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  1. Right now, as player who just started playing BG, i am often queued with and against players who have already very good pvp items, which results in very uneven matches and very unpleasant experience for new players. What i see happening is that people with good gear derank themselves by afking/throwing so they will have bronze/silver medal and ends up match making versus very easy players with no gear. Hence they can gain reward faster. The solution to prevent this is to give players more battleground points based on the average match making points in that match. For ex
  2. Those who are the most obnoxious and hateful are usually the ones with the loudest voices.
  3. I agree with you that grinding dungeons just for dailies can be boring, sometimes. Especially if you don't need anything in them. About optimization, I assume you mean an auto farming system for old dungeons? Auto-combat/farming for achievements takes away the whole point about achievements. But some achievements are outdated. It is pointless for today's players to be back and farm blackram. Acchievements can be boring to grind, but if you don't need to put any effort in achievements then they shouldn't be called achievement in the first place.
  4. I came back to this game recently from playing Lineage 2 Essence, another NCsoft game. There you can autofarm anywhere but the whole world is an open pvp/pk environment. Even though lineage 2 is all about its open world pvp/pk, which is the best part of the game. Many players who wishes to simply utilize the auto combat option to afk farm, but they are and has been people constantly about the afk pks ever since the launch of Lineage 2 Essence. While many people believe that it is part of the game, i still think it has some pros and cons for a game like Lineage 2 Essence. Which is bes
  5. as the producer announced There will be a skill update in march. But all i see if fixes for existing skills, mostly visual effects. Where are the actual updates?
  6. You should be able to find a youtube guide for that quest. You wont "fail" the game. But in some dungeons you need atleast 15 seconds of windwalk to be able to get through to the final boss.
  7. Thank you :) Can i do anything with those items if i am not assassin? can i salvage them into crafting items?=
  8. Hello, returning player here. On my old account i had my old level 50 hm 12 character, but i started a new warlock character. When i started as level 1 i received some box i could open. I didnt pay alot of attention of what the name what and opened it, inside there was another box and i opened it aswell. From it i got purple hongmoon soul, talismans, belt and other stuff i don't really know what it is. Also i got a orange weapon and skill badges that are "Assasins only" All the items are required level 50/55 to use. Can anyone tell me what box that was? Since i was warloc
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