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  1. Can confirm. Game crashed, went into processes and there was the .exe to close. Went right back in without having to reboot my whole PC. Whodathunkit?!
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&t=37m6s&v=IcH89Eh_KDU Gonna leave this here. Some of you might wanna educate yourselves on just how nefarious rootkits can be. And how eerily similar guard guards attributes are now to the infamous Streetfighter 5 rootkit Capcom got into hot water for fairly recently. Link starts at the appropriate subject matter at hand. Edit: Oh just discovered something really fun. So apparently after running BnS and GG now, that fun and quite stealthy little program disables my (switch user, log off, lock, restart, and
  3. Lets play a guessing game. I'll give you characteristics, and you tell what what it is I'm describing, ready? Lets begin. Its installs itself on your computer without your consent. It hijacks administrative privelages and overrides anything else it deems unnecessary. Gaining free access to your entire system. It does all this while keeping itself hidden from view. Concealing itself entirely. Can you guess what this is? Thats right, its a virus! Game guard wouldve also been an acceptable answer.
  4. Okay, you know what, #### it. I shouldn't have to restart my entire freakin system just so I can play BnS every time I log out. I mean ,seriously NCSoft, get your act together. You can find me on BF1 servers till you do. Peace out, and ### you Game Guard
  5. Amusingly Aion began with GG, however after nearly a year of complaints and a near player revolt on their forums they finally scrapped it. In BnS its been "removed" twice do to overwhelming complaints, but after each time quietly reintroduced back into the patcher. As if no one would notice. The lengths they take to hide it, plus its rep as basically a rootkit makes me wonder just what the deal is between KR NCSoft HQ and the company behind GG. Must be a lucrative business arrangement indeed.
  6. Got on earlier today, other than some ungodly latency spikes causing horrendous skill lag no real issues. Oh and of course the magical disappearing mouse cursor whenever I try to drag something, but I digress. Anyways took a break, attempt to log back in. Guess what. After inputting account info, nothing. Close installer, try again. Error: game client is already running. Try again...same deal. Check task manager to see client running in an attempt to close manually, but wait, game guard now hides the client from task manager. Awesome. GG NCsoft.
  7. Know how I finally fixed my Windows 10 framerate issues? By "downgrading" back to 7. Among the Top 20 decisions I've ever made. Ever. F that bloated pos.
  8. Isnt there already a thread with 5k posts in it wherein this stuff can be posted? There really isnt a need for two, especially when this one was necro'd from nearly a year ago.
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