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  1. I think it's a pretty easy dungeon. The mobs hit hard, but for some mobs, you just have to know how they attack and you would be avoiding a lot of damage. E.g. standing by NPCs is a bad idea since the ball throwing mobs throw their balls at them dealing 20k dmg-ish, and they don't throw their balls at players. The retrieval of NPCs for the first orb will be difficult to solo imo since they hit pretty hard. Some of them have 4 mobs guarding the body and you can almost be one-shot especially if they CC you. The boss is really easy especially if your team knows the mechani
  2. Would be nice if the combat stance isn't dependent on the team (which is obviously buggy), but instead, if your character is out of combat for 15 seconds (or 10) you'll be deemed out of combat.
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