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    And I get about 200 MS on the KR server (I'm in NA)
  2. Question from a Blade Dancer

    Should I get Dragon or Tiger bracelet? Please answer! I'm a lightning user.
  3. Please Help! Poharan Saying "Null" In New Act 5 & 6 Update!

    Nevermind, it's been fixed for some random reason, tysm if NCWest did this for me, I'm happy I can now finish the game without that bug :D
  4. Please Help! Poharan Saying "Null" In New Act 5 & 6 Update!

    ...Please help me! Pleaaaseee! I really need this to be fixed, it's super urgent!
  5. When I finally finished that dragon right up on the sky gate, I was super happy to then find out when talking to Poharan afterwards, instead of going to the next line so I can finish the game, she keeps saying this word null and wouldn't let me go to the next part! Please help me if anyone can, I contacted support and they helped me a bit but I still couldn't get it to work! I messaged them again but they haven't responded yet so I'm getting a little worried if they will. This is a serious bug and I don't wanna start all over again since I got super far in the game including the Ncoins I just bought over-time! Can anyone please help me with this bug? I'll show a picture for proof! Just please someone help me so I can finish this long game! That's that proof I have of my bug! Right near the sky-gate after defeating that amazing but awfully hard dragon! Is the word null like a cutscene template because of me seeing a ESC down on the bottom right before seeing the word NULL from Poharan? Please help! I'm begging people! :(