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  1. Star wars nerds are in a class all by themselves when it comes to irrational sycophantic behaviour. As someone whom play SWtOR from launch and invested quite a lot into its beginnings, I can attest to that. They successfully created a zealous like environment wherein any one whom dared question EA or Dice regarding that game was met with brutal opposition. Got to the point where even slightly pointing out ingame flaws on their forums saw you reported on and subsequently banned. So of course being that EA runs the show, they were all too happy to try and milk those "loyal" fans for
  2. Yeah great, thanks for sharing, Though keep in mind just because you see an outfit placed in wardrobe, doesn't mean it'll be out soon. Might be summer before you see that so relax. Also, no guarantee it ends up showing up in HM store. Might just end up in a trove. The more players show a liking towards a costume, the shiftier NC gets. Remember Luna/Solar Eclipse? Where is it now? kek.
  3. I don't think irony means what you think it means. As far as why I partly blame NCSoft, its well documented on these forums, 9and various other sites), that the speed of updates to this region have forced players hands. Culminating in pushing players to demand higher AP in order to compensate for lack of knowledge, skill, or time. While the ultimate blame lies on players shoulders, NC has done nothing to dissuade players from enforcing what they deem as necessary measures in order to keep up. Which is why earlier in this thread I used the word "nurtured". Though, 'enabled' might ha
  4. Finishing the story, at best nets you 419 AP. Assuming of course you have a crafted AP gem at minimum. If not, low 400's. Try again.
  5. Queue wk #3. Just missing two more of the usual suspects and the thread will be complete. Then next time you criticize NC for anything will be the first bud. But keep that shield up!
  6. First... "Seems like you go off of what you see in F8 recruitment messages. Makes yourself seem like a new player honestly." Then... "Oh, I see now. Don't get why I didn't catch this earlier but you're going off of other people's few bad experiences, huh? Obviously you are since you're assuming every new player that does a dungeon will catch grief for their low AP. I mean if you actually made and leveled alt character(s) and got them to Lv50 and did the basic dungeons(Yeti, Lair, Cold Storage, Mandate) through pressing the LFP button, you'
  7. Nice try, except the 5, 50 HM 9+ 500+ AP toons on my account dispute your claims. Its through personal experience both involving myself and the treatment I've seen others undergo. BTW, you're edging dangerously close to getting personal. Thread lightly. Anyways enough, I've seen how you operate, and going around in hypothetical circles until personal insults start flying, threads are closed, and bans are handed out doesnt seem like a worthwhile endeavour. At least, not today. I've said all that needs be said. As stated, if its that all easy then volunteer to hand hold
  8. "Complainers". Cute term used primarily by "WK's" to describe anyone that dares find fault in a faulty product. But I digress... Fine, lets pretend like you do that a 425 AP can just happily queue up for Yeti and catch zero grief from the 550+ AP "pro's" that normally queue for it during dailies. Well...then I guess everything is great! I mean, sure, 425 AP, but they know the mechanics, right?! Unfortunately...its not that simple, is it? I mean sure, they can just ignore the group members calling them noobs and other assorted colorful terms simply cause they
  9. Yeah well, where theres one WK... Anyways, your statement about 500 AP ignores the very fact that fresh, (we all do understand what it means to refer to a player as "fresh" right?) Level 50 WILL NOT be close to 500 upon reaching cap. In fact, it requires entry into the very dungeons many will find themselves on the outside of looking in to actually get to 500 AP. Ironic isnt it? Getting to 500 AP for a brand new to the game, recently leveled to 50 HM 1, (With no access to established alternate characters or mains for monetary or other forms of support), aka: "fresh leve
  10. I get the feeling you play a different game than I. What was this? "Kindly ask..." he says. "Hi, I'm HM 1 425 AP , carry me through Gloomdross please???" Yeah, F8 is known for its compassion and niceness. Yup. News flash, fresh 50's wont come close to having 550 AP. Again, do you even BnS? Oh and..."made easier", how? By giving new players much lower AP weapons to level with? Making boring grindy game more boring and grindy? Seriously? When "you started" 800AP wasnt a thing. Can you even begin to grasp how AP expectations for new players have r
  11. Easy to come back? Sure, if you can get passed the horrible patcher. New player friendly? Not in the slightest.
  12. ^ This. While it may be technically true that (some) of those dungeons could theoretically be cleared at 450 AP, ( 400 is asking alot), the reality is groups will give you hell for joining pre 500. Just part of the ridiculous "AP is everything" culture NC helped nurture in the west. Most players wont find it at all fun, or worth it to take that kind of abuse. Toxic community is toxic after all, and it gets worse every week. Hence, not very realistic to expect fresh 50's sitting at or below 450 AP to compete in or for Max level Heroic dungeons.
  13. Fairly certain I saw it there last week. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure its still there.
  14. "The Forging Ahead event begins March 1! Max level players can complete Daily Challenges and gain additional rewards focused on helping with weapon upgrades. Just complete the Daily Challenge during the event (March 1–April 12), and in addition to the standard rewards, you’ll receive a new Weapon Upgrade Chest—or receive two Weapon Upgrade Chests on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—full of weapon upgrade materials." Okay, here's the thing...can freshly minted level 50 players complete daily challenges? I mean sure, the occasional Blackram Narrows, or Tomb of
  15. Ive heard how SWTOR had gone the rng grind route, much to the displeasure of many of its remaining fans. I played that game from day one, but eventually, and after leveling every story through to its end, I simply saw no further reason to stay. Glad I left when I did. No matter what we and other die hard mmo players may think, this scheme sells. It makes game developers bank. Unfortunately west mmos are starting to pick up on that. Ive heard this throughout the net lately and it seems to be true...MMORPG's as we knew them are dead. In their place are cash cows. Just is what it is.
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