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  1. My gear is baleful Stage 3. Access is true boss, except belt. I'm pretty sure i'm also considered to be one of those with crappy gear. I'm pretty sure it'll take me a long time to get raven and that'll be if i'm still playing then. But you don't see me complaining though.
  2. Do you even have galaxy stage 9? No. Do you have seraph or baleful Stage 10? idk You have a stage 3 galaxy and you expect to be able to go against someone with better gear. Haven't you ever played a pvp game before? Get yourself the raven and stop complaining. They will have a better upgrade for galaxy soon, but you're not even ready for it. Does this post even make any sense? You go to a gear based bf expected to use a crappy weapon and be able to contest with OP gears. Even if it's pve weapon it's still way above yours.
  3. Even if they put a requirement that you need atleast one character to be lvl 50 first, the bots will still come. In Mushin, when you go to misty valley pvp quest there are alot of destroyer bots who are all lvl50 HM2 to 6.
  4. This event will happen. Get over it. Cry all you want but it'll still happen. It happened in all other servers, so pretty sure it'll happen here too.
  5. Time to delete all our below lvl 50 and wait to create new ones.
  6. You can just right click image, then click "copy image" and directly paste it here. Like this.
  7. I don't get why people are against something like this. Don't think it'll affect those who don't agree and although it's probably never going to happen it's not like everyone would want to change their class. P.S. Good way to make quick cash for ncsoft if they do a "limited sale" on something like this.
  8. i was using razer naga and it worked fine for me when 64 bit came out, so i don't know what those other people were using.
  9. Get yourself a Razer naga, 90% of people in game macro. Actually hard to prove if someone is using a programmable mouse or keyboard. P.s. it helps with DPS, no need for you to constantly smash your keyboard and hurt yourself, etc. As long as you're not trying to go pro. Also don't get a third party macro software, you have a high chance of getting found and possibly banned.
  10. That doesn't even make sense, didn't you understand my comment? P.s. You Don't need to be a whale to do all the dungeons available.
  11. No one cares about mechanics, we all don't have time to play for too long and want to finish very fast. Can't you figure that out using your superior brains?
  12. http://bns.mmo-fashion.com/character-presets/ lots of presets.
  13. if you're already bored with the game at lvl 26, quit now and save yourself the headache.
  14. Get a priest to exorcise your home. You seem to have "spirit" infestation.
  15. You can use this website to see the stats: https://bnstree.com/soulshield
  16. for pvp full legendary isn't good, since the 8 effect isn't that great and also 3 pieces of challenger gives you cdef,pierce which is good for pvp.
  17. well you have to talk to support about that, since the weapon you couldn't upgrade was suppose to be your main weapon until you get another weapon (from main quest) you can't salvage, till you get the weapon you salvage.
  18. they bot for a reason, they'll always find a way around it. P.s. there's still bots in arena and gaming mouse macros still work.
  19. Someone said ingame that if you have a 32 bit operating system, then the 64bit client is just going to give you problems, so only 64 bit OS benefits from 64 bit client.
  20. Game is running great for me with 64 bit client. My fps with 32bit in 24-man is 14 when fighting boss and so laggy. But 64 bit it's 32 fps and no lag. So i guess the update is good for some people and bad for some. My system is i5-4460, xfx r9-290 4gb DD, 8gb ram. Ofcourse i'm playing with everything at 3. Edit: Problem i have is the pointer disappearing when moving stuff around. it's annoying.
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