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  1. This is by far the worst announcement ever, even worse that the evo stones drama months ago. You crashed energy price for a complete week and people actually bought hundreds of energy to "secure" their gems since most likely it would've gone up. Instead you now raise your middle finger at the community making a last minute decision, sinking everybody's gold and cucking us all.
  2. Is there any other update on what's coming on 26th? Current notes on the news section is very dry as to what is going to happen with evolved stones and oils. Mind you this will be a crucial patch that will decide the fate of the game for a lot of people including me (not that I will be leaving the game but will no further invest a single penny on it).
  3. Yes, that sucks big time. I wish they returned true boss as well but let's see.
  4. I assume since salvaging true boss is unrelated to the hands purchase and bracelet upgrade it will remain salvaged.
  5. Tbh this is the best solution that could've been implemented, that's why they will add some compensation in the form of HM Coins to those who unnecessarily spent real cash or lost gold due to trash exchange (basically compensation for taking the risky approach to buy these hands and getting the value of risk ripped off). If the compensation is low though, then that would suck big time. Also, I know ppl who bought a lot of elements to upgrade bracelet and now it seems they will stay with useless elements with no bracelet, which also sucks a bit. I understand that it wa
  6. No it wont matter. There's not a special pouch, just the normal pouch which can be easily obtainable with decent gear even among whales. However, if it's through a special pouch they better increase dat hp again cuz it's going to be basin madness once more ;)
  7. While there's some truth to that, to be honest you don't need to be sending gems back and forth to complete dailies. If you're good you don't need more than 800ap to finish everything except Sanctum+Irontech. I have 2 accounts with 3 characters each, so I know what I'm talking about. Besides, if you are doing dailies on alt solely for the purpose of only boosting your main (i.e. sending all the gold) you're not enjoying the game at all, just getting frustrated over and over by things like this. The new prices announced are fine, sending gems to alts on a daily basis was broken from
  8. I am also having a similar issues. I am running with a GTX970, 24gb RAM, i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz I started playing on a new character as warlock and now I get black screens some time after loading screens. Not all loading screens though. but the problem is that the video shuts down and the computer is pretty much useless so I have to hard reset. It's worth noting that this has happened right when I enter combat. However, one time it happened without a loading screen, but on an open area, but again, when entering combat. Another time it happened when c
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