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  1. But with Unchained version they didn't kill or close previous version of AA. Just run another copy next to it. So they still can mindlessly throw they own money into current copy of game, and people that hate p2w can have their own copy made from start. I would be really up in B2P + subscription premium account. I could even start again from zero. They can keep current item shop with prices in gold only Or trove bought by gold aswell to have gold sink
  2. Just wondering how ppl will see the new b2p version completly without item shop, troves, working next to current copy of the game with separate servers. It's just a copy paste for them, while a lot of players don't like current state of game.
  3. Hmm... you told that they will become tradeable after 20, and they still not. and I see that message is edited again...
  4. There are two options (Ped pods and evolved stones) - both are market crushers... At least those charms should use account bound materials and have 24h cooldown.
  5. at all... it won't help much. We need more ways to farm mats, not just balancing upgrades. Moonstone price will remain high, but other mats price will skyrocket. The problem about moonstones are not upgrades - there are PTS and PREMIER EXP CHARM. Premium transformation stones and pet pods cost will still remain high. Much more help we will get, if you make ped pack bound to account. And, for a good sake... just REMOVE the PREMIER EXP craft from game, and add it straight up to f10 in form of nccoin and hm-coin. You still will have gold sink, while not wrecking the mats market.
  6. As topic, while unsealed sacred oils are accound bound. I doubt it is intentional.
  7. Do you know what "cloud" and "virtual" is? Now you see any improvement?
  8. I think they just should give EU to other publisher, that really can take care of players, not only their money.
  9. I've never been a fan of faction system. It only divides the players, not showing all possibilities untill you switch. Here - in BNS faction pvp is not existent and we won't get any faction updates in the future. All players just hoarding into most popular facion on current servers, making it not available to new players. I know faction is basic game mechanic, and we can't simply get rid of it. But here is a simple solution: 1. Make clans, not players, choose faction which they want to fight for. Only competitive clans choose factions. Social have none or random. Players can keep his re
  10. If you are unable to handle EU give us to other publisher.
  11. Paying for items that we own is nonsense. It's the first game that I met that don't have any type of account bound bank. And we need to pay to transfer our OWN things. Sometimes we have a lot of things that are unnecessary for our main class. Why don't transfer them to alt? Other option is only discard.
  12. It's completly alt-unfriendly. We need to pay a lot of gold to send items to alts. Flower/Petal of Lament, Hoongmoon Briliant Key, Legendary Gemhammers cost a bit too more for send. I know that those prices came from KR, where they earn significantly more rewards from dungeons and dailis than us. There gold is like silver. Please remove mailing cost for all account bound items.
  13. I have opened trove expansion slot from mail, but item just dissapear.
  14. This is the worst support, that I ever met. Cutting the service will be much better, than choosing special people to reverts. I got rejected twice. I have links to many reddit threads, where month soul is enough, but one week is "too long". FFS... Make it fair, or don't make it at all. I don't feel bad about reductions. I feel bad about so many lies, that they told to us about soul costs. The reverts should be mandatory in that case!
  15. @Cyan What about 12m? You said it will be in late summer / early fall. It's about a time
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