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  1. Howdy yall, So I left when Ebondrake Citadel came out and now with all these events and supposedly an extended storyline, I'm curious as to what I should focus on. I think I'm HM11 with 620 AP and the last thing I remember was being able to do Desolate Tomb a few times. Now there's legendary soul shields and what not and I'm not sure on the new "meta" for FMs and stuff. Thanks!
  2. Only issues I have with the game: - RNG, which may purposely go against your class to increase grind times (seemingly so) - Bugs (e.g. combat stance bug, timer disappearing in Desolate Tomb, etc.); - Input delay (most likely a ping issue. i.e. when typing I would have to wait a bit before I start or else the first letter doesn't show up, and I would randomly SS whenever I do S,D,S,D or any input when S and the next S is separated by 1 letter) - Maybe other things which I have overlooked personally. Verification: Security is pretty tight. I have to pull up m
  3. I find that funny as well. In 6-man shattered with 600+ people seem to forget what the mechanics are. I had to grab 3 flowers at a time just so we can beat the boss and some people died too... it's just odd.
  4. What about the scenario of a 480 AP asking for 500+? But anyway, I would treat the above as similar to A, which is just don't join. Why would someone demand that everyone that joins the party must be substantially higher in AP than you, while everyone below is unacceptable when you are in that same level of unacceptability? (Rhetorical question) B) I'll wait until they kick him/her, otherwise I'll leave. C) I won't mind.
  5. I think it's a pretty easy dungeon. The mobs hit hard, but for some mobs, you just have to know how they attack and you would be avoiding a lot of damage. E.g. standing by NPCs is a bad idea since the ball throwing mobs throw their balls at them dealing 20k dmg-ish, and they don't throw their balls at players. The retrieval of NPCs for the first orb will be difficult to solo imo since they hit pretty hard. Some of them have 4 mobs guarding the body and you can almost be one-shot especially if they CC you. The boss is really easy especially if your team knows the mechani
  6. Got better imo. E.g. stingers are much easier to accumulate than before, merged servers increased open world populations (sorta meh for me, but still nice), fewer bots (still exist though), etc. There are probably other things, but the game is progressively better as a whole. It's still not "there" yet, but it's better.
  7. Would be nice if the combat stance isn't dependent on the team (which is obviously buggy), but instead, if your character is out of combat for 15 seconds (or 10) you'll be deemed out of combat.
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