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  1. No the problem is not in SB, problem is in Awakened Bulletstorm. Weapon does not boost Awakened soulburned skills. So since i found this out, for anyone out there who is curious, yea u have to disable awakened bs. With normal bulletstorm + buffs i did 4m+ with low cd soul. With awk bs 3.3m max.
  2. Was parsing in F12 last night, pulled 1.7m after Moyun died in a couple of attempts, till that moment still didnt tried anything with buffs, so i was thinking like: "ok tomorrow ill prolly see 3.8-4m burst in weeklies with buffs and stuff". So today im going weeklies with my clannies, had blackwing and bb, couldnt wait that moment to see the burst but ofc out of curiosity to see the "boost" with buffs, 1st bulletstorm attempt (Gravedigger) i had 3mil burst with 2 gc stacks after the 7th bulletstorm. Im thinking like, fine i guess nothing triggered from accessory buffs, then i
  3. Even if he didnt believe that this was correct what they did to us, he still cant do anything. He is just bunch of flesh working for NC, and even if he wants to "fight" for players right, he would most likely get fired instantly if he pushes it too far. Question is if Cyan is even the player of this game. I dont believe tho. So he cant even know how bad or good any change is what they make. Thats the saddest part of this game, that all the people who work for it, play something else. Thats so dumb and ironic. Betthany is a WoW player, she never had her own account on bns, but she was still in
  4. Even if this is all true, its stupid and retarded to remove this stuff from us, WHILE same time u give us those dungeons as EVENT where we need to do those same dungeons for event reward. Thats what makes this situation extremely stupid and upsetting for us players. Ok, replace items, ok make us gather new ones so we dont abuse bunch of old items, but then put this event now as a next one, so we have a chance to gather this items for cs/mandate and so we can do our event properly. As for Cyan i totally agree, he is just a puppet messenger, nothing to blame him for. But fact they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed us u
  5. This team became like a monkey cave where they read hieroglyphics off the wall and passing them as a wrong info inside this game. Seriously bunch of imbeciles playing with us. "Here, new event guys go on and do it, oh wait u cant, because we wont let you because we are retarded and we wont let you exchange old stuff for new". The thing that i NEVER understood in this game/development team, is that WHY, but WHY would u sign up to do job in this game, to be part of this game and u dont even know anything about it. U dont know what players need, u dont know which item does what or any
  6. are u people nuts, this is awsome change lol, considering that his knowledge about this game was same like my knowledge about nuclear psyhics, which is 0. Only thing i hope, is that new guy who is replacing, actually knows atleast classes of this game lmao. Cause realistically, u could see on stream how much 2 of them struggle with announcing some items, cause ignorance about the game itself was on insane level. Cya John,
  7. Korea already has longer time now new epic raid after tt, i cant be bothered searching it's name now but it definetely exists. And my suggestion to you would be to wait bit more till TT gear becomes more accessible and cheaper, which also depends on what your resources are and your current gear. If you aiming high and u have maxed out VT stuff, and u have extra money, its not bad to buy some tt gear. Specially now when MSP event was here, everyone literally had a chance to make good TT 1-5 set. Which saves alot of time and money considering that whatever u go buy in TT, will be charged highly.
  8. Did some test with my clannies and yea, instead of making it easier, new patch made it harder. So, boss in SK still has 990mil instead of 900 cause nerf was supposed to reduce 90mil, light share on adds still kills. Spin still knocks back, and it wasnt supposed to. Asuras wipe after 3 orbs, it was supposed to be 5. But all of this is not a problem comparing to hive queens bug bomb. What happens is, bug bomb happens in middle, and not on person. We had 2 guns + 1 fm and in old times fm was getting bug bomb in 95% cases i would say. So all of us waiting
  9. You obviously have no idea what u sayin, so i will consider this as a nonsense answer. Yea i should totally have 2 max geared souls instead of 1 and switch it whenever i want into another one. Im not talking about pleb business here like you think, having awakened ascending + awakened energy lul. I mean that this should be done because of many good reasons. "I rather the soul stays the same" wth this even means?
  10. I really think it would be time that this happens. Japan has it, i dont know if any other server has it, but i think as EU/NA servers we really deserve it since you keep killing us with oil requirements for every single f-ing new item, You also screwed up completely Oil crafting with requiring 20 moonstone crystals as the highest used material in game and hardest to get (pve way). So oils for soul, oils for heart, oils for mystic badge + now again oils for soul badge. The biggest reason why this change would be needed is because of the things like speed runs in TOI/Hong etc..
  11. Idk where are moonstones 3g, show it to me bro. Because whenever i checked market (in EU) they are 99% of time 5g+. If they are under that, its max 10s under, so around 4.90g. If i could find right now ms for 3g, i would spend all my money on it, even if it would stop me from upgrading my items, but atleast i would be safe with moonstones for good amount of time.
  12. Yea also that @Againstdeath, instead of letting us use the mats that just keep gathering and gathering in our inventory, now they gonna gather even more, cause nowhere to spend them. Then they sell us a lame pathetic story that they are doing it according to market and bla bla. Just fking admit u wanna destroy us kappa. Because whoever decides this, is either very stupid or total idiot who is not aware how much are people raging about changes of this kind.
  13. That is exactly my point, im trying to figure out if the person behind this is mentally ill, or he has server destroying fetish. Because literally whatever change they do, people just rage/getting mad, shocked, and after some time leaving game. I dont understand WTF is going on. I simply dont. Literally like they are trying to make everyone leave. I mean how stupid and how big idiot you must be, to double the amount needed of most used mat in game, and to remove the easiest mats to get, as requirement to craft one of the most used and important item in game such as oil is. Just fking dont get
  14. It changes alot man, its a fking double amout of moonstones. For me that i need 100+ oils in future, even if i have 100 stupid demon stones, who is gonna give me 2000 moonstones for oils + 13712475 of them for every other item... I swear to god, there has to be an evil soul behind this decisions who keeps destroying players like this. And obviously everyone else in NC who knows that this decision has been made accepts it. Which makes it even worse.
  15. So they say: "The cost to transmute Sacred Oil, Pet Pod (from Bravery Coin), and Pristine Oil (new) has been re-balanced based on the item economy." Demon Spirit Stone x1 Transformation Stone x10 Evolved Stone x10 Moonstone Crystal x20 Elysian Crystal x12 15 Gold Current req: Demon Spirit Stone x1 Transformation Stone x10 Evolved Stone x10 Moonstone Crystal x10 Elysian Crystal x10 Sacred Crystal x45 Soulstone Crystal x45 15 Gold So im trying to figure out which douche decided to be like this. I cant
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