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  1. Howdy yall, So I left when Ebondrake Citadel came out and now with all these events and supposedly an extended storyline, I'm curious as to what I should focus on. I think I'm HM11 with 620 AP and the last thing I remember was being able to do Desolate Tomb a few times. Now there's legendary soul shields and what not and I'm not sure on the new "meta" for FMs and stuff. Thanks!
  2. Legendary Weapon Gem slots

    Oh nice! Now I won't have to worry when upgrading my weapon :P
  3. This was so scary!!!

    At least if it was true, you'd still have your money :P
  4. Squad goals

    I like how the lyn with the flower on its head is right at the center. It really clashes with the "coolness" of the photos.
  5. Legendary Weapon Gem slots

    From what I gathered with upgrading from True Scorp -> Legendary is that you'll get a random roll of 1-6 slots when you upgrade, so yes, you may lose your 4 slots. And since there's a chance to get just 1 slot, people tend to wait until they have enough materials to upgrade their Legendary weapon straight to Stage 3 since the number of slots can only go up after you are at Stage 1. i.e. You happen to get one slot after you get to Legendary, which sucks, but when you upgrade to Stage 2 and then Stage 3 you'll get the chance for more slots. Fair warning, my info could be outdated.
  6. info / help soul fighter

    Yeah, not just for soul fighter, but for any character for me. The back away skill disappears even though I click F while the logo is still there. Very likely it's a ping issue, which sucks. This also ties into a lot of input delays I get while playing the game, both skills and typing in general.
  7. Is this coming back or no ?

    Ahh. For a sec I thought I was vote kicked 3x in a row :P
  8. Machismos

    Dang. 0 after two runs? There should be a minimum of 3+ from what I remember. Guess I was just super lucky lol...
  9. Machismos

    13 today from BSH. Seems like it's working.
  10. hi how is the game ?

    The new patch last Tuesday streamlined the leveling and weapon and accessory upgrading process from Viridian Coast to Moonwater Plains. That way people can focus more on the Silverfrost Mountains content. Good luck with the new class!
  11. One of the worst mmorpgs I've ever played.

    Only issues I have with the game: - RNG, which may purposely go against your class to increase grind times (seemingly so) - Bugs (e.g. combat stance bug, timer disappearing in Desolate Tomb, etc.); - Input delay (most likely a ping issue. i.e. when typing I would have to wait a bit before I start or else the first letter doesn't show up, and I would randomly SS whenever I do S,D,S,D or any input when S and the next S is separated by 1 letter) - Maybe other things which I have overlooked personally. Verification: Security is pretty tight. I have to pull up my Google Authenticator each time, which I've gotten used to. Mounts: I disagree with your opinion on mounts since in late-game I don't see a use for them. I would either windstride and sprint or just F8 for the day. Windstride cooldown: I have premium so it doesn't bother me, but honestly, 2 min is way too long. I think 1 minute should be more than enough. Aggro: I don't have an issue with this. I just jump or just run around. Besides, it's almost all and not all mobs have aggro. :P Potions: 60 seconds is long, but it forces me to be strategic in taking damage and learn the mechanics instead of facetanking everything. At the same time, it opens up the use of crafted potions since they insta heal and have 15 second cooldowns. Death: Near dead state is a nice feature. And being able to be ressed is good too.
  12. Wildwater weapon?

    I've seen a few chests drop and that's during around 10 total runs (6-man) so far (in fact I saw one yesterday, but got a razor from it).
  13. I think it's class-specific RNG. I find swords the most as a FM. Sure 1/9 < 8/9 but getting other weapon types 50 times in a row (8/9)^50 = 0.28% chance of occurring which is much much less than getting your weapon on the first try 1/9 = 11% chance of occurring. That means you won the luck of the draw (getting no sword after 50 tries) with a 0.28% chance!! But seriously, if the drop rates were a true 1/9 for each weapon type then approximately the chance of getting your weapon is the same as getting 19 other weapon types in a row, and 50 tries in a row is probably as good as getting a hongmoon hexagonal gem from an RNG box. Bonus story: I decided to farm Croak King's Court to find Bracers to sell for gold. Took me exactly 40 tries to get a Bangle. Try #32 and #36 gave me Bracers. I didn't need the Bangle, but it was really interesting.
  14. Character bound gems in care package

    Thanks for the heads up. I was afraid that might've been the case when I was about to purchase mine.
  15. Is bns still alive?

    Everyone is level 50.