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  1. Sorry not selling items I have paid for 1 copper each. They are all sitting in my brand new inventory space waiting for a fix. I want to trust the company, you guys are going to fix this insanity, right?
  2. It's also true that big families spend more money. I am not ashamed to say that on my new account, where I did three Raven 9 chars, I bought current rng boxes for each one of them to go Aransu since my time for purchasing raids is limited and badge+aransu materials weren't dropping. Not willing to do that on my old account, sorry. Not after the aforementioned move, leaving us stuck there.
  3. Always cheaper. I guess you forgot to mention something, dear Sir. On September 18th 2017 was still necessary Premium Transformation Stones for Rift/Dawn path and those people that screwed themselves picking Raven path were just aiming for a better weapon, more than willing to pay more for better gear (also was generally asked Raven 3+ for most of the content, not Rift/Dawn, Raven) without complaining. PTS were removed from Rift/Dawn and after that there were several adjustments and extra reducing while Raven after long time is still stuck with that particular expensive material, leaving many of us trapped there. I used the 'Nebula stone' of the last event on my new account that is now Raven 9 because I started from scratch. With my old alts I still need to buy/craft too many PTS for upgrading them all. Here is a video that dusts off memory about what I am talking about (from min 8) if you need proof. The guy also does an interesting math about materials (at that time). At the end was worth going Raven.
  4. There you are, Mr. Contrarian to the last. Good thing someone else answered for me.
  5. Before the usual guerilla users will jump on me barking because I am daring to ask something that I should not, I am ungrateful for all the free stuff company is giving away and being selfish because I stress out that maybe it would be good giving a chance to new comers to get useful stuff for them without being milked by players that don't need specific things, I'd love to point out that is a mere event suggestion and not something permanent. not even exclusive, so people that do not need to upgrade their Raven will not feel betrayed and put apart. Like a nebula stone or a token, perhaps? With multiple use. Several of us have 10/12 alts still stuck on Raven path stage 3-6. Many of us had to craft 5x10/12 Empyrean Spirit Stones (it means 50-60) along with the many pre-nerf (*) materials in order to achieve 1.1k requested in F8 dungeons and do our dailies. Some of us can't relay on friends and guilds to be carried (considering that now 1.2k is the new 1.1k) and we work hard during the hours we can play, picking random f8 people with the easy kick finger. Wasting (allow me the term) 3/6 Premium Transformation Stones x10/12 (it means 30/60 or 36/72) is a pity considering that the non raid path is super cheap now. I know what is coming: "It was a year ago, mate, you really are still stuck on Raven? You loser, just grab a new weapon from scratch and go Aransu 3 via non raid path!". Sure, I did the math but we are talking about characters that already did the story and should gather extra materials in order to cover the whole dark/light weapon -> Rift/Dawn 3-6 again. And is totally doable for those that can spend 12-14 hours online playing. 'Just farm for materials, you whiner!" Sorry, I don't have time to do BG/arena and pvp in general so moonstones are still a problem. Just opened 100 Peculiar Promises Treasure Chests for science, here is the result: Not saying that devs are bad people, not saying that company is being so bad to us poor players (no one forces us to play, right?), merely asking to consider it to allow some of us 'old players' that already spent a lot on their weapons to go on the cheaper path. That's all. (*) July 17, 2018 Reduced the amount of Empyrean Spirit Stone needed to upgrade Seraph/Baleful Weapon to Riftwalk, Dawnforged, or Raven Weapon from 5 to 1. Reduced the amount of Empyrean Spirit Stone needed to upgrade Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon from 5 to 2.
  6. ...and free code sellers will move to no gambling rules Countries and spam faction chat with WTS <rng box name> PM me /end sarcasm
  7. [SUGGESTIONS] For the Future of B&S

    I have heard so many complaints about that ribbon that I can't help but think that there will be more excited squeals about that than the useful stuff.
  8. Yes, we totally did but we were not that far from end content and those dungeons were alive. I have got my extra 100 cores on all so it's not my concern, I was just reporting an issue I have experienced while leveling and meeting new players ready to leave because of trolls. That's all. Anyway I've got my answer from staff, I will just keep not being selfish and helpful as much as I can.
  9. @Youmukon Thank you for making clear that it would be technically difficult and against game mechanics. Hope this makes aware devs that new players are stuck to that point and maybe help a little more for the third accessory. Even reviving those dungeons with an event might be useful in order to help them to at least have more chances to run those dungeons during their gameplay (in my experience at the moment are dead even during dailies and is kind of hard to farm them). Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts about that.
  10. I do follow your line and I do understand what you mean. If I stress that it would be for those three specific dungeons it's because it really feels sick to gear up at this point of the game evolution if you happen to join now. Not talking about me since I would just do another char on my main account and I would easily throw in everything I need to gear it up instantly but what about those that are new to BnS? I have been in their shoes and despite the fact that we have two accessories handed out basically for free, most of the times f8 takes ages to fill up DT, NF and NS (for the latter, so many just leave because new players in need of the bracelet fails the mechanics of first boss so you have to tank it with you low geared non tank alt hoping that they understand that they should stop hitting adds if they don't know what they are doing) so gather 100 cores takes weeks if you are lucky. And guess what? If you want to join a BT raid, unless you are blessed and find those saints that even reset to help out new players, you can't go with Solak gear, 99% of the times your apply is ignored. If devs decided to hand out two old content accessories and are almost gifting Raven 9 with events, would it be so bad let new players/new accounts get the accessory they need from DT, NF and NS without being trolled? It would help them move on to the next step without being stuck on old content because of greedy kids. If we want the community grow. Otherwise let's just keep up like that. They probably get bored soon and just play something else.
  11. Unfair why? It's stuff they basically trash or it takes an inventory slot. It just encourages bad behavior towards new players/new accounts. And it should be *strictly* related to those three accessories that drop from dead dungeons, those I mentioned, *not* raids. We are talking about something that it's not even worth discussing since basically nobody cares about old content. I wouldn't either if I didn't experienced myself only because I had the bad idea to do another account. It just forces new players/new accounts to stick to content that the majority of people doesn't bother to play.
  12. Of course it should be related only to Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry, and Sanctuary (not even Ebondrake Citadel, who cares about the ring), not a general rule; it wouldn't make sense since we do need multiple accessories from other raids. Edit: Thinking on that, Devs should be able to work on specific dungeons loot; they did for events and also for the Completion bonus (green leaves) that ensure an extra loot for parties with at least one player that hasn't run that specific dungeon more than 10 times. It involves only Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry, Naryu Sanctum, Irontech Forge and Ebondrake Lair so maybe something could be done.
  13. --> Edit: please note, my suggestion involves only Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry and Naryu Sanctum. So, I did an account to test classes I never used to play. A new account from scratch is a little painful from a certain point on if you want to gear fast without investing money or sending materials from main accounts. With 'The Dead Refuse to Die' quest we do have some help gaining 200 Draken Cores but we all know we need at least 100 more in order to get Bracelet + belt + necklace. I have experienced 3 times on 3 legendary drops that players full geared (or with the accessory already) bid on the necklace/belt/bracelet only for greedy purpose. One can bid 10 or 20 gold but more it would be a waste of hard earned currency to be honest. My suggestion is to let only people without the legendary accessory bid, disable the bid option from party people that already have them (also if they have it in their inventory/stash - too easy if they just unequip to bid) edit: again, only for Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry and Naryu Sanctum. Accessories that drop from almost dead dungeons are no bound to account already and can't be sent to alts so it wouldn't hurt anybody but leechers or unfair, greedy players, letting alts gear up a little more easily. Just my two cents
  14. Hopefully they will consider it. Wasting PTS on Raven is just... well, waste. Especially for those who crafted/bought 5 Empyrean Spirit Stone to be good enough for random f8 and now stuck on that path with no help from support.
  15. SF reworked: suggestion for badges

    ok, I will park it back then!