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  1. saddly its always in the EU server that hick ups happen, we fell like we are garbage to NCsoft. then not a reason why. I guess the problems in US only happen once cause they are probably well fixed. in EU a temp fix is added cause we dont deserve better
  2. Sorry but we dont, at least i dont, have patience for your lack of respect for EU players
  3. since nothing in my end change i think it is the server it self issue that continues to hit players, and since EU players arent a priority, i see no reason to try to fix my problem in returning to premuim (that i had since i started playing)
  4. same thing here :( misteriously it started happen after my premium expired, and my PC (hardware and software) or connection havent changed
  5. strangely this started happening to me, after my premium expired (blame BnS), without my PC (software and hardware) and connection suffer any change.
  6. i know and thats the sad part, all i see in streaming is they been excited about the new outfit and all, nothing new to improve, and old bugs continue events continue from been bad to worse to "dont even care, not gonna try, cause last event all sucked big time". and we will all be complain, in 3-4 days nobody else will complain, and they wont do anything, and next event we will all be here dont the same thing we are doing now, giving them reasing to laugh from our frustation
  7. /sarcasm on next week will be in german then in chinese then in mandarin then in chinamarques thanks for making us learning so many languages :D since this is a international server is only fair that we show also the other language from the players in this server /sarcasm **** system error, sarcasm was bugged also in the last update cant turn off, we will fix it at the same time the battle bug gets fixed
  8. @Liinxy thats a lame excuse for a bad planned event, BnS is just trying to sell us that the event is working as planned, even they realize that is a bad planned event (like the previous) they will never say we are right. they prefer to keep their pride as long we spend cash. unsubscrided
  9. and like any complain we have, BnS will say nothing or if they do they will say we will fix next week. :( like the constant Jinsoyun crashes that they never dignify to say a word. everything is something to fix next week from next month, like it doesnt matter as long as they give us cash
  10. strange i did the quest days ago with a alt and didnt had any issues :S try contact the support maybe they can help
  11. in this quest no need to open chest, just kill mobs require and advance to the npc then more mobs then npcs and thats it the chest only give you some itens (dumplings healing and keys)
  12. You are lucky im tuga :P there are some kind of chest that requires a a different type of key. I mean you have the Hogmoon Key and the Key (this one says in description that open all treasure chest) so if you dont that last key, you will not be able to interact with it or open it
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