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  1. so funny, from this chest box introduce till now(3-4month i think), i got only ONCE 100g drop from that silver chests daily dg what u can do with only 100g?? only can buy ONE PET POD hahaa and u need hundreds of them for max gear and i dont know what OP AP, but i guess u still not do starstone or EL or HH if your ap only 900, good luck for not getting kick in pt and yeah sacred orbs 1g now, before patch its only 30silver, sell it if u have before the price drop moonstone before patch 6g, now after trove event its only 3g elysian orbs before patch 10-11g n
  2. tired when u see your opponent all with grillded gem in 6v6, the feeling that become punching bag again, nah i think this is as far as i go
  3. yea u are right, really really right, ncsoft cut gold reward is my fault because im not spend more n more time to play the game after the patch. so after the patch u need more n more time to play game to get the gold eh and again the question : why need to cut gold reward?
  4. of course getting bully by other, what u except for? but if that low gear ppl have stong mentalty and ignore that bully, he/she will have more fast gear to progress by getting soulstone + moonstone 5-7, +crit10 moonstone and another if lucky +crit100moonstone but the recomendation is 50HM1, everyone with 50HM1 have a right to enter and other not right to bully, except ncsoft change it to 50HM12 and forbid under 50HM12 to enter
  5. lol the requirment to enter 6v6 say 50HM1 yea as casual player i only play 3 hours a day, to bad i dont have more free time like u and its not my fault, the logic question is why change the gold reward?
  6. new dungeons easily be done with starter gear?? are u joke?? why u not make a video as a proof that new dg easily with starter gear? i never seen someone ask 900ap for HH, or maybe u can start ask 900ap in lobby so i can see u proof? how can 900ap know mech? mostly they are new? ussualy before patch i always do daily from lair to ns, but now after gold reward reduce i see not worth, i only doing DC now and complete week DC and doing 6v6. and after the patch, 6v6 is more n more getting oneshoot K.O now, even if u have 200K hp still get oneshoot K.O is not this game re
  7. wot? u want to make wl more n more became your sb slaver? even our new awaken buff only benefit for other class, not us wl
  8. no, i unpack the 50 lvl just yesterday, just follow the OP tips
  9. of course BT set, why u need to waste 60 moonstone crystal for outdate msp ss 8 set and the stat u get from fuse is rng too
  10. farm elysian orb in EC hard mode, 1 elysian orb = 8-11g if u complete dg around 15minutes, in just one hour u have 3 elysian orb = 24-30g (drop rate in hm around 80%) other way is farm 6v6, i assume u still not go to 6v6, so u have a lot whinwirld key in your vault from daily dg, like me i have around 110 whinwirld key when i enter. one hour i got around 1k battlepoint = 1box whinwirld = 5-7moostone(+10 moonstone if crit and 100 moonstone if crit) = 25g ussualy crit 10moonstone when open the eight/nine box, i still never got 100moonstone crit thats only one ho
  11. whot? a tanker without hmblock? what tanker it could be
  12. lol i play the game from level 1 to hm12 now, but never see all of them drop in dg, maybe im have a shitty luck vol 1 : i get it from change material, its easy to get vol 4 : exchange for achievment still not consume vol 2 and vol 3
  13. so funny, but in realty aomeone always shout 850, 900, 950 or recently 1K ap for DC or EC, i enter this dungeon when im 835AP adn as wl rarely geting kick and now i curently 1K ap still not enter EL or IF cuz i still not watch the video guide, last night i lfp asura, 4 of my party are rookie, and they die in asura first grab aoe that they should iframe but they failed to use their iframe, i know its ussualy BM hmblock role, but there is no bm in our party, in the end only me and other hm12 to finish asura and in nexus iT93 machine only 60k hp left but we cannot finish it because it alread
  14. i agree with u, i'm in bg with 150k hp and 4000 defense point still one stab by sin with only ascendant 6 and true cosmic soul, i even set skill to defence pary but still one shoot k.o, the only class that can one shoot k.o u as far as i experience is SIN and GUNNER, in arena u still can track sin becausse itsl only squre and 1v1, but in BG when hp low, sin just runaway with stealth, and its 6v6 mean you focus not only sin but the 5 other. about BD, my wl air combo success only 30% because bd spin
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