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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    This is by far the worst announcement ever, even worse that the evo stones drama months ago. You crashed energy price for a complete week and people actually bought hundreds of energy to "secure" their gems since most likely it would've gone up. Instead you now raise your middle finger at the community making a last minute decision, sinking everybody's gold and cucking us all.
  2. Evolved Stone Availability

    Is there any other update on what's coming on 26th? Current notes on the news section is very dry as to what is going to happen with evolved stones and oils. Mind you this will be a crucial patch that will decide the fate of the game for a lot of people including me (not that I will be leaving the game but will no further invest a single penny on it).
  3. Today’s Specials Item Refunds

    Yes, that sucks big time. I wish they returned true boss as well but let's see.
  4. Today’s Specials Item Refunds

    I assume since salvaging true boss is unrelated to the hands purchase and bracelet upgrade it will remain salvaged.
  5. Today’s Specials Item Refunds

    Tbh this is the best solution that could've been implemented, that's why they will add some compensation in the form of HM Coins to those who unnecessarily spent real cash or lost gold due to trash exchange (basically compensation for taking the risky approach to buy these hands and getting the value of risk ripped off). If the compensation is low though, then that would suck big time. Also, I know ppl who bought a lot of elements to upgrade bracelet and now it seems they will stay with useless elements with no bracelet, which also sucks a bit. I understand that it was tough to deal with this, and the solution to this seems fair, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T SCREW UP THE MATERIALS REFUND /giggle
  6. Evolved Stone Availability

    No it wont matter. There's not a special pouch, just the normal pouch which can be easily obtainable with decent gear even among whales. However, if it's through a special pouch they better increase dat hp again cuz it's going to be basin madness once more ;)
  7. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    While there's some truth to that, to be honest you don't need to be sending gems back and forth to complete dailies. If you're good you don't need more than 800ap to finish everything except Sanctum+Irontech. I have 2 accounts with 3 characters each, so I know what I'm talking about. Besides, if you are doing dailies on alt solely for the purpose of only boosting your main (i.e. sending all the gold) you're not enjoying the game at all, just getting frustrated over and over by things like this. The new prices announced are fine, sending gems to alts on a daily basis was broken from the start. If you're not spending gold to upgrade your alts then you're also making your life miserable. Let me give you a tip. Stop sending money to your main, get your alts decently geared (leg neck+belt + elemental ring+earing), awakened pet and at least stg 7 weapon. Once you have them like this grinding gold is faster, dailies are faster, everything is faster, you will enjoy the game more, have more resources and won't need those gems at all, you just get gems the story gems and event ones. I've been playing this game since it was released on NA and quite frankly I've never needed to send gems back and forth. It even feels ridiculous and cheap. As somebody said before, experience > AP. If you have the experience you can clear anything even with 700-750ap (like we used to before the HM levels boost). And reaching that AP is plain simple just by doing story and basic upgrades. People should stop the QQ on the gems, new changes announced on this post should suffice. Our focus should be on progression, like the souls issue.
  8. Black Screen after loading screen

    I am also having a similar issues. I am running with a GTX970, 24gb RAM, i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz I started playing on a new character as warlock and now I get black screens some time after loading screens. Not all loading screens though. but the problem is that the video shuts down and the computer is pretty much useless so I have to hard reset. It's worth noting that this has happened right when I enter combat. However, one time it happened without a loading screen, but on an open area, but again, when entering combat. Another time it happened when clicking "Change character", and hitting ok. When playing on my main character (KFM) this does not happen. I've been playing since forever on my main and this have never occurred.
  9. I wonder when will the developers or customer satisfaction department notice these posts and push the bot issues to management. I have faced bots of all classes (except KFM because there's no spam skills to get shit done), but the most annoying bots are hack summoner and teleport warlock. Like, seriously, there's no freaking way to kill a teleport warlock ever, still this is crowded with these imba jerks. As a KFM, my life is already hard having to use my complete keyboard to get stuff done. Adding bots, infinite iframe hack and teleports is just too much. And the most frustrating part is when you're grabbing 200+ prestige points on SSP only to see a summoner/warlock kill you with teleport+machine gun... it's kills my heart. I wouldn't say I will quit the game, but have already started to play it less because of the frustration and I'm already thinking on taking out my premium. I think the only way they'll listen is if we remove all premium accounts and send NCSOFT to hell crying for help.
  10. Action House gold received

    Hi, Today I sold 2 batches of 5 Silverfrost Transformation Stones at 9.6 gold for each stone, meaning that each batch of stones was worth around 45 gold considering the fees (I have premium account). After I sold them, when I retrieved the money I only received 27.16 gold for each, meaning that I got only 54.32 in total for the 10 stones. This feels wrong. Only buying all the soulstones (250 for crafting) is 55 gold, so I ended up losing money!!!!!! Not to mention the other materials I had to buy. I have sold big amounts of stuff in the past (Stones, Stingers, etc) and I have received all my gold. This time I was scammed. Below is an image of 2 stones I sold afterwards. I sold these at 9.40 each. The total profit is correct in this case (9.195 for each after taxes). If you take a look at the Total Daily Income and deduct this latest sell: 75.995 - 18.3912 = 57.6038. This is (almost, because I sold 2 soulshields earlier) the same amount I received for the 10 Stones (54.32). This is clearly BS and an error.
  11. Soulstone Plains pvp bosses

    Yeah, what in earth is this?
  12. Bots with premium and teleport hacks

    It's disgusting how bots are populating Soulstone Plains, taking meteorites and injured soldiers using teleport hacks. It hurts the game so much that I'm even considering canceling my subscription and throwing the game to the trash because NCSOFT don't give a damn.
  13. Restoring order in the quarry bug

    Actually, our party just killed him and he didn't gave the loot for any of us and didn't gave a single prestige point either!!
  14. Restoring order in the quarry bug

    It's still an issue. I have to do this boss like 3 times a day in the hopes that I can grab the chest before somebody else. The problem here is that he does drop the chest. BUT IT DISSAPEARS WHEN THE FIRST PERSON PICKS IT UP!! In other words, only the first person to pick it up completes the daily. It needs to be addressed ASAP.