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  1. New player questions

    For starters, unless you're a whale, or a no-lifer, getting into the game will not be at all easy for you, as the game, and especially the player base are not at all new player friendly. Next, this game is not alt friendly, as there is far too much per character grind to be able to devote much time, or effort into anything more than the one character if you're not a whale, so whichever you pick, will need to be as you enjoy it, not as you think other people may find you useful. Although if you're not a whale, then you'll still need as many other characters as you can handle, as you'll need them to do various daily, and weekly tasks, as well as events to provide gold, and items for your main, some have a full account of ten characters that they do all that stuff with, which is where being a no-lifer comes in, as that's quite time consuming. Your account may be too new. "If your account was created before 10 AM PDT today, August 21, and has at least one level 10 character on it" Grind for gear. Everything after you finish the story quest is just about grinding for gear, which largely requires a party, but much of the player base want nothing to do with you if you don't meet some absurd standard for dungeons starting with Naryu Sanctum, and know the "mechanics" quite well. You'll need to read/watch guides, as the game tends to do a poor job of making it clear what it expects you to do in a fight, and if you don't know, you can expect people to sling curses your way, or just drop out of the party.
  2. The game is generally considered to be more CPU dependant, than it is dependant on your graphics card. Although what may be changing the values you're looking at is that when it is not the active program/window, that is while you for instance alt tabbed to your monitoring program, B&S will run at reduced settings, for instance I have it cap at 10 FPS in that state, which of course means it will reduce the demands it puts on my system. I find how much RAM you have, as JiuJitsuBuddha talked about, tends to make a big impact on the game. Then the game as a whole performs poorly, and seems to be finicky about what it will run well on, as it seems to conflict with various things that could cause it to run worse for one person, than it does for another with an objectively weaker system in some cases. That makes discussing what the game needs, to run well, rather difficult.
  3. Blade and soul worth ?

    Regarding game performance, it has always been rather poor, as they prioritized making the game look good, well above making it perform well, and pretty much every content release they put out, results in a new batch of threads where people complain that it now runs worse for them than it used to. They supposedly are working on switching the game engine from Unreal Engine 3, to Unreal Engine 4, that could help with performance, but first off there's no ETA as to when that will be done even in South Korea, and if they again push things beyond what the engine is capable of handling, that could end up making the game run worse, for even more people. Aside from that, the game is not new player friendly, and has over time devolved into another one of those games where unless you're a whale, or a no-lifer, you're not going to get much out of it. Then I get the impression that you're new, and may still be doing just the story content yet, if that's the case, what you're experiencing now, is vastly different from how the game works after you're done the story content. I got into the game during our first closed beta test, and had been looking forward to it for a long time before that. Although the game is nothing like it used to be, and I feel I'm probably going to uninstall not long after Act IX is released next month, as I just don't find myself having any fun when I play these days.
  4. Two problems with upcoming event

    Usually a couple, a few, and several on their own are used to refer to single digit numbers. A couple would be two, a few would be three, or four, while several would be five, to nine, although five could be tossed into a few, or several depending on who you talk to. If you were to talk about numbers other than between two, and nine, like in different ranges in the thousands for instance, you'd then just tag that at the end, so a couple thousand, a few tens of thousands, or several hundred thousand for example. Meaning yes, "a few" would certainly be referring to numbers below eleven. Although even that is immaterial, as that was a video about going from levels one, to fifty, while we were talking about going from level one, to fifty-five, which requires you to go through an additional four acts.
  5. 5 week "Way of the Warrior Event"

    As I've said before, the only ones more against new players than NCSoft, is the B&S community. Although what you said is also flawed, as we've had many events associated with specific dungeons, and for some time now so long as it's a dungeon below Naryu Sanctum, you can just hit LFT, and be tossed into a party that should be able to clear it easily enough. The problem is it's NS, and above that you tend to need one of those arranged teams, so are at the mercy of the demands of the community, and NCSoft keeps asking people to do NS, and higher in events, even those supposedly aimed at lesser geared, and/or new players/characters. Also think about it, for characters that participated in the soul, pet, and/or weapon upgrade events, and got at least some of those things then, they surely wouldn't need/want nearly as many of these event tokens as a brand new character will, which could be trying to get all of those things. Yet the ones that will have the hardest time participating in this event, and want the most tokens, will be those people making a new character. They could have arranged it in no shortage of ways to make it FAR more accessible to those making a new character, but instead it will work pretty much exactly as the weapon, and pet events did, since hopefully there will be no RNG like in the last soul event, when those were more aimed at helping lesser geared existing characters. In the past they've even done things to give new characters a hand in these sort of events, by for instance giving a number of tokens out in one of the story quests, like was done during the Gunslinger release event I think it was. Instead all they're giving out sounds to be the free ones in the cash shop, that everyone, new, and old will have access to, and will be per account, rather than per character. Then none of this would even be a talking point to begin with if they didn't keep tying game progression together with events, rather than progression being associated to playing the game, and have events for extra stuff, and usually only help expedite progression with things like XP buffs like pretty much every other game does.
  6. 5 week "Way of the Warrior Event"

    You have GOT to be kidding me?! People made the same complaints during the soul grind event, as it used some of the same dungeons, and that was even regarding existing characters, while this grind event is supposedly mainly directed to people making the new class being released at the same time. They already knew full well what kind of demands people make for such dungeons, and that this grind event is supposedly aimed at BRAND NEW characters, meaning it could be some time before they even get to level 55, yet NCSOFT still chose to put those dungeons in any how, not the players. Since they would have known all that, explain how it's not reasonable to place the blame on NCSoft.
  7. 5 week "Way of the Warrior Event"

    Just wanted to add that I'm reminded of the Soul Fighter release event, it was a Daily Challenge related one, so many people rather than making a new Soul Fighter, just did the event with their existing character/s. That was back when level 50 was cap, and there were less Acts, people complained about that back then, looks like they didn't learn anything, or are just trying to pressure people into getting the level 50 vouchers from the cash shop. I've been saying this for a while, but come Act IX, I rather expect it will provide a higher level soul, and pet from the story quests, just as we got one of both in Act VII, which were then replaced with better ones in VIII. It's entirely possible that these two from the events, won't be all that much better than what Act IX will provide. Then of course they don't want us to progress too quickly without spending money, that's been their clear monetary policy for some time now, and as this has become another tiresome grind your life away, or whale up game, I'm feeling less, and less desire to so much as even log in twice a day to just spin the daily dash wheel.
  8. Two problems with upcoming event

    First off, you're only seeing two problems? I agree that an event largely associated with the release of a new class, when it demands you be at the base level cap to participate, and at least partially relates to dungeons people demand 1.1k AP at minimum for is pretty absurd, but what else is new for them and events? I'm sure there's some hardcore elitists that can rush through the story content in a day, or then there's the whales that just buy their way to Act VIII, but more casual people would take at least a few days, to even weeks to do so, which I'm sure they didn't calculate for. I'm guessing here, but as I've been saying for a while, based on everything they've been doing, it looks like they'll be phasing out the Baleful/Seraph lines with the release of Act IX. I'm also expecting some upgrade cost reductions for the current tier two weapon lines, then it's possible that DF/RW will be regarded as the new default come Act IX. Of course it doesn't prove his point. He said you could level to 55 in a few hours, then provides a video about levelling to 50 in eleven hours, 50 isn't 55, and eleven is more than a few. Then you get to level 50 in Act IV, which is as far as the video goes, but need to get to Act VIII to go past level 50. Even if you rush, your 22 hour estimate sounds far more reasonable than his insane one of just a few hours. Although he's repeatedly proven himself to be devoted white knight for the game, so making absurd defences like that is nothing new for him. He's also likely a whale, that uses the level 50 thing purchased in the cash shop, rather than levelling up from level one, so isn't even factoring in getting to Act VIII the normal way.
  9. 5 week "Way of the Warrior Event"

    Yeah, I remember how great your math was for the soul event, so I'm sure there will be problems here too, like for instance how participating requires you to be level 55, then there's various dungeons involved that the community demands 1.1k AP for, and oh, it's suppose to be an event associated with the release of the new class, that is released at the same time. Some people always boast about how quickly they can level a character up, but not everyone has every available advantage at their disposal, and rushes that much, so while some of the more hardcore people may in a day get through the story content, that they won't read, or watch as they're skipping all that, so they can start at least partially participating in the event right away, others could take a week, or more to do the same. Did your math calculate for that? Why couldn't you just have events to help players level up what they already have, rather than more of these nonsense all, or nothing ones, that also makes people that had been investing in what they had feel like they wasted their time, and effort in doing so? I'm soooooooooo glad that these are the same souls, and pets from the prior events, and that I have zero interest in the new class, so I don't feel at all motivated to participate in this event either, or at this point, continuing to play much, if at all.
  10. Frozen firing range too long / afk players

    There's always people that either AFK in these group event dungeons, or just do it in the laziest way possible. I also highly doubt support will do a blessed thing about them, as if they ever showed any willingness to do so, it wouldn't have become such a common thing in event dungeons, so I'm sure you're wasting your time in reporting them. There's plenty of things that could be done to help foster a better community, and discourage poor conduct, but they in all these years have never done a thing to improve the matter, which makes playing with random people decidedly less than fun all too often. Only real cure to such things when it comes to events would be doing them only with people you know, or solo events, but those have been few, and far between. Oh, then you could just not bother, the game, and community has been really getting on my nerves, so since the update that started this event, I've only logged in real quick twice a day for the daily dash. Gotta say, I'm generally in a better mood lately.
  11. This game needs a target-switching button

    B&S uses a system that's between the old tab lock on one, and the free aim one you're saying it uses, let's call it a soft lock system. The idea is that you select the target you want to lock on to by aiming at it, you'd then stay locked on to it till it is dead, you aim at a different target, or move out of targeting range. It works fine if there is only one target, but when there's more than one, you can for instance be aiming at the one in front of you, while your attacks are flying off screen to the mob you're still locked on to, so it's hardly all that reliable, and has annoyed the heck out of me as well.
  12. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    Aside from what I mentioned, an online game on a whole is a bad place to make a game too punishing, especially something like B&S. Between the poor optimisation of the game, lag/latency always being a factor in online games, and bugs that inevitably come up in longer standing online games in particular, there are many opportunities for you to make what the game would consider a mistake, even though it would not be one of your own making. This is why online games on a whole tend to be more forgiving of errors. If you want some sort of hardcore unforgiving game, you'd be best to play an offline game, that is either a solo game, or one you can play with someone that would be sitting near you. Regarding community issues, many game companies take the initiative to help improve the conduct of players through systems that reward being helpful, punish poor conduct, and reduce the opportunities for people to be a jerk, they could do the same here, but choose not to, so it's not all on the players. Untrue, as you're forgetting about enrage timers. Then stick to doing those if they suit your preference. In case you haven't noticed, there's been a never ending series of complaints about battle grounds with all the instant, or near instant kill BS, and the like. Then in fighting games (ex: Street Fighter, King of Fighter, etc...) they tend to put in mechanics so you CAN'T be permanently stunned, juggled, or what not, since people hate that crap, as it doesn't make for a properly competitive situation when it comes down to whoever manages to start their combo first, wins. Yet here you are saying that's fine. Inevitably, it'd still eventually get to the point it is now, and here you are advocating for a system other games that solely revolve around 1vs1 combat avoid, as people hate it. You have it in your power to arrange things to what you say you want right now, you could fruitlessly ask for extensions to a rather disliked piece of content, but in the meantime, you could make it effectively work the way you say you want it to work, but refuse to do so. Since the introduction of battle grounds people have asked for a balanced version of it, so it's not a playground for whales, and would be at least more a measure of skill. If you truly wanted some challenging mock PvP content, you'd similarly want it balanced, so gear plays no part, yet instead you just want extensions to what we have, with your gear still playing a part. That similarly would make it a playground for the minority of over-geared players. More group content doesn't spread out the player base, how the heck do you figure that? Let's say a game had a group of one hundred people playing at a given time, if there were just say about five dungeons, and a full group was five people, the wait times between when you'd expect to have a full team would be far shorter than if the game had twenty, or more dungeons. Different people, will want to be doing different dungeons, at different times, and the more dungeons that are available, the more spread out that player base will be, then the longer people will have to wait to get a team for what they want to do, the more annoyed at those wait times they will be. I can't even begin to understand your thinking if you say that obvious fact, wouldn't be true. There's other games I've played that for instance when it had a larger player base, it had more individual categories for PvP. Over time as the player base shrank, the wait times to get a round started got longer, and longer, people complained more, and more, then more, and more people started to quit as they didn't like waiting around so long. What some then would do is reduce the number of categories, so more people would be in each group, some also would make it so rounds only happened between various times of the day, so everyone looking to do it would be more concentrated in that way. Similarly with dungeons, while they could have a number of them, only a certain number may be available each day, again so people aren't as spread out between them. How ever you look at it, having more available at the same time just didn't work, as the player base was too spread out.
  13. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    So you're both masochists then. Like I said, the difference is in degree, if the fight is just abruptly ended if you, or possibly anyone else makes maybe even one mistake, then it makes it far harder to learn from your mistakes, also in either case you'd still need to do things properly consistently to win, so you can't say doing it that way makes the fight easier, when you won't win either way if you keep messing up. Also "all messups should result in death imo" is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen anyone say on these forums. VERY few, if anyone outside of the most hardcore masochists would be able to put up with that for long, and even they would surely give up in time, as it'd be beyond frustrating, and make the game unplayable. Think about it, do you honestly think that especially this impatient, elitist community would ever put up with such a thing? One person in a team/raid makes one mistake, and the whole group wipes. Even if it was made towards the individual, that'd still make for very short fights, as nobody is perfect, so people would be quickly falling like flies from very early into the fight. Once the tank is down, and especially as people love to start fights before the tank has a full hold of agro, the boss would be quickly bouncing between players, each would make a mistake, each are now dead, and maybe just a few seconds after the start of the fight, the team/raid is now dead. They have beyond perfect reflexes, after a point, if you can't kill them while they are stunned, or what not, you won't win, some are just worse than others. For cool downs, take the classes that have a block skill as an obvious example. The block skill always has a cool down, and blocking is cancelled if you move, yet the mobs you fight in there can move, while blocking, as they have no cool down on their block skill, allowing them to rapidly alternate between moving, and blocking. Functionally, what you say you're asking for is the same thing, so since you don't want to do that, then what you're asking for has nothing to do with you wanting a "challenge," or what not. That's what they do, and that's what they've been doing for a long time, which is why I said that, as anyone that has been playing for any real amount of time would be very much aware of that. As the major bulk of the content they make is targeted at groups, not solo play, if they want that content playable, it needs to have enough people looking to do it. If they made all content relevant by making it scale to the group, or whatever, players would be so spread out over the available content, it would be far, far, far harder to get a team for anything. That's likely the main, to only reason why they keep making older content obsolete, so the player base is more concentrated in a smaller amount of content.
  14. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    If you want a challenge, play a different game. Nothing in this game is challenging/difficult, people just keep confusing something being challenging/difficult, with being punishing, or broken, not just in this game, but in many others as well. If something is difficult, then mistakes will just prolong the fight, keep making mistakes, and it will either never end, or you'll eventually run out of health. Instead with this game, and other punishing games, there can be an abundance of cases where even just one, or two mistakes can mean the end of the fight, as you, or the whole team/raid are dead. The difference is degree, if it's difficult, it will give you more of a chance to learn what you did wrong, with something that's punishing, it could happen so quickly, you don't know what you did wrong, which is why something punishing like this has so many guides on content, especially when the mechanics of the game can be so unintuitive. ToI falls under the category of broken, what with the AI controlled player characters being able to read you commands the moment you make them, block perfectly, even when you're invisible, ignore cool downs on at least some skills, and so on. People have been complaining about the broken mobs there since it was first introduced, and you still routinely see people start threads to complain about them. On the other hand, if you're so over geared that you can kill them in seconds, to even just one hit, then it's all pretty easy, just like everything else in the game. So if you think you're just sooo strong that it it doesn't pose a "challenge," and you're one of those masochists that like ToI, then just use weaker equipment, there, problem solved. Are you new here? They've been tossing content aside after it is regarded as obsolete for a long time. Most of the content in the game is now regarded as junk they don't want us to engage in, as most of the content earlier than Act VII has been nerfed into the ground in their stated efforts to "encourage" people to do higher content.
  15. How about new players...

    Games that have the whole RNG enhancement system don't tend to require you to get that high of an enhancement level, it's just that having a high enhancement level can make a HUGE difference in the power of your equipment, so some will obsess about it, even though the game content wasn't designed around players having such high enhancement levels, as it tends to render PvE content completely trivial if you have such heavily enhanced equipment. Take what was done with EME's NA/EU release of Kritika as an example, elsewhere it has the RNG enhancement system, but in EME's release the RNG enhancement system was removed. Although in doing so, you now effectively must max out the enhancement, to have the same relative strength as in other versions where you have an enhancement level at about the point where it could start to break, as they boosted the strength of mobs significantly in EME's release. By requiring you to enhance your gear to that degree, it's just an added grind to go through in EME's release, that extends how long you must play a given character. Also getting base equipment to enhance can be far, far, easier in those other games you are referring to, as they have a farm, and replace system, with equipment usually becoming bound only after being equipped, rather than a continual upgrade one, where most everything in the process will be bound on receipt. In those other games I find levelling, and gearing up a character to take a small fraction of the time it does here. That you can't really play due to the excessive amount of per character grind, so unless you're a whale, or no-lifer, you can't actually play more than on character, and expect to get too far, as alts are just the slave workforce of your main, not other characters that you actually play. Also there are other games with double, or more classes/characters to play, so the selection is modest, but not too robust when compared to some other games. The game used to make open world, and larger scale content more important, but it's so badly optimised that people constantly complained about the performance when in such content, so now it's just smaller scale instanced content. Stop with this "make ___ great again" bit, you sound like you're just mimicking that buffoon Trump. MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, as it moved away from the massive part of that, B&S largely stopped being a MMO, even though some will call any online game a MMO these days.