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  1. For starters, unless you're a whale, or a no-lifer, getting into the game will not be at all easy for you, as the game, and especially the player base are not at all new player friendly. Next, this game is not alt friendly, as there is far too much per character grind to be able to devote much time, or effort into anything more than the one character if you're not a whale, so whichever you pick, will need to be as you enjoy it, not as you think other people may find you useful. Although if you're not a whale, then you'll still need as many other characters as you can handle, as you'll need the
  2. The game is generally considered to be more CPU dependant, than it is dependant on your graphics card. Although what may be changing the values you're looking at is that when it is not the active program/window, that is while you for instance alt tabbed to your monitoring program, B&S will run at reduced settings, for instance I have it cap at 10 FPS in that state, which of course means it will reduce the demands it puts on my system. I find how much RAM you have, as JiuJitsuBuddha talked about, tends to make a big impact on the game. Then the game as a whole performs poorly, a
  3. Regarding game performance, it has always been rather poor, as they prioritized making the game look good, well above making it perform well, and pretty much every content release they put out, results in a new batch of threads where people complain that it now runs worse for them than it used to. They supposedly are working on switching the game engine from Unreal Engine 3, to Unreal Engine 4, that could help with performance, but first off there's no ETA as to when that will be done even in South Korea, and if they again push things beyond what the engine is capable of handling, that could e
  4. Usually a couple, a few, and several on their own are used to refer to single digit numbers. A couple would be two, a few would be three, or four, while several would be five, to nine, although five could be tossed into a few, or several depending on who you talk to. If you were to talk about numbers other than between two, and nine, like in different ranges in the thousands for instance, you'd then just tag that at the end, so a couple thousand, a few tens of thousands, or several hundred thousand for example. Meaning yes, "a few" would certainly be referring to numbers below elev
  5. As I've said before, the only ones more against new players than NCSoft, is the B&S community. Although what you said is also flawed, as we've had many events associated with specific dungeons, and for some time now so long as it's a dungeon below Naryu Sanctum, you can just hit LFT, and be tossed into a party that should be able to clear it easily enough. The problem is it's NS, and above that you tend to need one of those arranged teams, so are at the mercy of the demands of the community, and NCSoft keeps asking people to do NS, and higher in events, even those supposedly aimed at lesse
  6. You have GOT to be kidding me?! People made the same complaints during the soul grind event, as it used some of the same dungeons, and that was even regarding existing characters, while this grind event is supposedly mainly directed to people making the new class being released at the same time. They already knew full well what kind of demands people make for such dungeons, and that this grind event is supposedly aimed at BRAND NEW characters, meaning it could be some time before they even get to level 55, yet NCSOFT still chose to put those dungeons in any how, not the players. Since they wou
  7. Just wanted to add that I'm reminded of the Soul Fighter release event, it was a Daily Challenge related one, so many people rather than making a new Soul Fighter, just did the event with their existing character/s. That was back when level 50 was cap, and there were less Acts, people complained about that back then, looks like they didn't learn anything, or are just trying to pressure people into getting the level 50 vouchers from the cash shop. I've been saying this for a while, but come Act IX, I rather expect it will provide a higher level soul, and pet from the story
  8. First off, you're only seeing two problems? I agree that an event largely associated with the release of a new class, when it demands you be at the base level cap to participate, and at least partially relates to dungeons people demand 1.1k AP at minimum for is pretty absurd, but what else is new for them and events? I'm sure there's some hardcore elitists that can rush through the story content in a day, or then there's the whales that just buy their way to Act VIII, but more casual people would take at least a few days, to even weeks to do so, which I'm sure they didn't calculate for.
  9. Yeah, I remember how great your math was for the soul event, so I'm sure there will be problems here too, like for instance how participating requires you to be level 55, then there's various dungeons involved that the community demands 1.1k AP for, and oh, it's suppose to be an event associated with the release of the new class, that is released at the same time. Some people always boast about how quickly they can level a character up, but not everyone has every available advantage at their disposal, and rushes that much, so while some of the more hardcore people may in a day get through the
  10. There's always people that either AFK in these group event dungeons, or just do it in the laziest way possible. I also highly doubt support will do a blessed thing about them, as if they ever showed any willingness to do so, it wouldn't have become such a common thing in event dungeons, so I'm sure you're wasting your time in reporting them. There's plenty of things that could be done to help foster a better community, and discourage poor conduct, but they in all these years have never done a thing to improve the matter, which makes playing with random people decidedly less than fun all too of
  11. B&S uses a system that's between the old tab lock on one, and the free aim one you're saying it uses, let's call it a soft lock system. The idea is that you select the target you want to lock on to by aiming at it, you'd then stay locked on to it till it is dead, you aim at a different target, or move out of targeting range. It works fine if there is only one target, but when there's more than one, you can for instance be aiming at the one in front of you, while your attacks are flying off screen to the mob you're still locked on to, so it's hardly all that reliable, and has annoyed the he
  12. Aside from what I mentioned, an online game on a whole is a bad place to make a game too punishing, especially something like B&S. Between the poor optimisation of the game, lag/latency always being a factor in online games, and bugs that inevitably come up in longer standing online games in particular, there are many opportunities for you to make what the game would consider a mistake, even though it would not be one of your own making. This is why online games on a whole tend to be more forgiving of errors. If you want some sort of hardcore unforgiving game, you'd be best to play an offl
  13. So you're both masochists then. Like I said, the difference is in degree, if the fight is just abruptly ended if you, or possibly anyone else makes maybe even one mistake, then it makes it far harder to learn from your mistakes, also in either case you'd still need to do things properly consistently to win, so you can't say doing it that way makes the fight easier, when you won't win either way if you keep messing up. Also "all messups should result in death imo" is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen anyone say on these forums. VERY few, if anyone outside of the most
  14. If you want a challenge, play a different game. Nothing in this game is challenging/difficult, people just keep confusing something being challenging/difficult, with being punishing, or broken, not just in this game, but in many others as well. If something is difficult, then mistakes will just prolong the fight, keep making mistakes, and it will either never end, or you'll eventually run out of health. Instead with this game, and other punishing games, there can be an abundance of cases where even just one, or two mistakes can mean the end of the fight, as you, or the whole team/raid are dead
  15. Games that have the whole RNG enhancement system don't tend to require you to get that high of an enhancement level, it's just that having a high enhancement level can make a HUGE difference in the power of your equipment, so some will obsess about it, even though the game content wasn't designed around players having such high enhancement levels, as it tends to render PvE content completely trivial if you have such heavily enhanced equipment. Take what was done with EME's NA/EU release of Kritika as an example, elsewhere it has the RNG enhancement system, but in EME's release the RNG enhancem
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