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  1. hello! I'm back offering my art, I decided to take the risk and I'm starting my career as an independent artist, so I offer my services for all those who wish a fanart of characters or anything else you wish. (NSFW allowed :P) If you want a commission (about prices and types), just send me a private message here or in any of my social network: Social Media: Facebook: Tumblr: Deviantart: Instagram: Merchandising Stores: Redbubble: TeePublic: Artworks: Some SpeedPaints: - - Best Regards! :D
  2. Hello, Im very interested to participate in the contest but I have some doubts, about this: So In this case, I'm from South America, does that mean, that I can't participate? :C If so, would be a shame... I would appreciate your response, greetings
  3. About Costume Design Contest 2016

    :C .. no response... u_u...
  4. Show off your characters!!

    My warlock RextheonE from Junghado :) and my little summoner :3
  5. Blade & Soul - Hongmoon Revenge! The final battle against Jinsoyun has started, with my friends xRosetta and Fenningan, will defeat her once and for all, for master Hong! Please share my social media sites :D FANPAGE: TUMBLR: DEVIANTART: TWITCH:
  6. It's the 3rd time that i'm trying doing blackram narrows in cross server and i have always party members of lv 50. all are going to hasty (img lv 20) and i can't fight like them... so... many times i have been trapped by fire and never receive reward from dynamic quest.i can't evolve my weapon for this reason. Please, more consideration for the low lv people. that's it, ty :C