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  1. Soo. if i don't like changes like this that are absolutly stupid i should shut up. find another game and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ myslef?
  2. They expect you to pay or grind your ass for your upgrades if you dind't get good gear before this update
  3. Hopefully they fix this or do somenthing i still really like this game :/
  4. I was so exited yesterday and today in the morning. And then i see all the changes and i was like "Oh no...."
  5. Whit the nerf of older dgs and the remove of the 1-1k gold from the daily box now i really don't feel like there is somenthing here for me. I have played this game since year one. I love this game so much i have leveled 10 chars and i love all the classes i play them all. Then if i want to support myself whit my own chars now is going to be extra dificult. I only have one char in 1.1 and the rest is 990-1k. Even if know mechs i can't do then cuz ppl now ask for 1.1 in NS-NF and the cherry on top is that they are 1g each. No gold from daylis and no gold for dg only the new ones where i have mee
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