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  1. Well, I know what's officially going to be considered dead content from now on: Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley. The new patch coming tomorrow is, for sure, going to be the last nail in the coffin. In fact, I think it's been dead for a long while by now. The issue with Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley (Which'll just be refereed to as 6v6 from this point on), is its complete and utter dependence on gear. Gear along carries, and it carries the hardest in these modes. Team composition plus the insane gear will be the thing that affects the match, not skills, not intelligence, not
  2. Playing FM in the new season has revealed one thing: FMs are not yet buffed enough. BDs, BMs, and WLs will still eat away all your health and so will sums. We either need to nerf their damage or restore FM healing. While we're at it, make it so Maelstorm isn't available for BDs using parry spin.
  3. We've been buffed a bit too much. We don't need 24 seconds on Force Blast. The 36 seconds was just fine and made things fair and balanced. I mean, I hate it whenever I had to use my tab against a summoner's cat sit (even though there were plenty of times before where I needed to use it), only for the to use the same exact skill 24 seconds later. I can only imagine the pain my opponents must feel when they pop their tab, only to be stunned 24 seconds later and they lose the match because of it. I think we should have that skill returned to it's original CD.
  4. Here's when it will be balanced: When BDs have to choose between Maelstorm and Parry When Des have longer CDs on their excessive amounts of CCs. When sins can't use BB in PVP, can't play the timer, and have a 36 second CD on at least one of their stuns. When FMs Force Blast is returned to 36 second CD, instead of 24. When WLs can't 100-0 someone with just one air combo. When BMs can't take away half of someone's HP by spamming RMB after hitting Lunar Slash. When Sum's cat sit has a CD of 36 seconds.
  5. An excellent question. Why don't we ask everyone who rushed their way in Skybreak Spire?
  6. ToI has the most artificial difficulty in the game. As a FM main, I'll give you my two cents from the FM perspective. Assassins literally never use their counter until they see you use Blazing or Frost palm, or basically anything that isn't Inferno, Impact, or Blazing Beam. Otherwise, they perfectly counter any other projectile thrown at them, and instantly pop their escape when they're gripped. Then there's the fact that it's an assassin and it has way too many CCs and can spend 75% of the match in stealth, even with the recent "nerf" to assassins. Destroye
  7. Funny that the only races I've identified so far to use guns are Jin and Gons, not once did I see a Yun gunner. But for the sake of consistency, since everyone has already seen a Gon female gunner, then shouldn't we have gunner available for the race as well, or are we going to get ourselves another Juwol situation where we have a gon female using a jin and yun class?
  8. We just wanted WLs to stop being able to cheese roll everything in PVP, not make them borderline useless...Come on NCsoft!
  9. Smaller targets are harder to hit, I would say. That or it just messes around with you mind, to throw you off.
  10. FM Positives: easier to get frost and fire orbs, acquired on critical hit. Can detonate the airborne heatwave. Merged wild fire with heatwave, so that FM can air combo in PVE as well. Merged parry disable with block breaker X. Blazing reduces CD by 1 second for duel dragons on every hit. Cold Snap now deals more damage and lasts longer. Negative They removed fire fury and frost fury and gave Dragonblaze and Frostdragon a 12 second CD time. Can only cast 1 Cold Snap every 36 seconds instead of 3 every 45 seconds So b
  11. I'd take WL. WL is broken AF. I wish that's an opinion.
  12. Question: Why not stop playing 6v6? Or just simply make weapon stats equalized. That way the stats on everything else works just fine, but the weapon's insane attack power and stats won't impact the match as much. But regardless, this is why back in the CBT I left one quick post on the forums about Open World PVP: Don't.
  13. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to miss FrostFury and FireFury so much. But given how it's basically impossible to break through the 5 second 5 hits resist without it (and given how much damage can be done in 5 seconds), I really want it back, especially since other classes can easily do the same. And honestly, I've changed my opinion on the BM. I guess maybe reducing their damage a little will work, but other than that, I probably wouldn't touch it. Plus if they're going to do something to make it more balanced, it'll be all good. However, assassins...I left both assassin
  14. Let's put this back on the front page of the Forums. NECRO TIME!
  15. It's actually 36 seconds, and CD time is 40 seconds. So it won't really be missed. It could be 32 seconds though, not sure about that. Regardless, it'll still be pretty cool. Especially since how obvious the colors of it will be. Seriously though, I really wish the Thrall could be personalized some more. Especially since how cool it is.
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