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  1. Maybe it helps explaining the whole thing at once so that there are no blanks in your thought process. So when you enter the second floor in tower of memory you will either face Winter Mane (blue hair) or Bloodmane (red hair). on the corners you can pick up a gun which will gives the boss a debuff when dpsing as well as the option to knock up. At the start you will do around 35k with your lmb which will be able to increase to about 70k when the debuff is on max stacks (100 stacks) So if you do more than lets say 50-60k at this boss it could be more worthwhile dpsing without the gun depending on how fast your team can clear the boss. During the battle after each of his big AOE's a laser will spawn which is at random either blue or red (and the chance seems to be somewhat like 70-80 % of the time its the same color as the boss). If the laser has the same color as the boss you should knock him over the laser to avoid that the next AOE will make you drop your gun and lose all your debuff stacks on the boss (possibly dropping your gun damage from 70k back to 35k). A laser of the opposing color should hit the boss since it will take a big chunk of the bosses HP. If there are some high dps people in your team it might be wise to never knock him up tho since they lose dps while he is in the air. In that case either also attack with your weapon or just pick a new gun after each time you drop your gun from the AOE. Btw: Also being hit by one of his other short range attacks will make you drop your gun so just stay at a satisfactory range if you use a gun)
  2. The decision to delete the blue quests just does not make any sense to me. People who are in for the quick rush are catered to and will still leave the game soon because they get bored. And people who are invested into the game and its story, those that stay and also purchase stuff are left behind and not cared for. How does a decision like that benefit anyone. NCSOFT will gain less money and the a part of the customers who care about the game will leave. This ain't how a F2P business model works.
  3. Blade and Soul is a RPG and as such u gotta build your character up. If you do not feel like investing time into that process then simply don't play RPG's. I'd suggest having a look at solitaire or minesweeper lol
  4. Hey everyone, my suggestion to NCSOFT is to start adjusting the upgrade cost of Dawnforged and Riftwalk weapons. While Raven weapons have seen their share of reductions in the past, the Dawnforged/Riftwalk have barely seen any adjustments and have therefor risen in price in comparison to it's much stronger counterpart. This is especially troubling for any players, such as myself who have upgraded into the Dawnforged path a long time ago and are now stuck there (reverting by GM's isn't possible if the weapons have been upgraded a long time ago). When I first went into the Dawnforged Path this was because it was the cheaper alternative. Now even if you don't run Raids you can simply purchase the required items from the marketplace and go down the Raven path. So the stronger Raven weapon is accessible to everyone, stronger and cheaper, making the Dawnforged/Riftwalk part no longer an alternative but rendering it completely obsolete. To show you a direct cost comparison, here is one with the prices taken from the marketplace today. The Price for Dawnforged is 21% higher (not included the weapons and aransu orbs needed for upgrading). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YE1rTAm2WHx4BhcsGAZkKMq_bEdwcXEZ4le3OeK9EL4/edit?usp=sharing And here is my very own problem with this: I went from Baleful 12 to Dawnforged 3 on two of my characters a long time ago since I wasn't doing raids back then. Since then I haven't managed to upgrade the weapons any further. Since a little while of course it is no longer very hard to run Skybreak Spire, and my teammates in there as well as plenty of other players race past me with their weapons going from Baleful 12 to Raven 5 or 6. I got the resources to do the same but am now stuck on Dawnforged and will probably be stuck in there for a long time. Making my 2 main characters more and more useless.
  5. Cant buy Slot Voucher

    Similar problem here, got the satchel and received the slot voucher, but cant use it in my character selection screen. Icon is grayed out with a little orange 1 showing underneath. I currently got 9 characters so its almost as if the 10th slot isn't allowed.