even get earned gold back to you.
  8. Crimson Butterfly dress

    This is just a regular outfit.
  9. Ebondrake Lair Loottable

    Names of the items (weapon, ring) can be different for our regions.
  10. Divine Grace Stone availability?

    There is a chance to get that stones from Irontech but mostly people get them from Vortex Temple (Temple of Eluvium) 3rd boss Red Lord - it gives 2-3 every time.
  11. About that MxM outfit

    All of you. Stop crying and be patient - it doesn't cost.
  12. khanda vihar side quest

    Press J and find quest letter - click on orange quest.
  13. Weapon upgrade beyond Baleful 10

    You an upgrade to dawnforged, in future stage 6 can be transformed into raven stage 6 (as I saw in TW region).
  14. Can't discover Khanda Vihar.

    Ok done it. Now it's all like before patch. Thx for advice.
  15. How can I join Dawn of Khanda Vihar, while I didn'g discover it before last patch. The map of it is still undiscovered and I can't teleport there. I finished yellow quests, don't have any orange ones. What should I do ?