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  1. 15 hours ago, H2H said:

    Can someone explain this for me? I mean, yeah, there is grinding required. But does anyone remember an MMO that DIDN'T have grinding required?

    People are different. What some people see as acceptable grind could be just too much for others. 


    I play World of Warcraft. When people complained about the grind to get flying in Draenor, I thought the complaint was unfounded, because it only took a couple of weeks of playing the game, not like doing the same quests or dungeons everyday for a couple of weeks. I wonder how far these complainers can go in BnS.


    On the other hand, I feel BnS is very grindy. I think anyone, who has a 500+ AP weapon and didn't pay real money to upgrade, can tolerate more grinds than I can. I just can't repeat the same quest over and over again.


    What I do is picking a set of dailies and dungeons (less than 10 all together), do them everyday for a week. Then I'll switch to another set of quests of my choices for the next week. I'll only do the mushroom dailies until I get enough to buy one crystal, which would take less than 2 weeks. This is how I make this game somewhat enjoyable for me before I can't take it any longer.

  2. I don't understand why they put Blackram Narrow in the list of daily challenges if only level 50s get the daily. In my opinion, Tomb of Exiles shouldn't even be included in the challenges. As a low geared level 50, Blackram Supply Chain runs on challenge days were mostly trying to catch others in the sprint for me. That's how over-geared the groups are.


    I think the level 50 daily challenges should only include the blue Silverfrost dungeons and above, plus the 3 purple 45 ones. Even for the 24 man instances, you just get more people waiting at the last boss, while others running around and killing the mini bosses.

  3. I wonder if this is a culture thing. Maybe the Koreans have a much higher tolerance level of grind than the westerners?


    The grind for gear upgrades in this game is horrifying. I don't think I'll ever get beyond 450 AP in this game. Some of the epic dungeons look interesting in the videos, but not interesting enough to make me grind to get there. 

  4. Question about tanking or aggro during the boss fight:

    - Do you get stunned if the boss aggro is on you?

    - Does someone need to tank the boss to keep the aggro, or everyone should just throw the orbs and not worry about aggro?


    About the lag, yesterday I had a real long loading screen, and today, I felt laggy during the boss fight. The good thing is that we didn't start until everyone is inside.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Tsuchiryu said:

    I think this is a matter of people needing to get used to party up with randoms in 24-man and realizing its benefits: helping yourself AND others to complete dailies there faster. You're just delaying things for everyone by being lazy, not parting up to defeat bosses as they spawn or competing for mobs with people not in your party. Be more selfless, active and useful, for crying out loud, people! There's absolutely no real reason NOT to party in 24-man. Ever.

    That's why I say it is "not practical", because it is "not practical" to expect players to group up with strangers in old content if they can do it solo.


    4 minutes ago, TeGeek said:

    or do like most other people afk at the final boss..f##king leechers

    You may not get the kill credit if you AFK. And, you may still not get the kill credit even if you weren't AFK.

  6. 1 hour ago, Tsuchiryu said:

    While Moonwater 24-man areas do become more (but NOT completely) obsolete as you progress through the story quests, largely because it's more interesting to do dailies that give bigger rewards, it really isn't that unrealistic for lvl 45- to run E.Fleet and NSH for a few reasons:


    - One of the Daily Challenges can be to defeat the final boss in either area, so expect quite a few lvl 50 people to run them once that happens.

    - These areas still are one of the easiest sources of Naryu Coins, as well as some Naryu Silvers, and you'll be needing quite a few of the former to use Dragonblood in later dungeons, while the latter will be used for gear enhancements/evolutions.

    - Dailies there reward pretty good amount of silvers each, which is quite a lot at the point they become accessible. Only ones that may give you some trouble are the ones requiring you to kill bosses, since you may have trouble doing enough damage to get credit for the kills, especially if there are many players each doing high damage. Players with True Infernal or higher, however, shouldn't have too much trouble, especially now that there are generally less people doing bosses... so if anything, getting credit for boss kills has become EASIER.

    - They are one of the sources of Siren/Pirate Emblems, which you'll still need to upgrade accessories. Not particularly great sources but sources nonetheless.

    - E. Fleet in particular drops green critical soul shields that are great fuse fodder at the time because they don't require Soulstones to be fused, unlike blue/purple SS. It will be a while before you reach Gabiyung world boss in Silverfrost to farm its soul shields to fuse for extra crit, so those are the next best, cost-efficient options.

    - Nightshade in particular drops the first real good blue/purple soul shield set, with decent extra HP and crit rate. Unless you're aiming for Labyrinth/Silverfrost Valor or later sets, it's a good transition set that should last you throughout Act 4 just fine. I did it myself with full purple Bloodshade set and True Profane weapon, so it's definitely doable.

    I'm running these 2 dungeons almost everyday. It really depends on your luck. With the June 1st date, I see more people doing E Fleet and NSH on my server, but I also ran into another problem: getting into channel 2 not 1. At least at level 50, I can easily solo almost all dailies except the mini and final bosses. I can't do that when I was 45. Even killing 50 blackrams in E Fleet could take a long time to complete. You may get better luck cross-server Blackram Supplies when it is the daily challenge, hoping the group won't care carrying you.

  7. Since the Silverfrost patch, it is unrealistic for level 45 to run E Fleet, NSH and such, because most people there are level 50s trying to solo themselves (assuming if you actually see other people in there). So what I did was leveling to 50 then go back to them like everyone else.


    The main story line to enter Silverfrost Mountains actually starts in Mushin Tower, but not doing the floor by floor challenges. The quest is to duel Mushin, which requires you to have a good enough weapon and some knowledge of your class to avoid being chain stunned by Mushin. I finished this quest after upgrading my weapon to True Inferno. I was using the Moonwater valor stone soul shields until I got the Silverfrost valor stone ones, and they were just fine.

  8. If you see me standing idle, I'm mostly AFK or browsing storage, market or store. With the amount of gold spammers and system messages that constantly popping up, I'd very likely miss all the /s messages. Private whisper is different, depending on how long it takes me to notice the message if I'm not showing the chat UI at all, so don't expect me replying right away. I do talk in /faction after I actively block all the gold spammers and am able to see the real chats. Party/dungeon chat is also flooded with system messages that are hard to pick through when you are constantly moving.


    With the amount of gold spammers in chats, I haven't found an easy way to organize chat windows yet. Basically, it is not that I don't want to be social. I didn't even know that you were talking to me.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Dad said:

    I don't know how many parties iv been in where some dumb sum player just hits the jar while the others are waiting for everyone to load in.

    Can someone still join the boss fight after it gets started? A slower player dropped group when he saw the fight already started (yeah, some people just don't know what "wait" is). I was also wondering if he was saved for the "once per day" regardless.

  10. The world boss, Gabiyung, in the northern snowy part of the Silverfrost Mountains (next to the explorer base or something) has a chance to drop green Crit soul shields. If you are lucky, you could find groups of people farming that boss. I believe you can use that soul shield to fuse the Silverfrost valor ones.

  11. 21 minutes ago, Ornata said:

    you really don't need gold at that level LOL.

    Now that I'm level capped, I can totally see this. But when I was level 13-ish and saw the price of dumplings, the first thing came to my mind was, "Damn, should've bought the founder's pack." I remember there was like 100g in the pack. Then, I thought, "Wait, they need to make the game playable to those without the pack too."


    I can understand where the OP is from. If I did have the founder's pack, I'd probably bought the dumplings from the NPCs for 5s each. It is a good thing that they put level restrictions on currency exchange. Otherwise, new players would be easily falling into these "traps."

  12. 14 minutes ago, teoteodore said:

    I had my eye on buying 2 unsealing charms, and maybe 2-3 dumplings ... a total of 30+ silver.

    This should probably be spelled out for all new players: don't buy Dumplings, Healing Potions, Repair Tools, Unsealing Charms, and Keys from the NPC until you are swimming in gold at the level cap.


    First, the NPCs are charging an outrageous high price for those, and you'd be able to buy them much cheaper (maybe with the exception of Unsealing Charms) from players on the marketplace. Second, as you level up, you'll get some of these items doing quests and taking surveys, so don't waste your money on the NPCs. Third, don't unseal or use a key unless it is something you absolutely have to have.


    If you feel there are not enough dumplings and healing potions for your use, you could pick up Acquired Taste and Silver Cauldron as your crafting guilds. For repair tools, don't repair your weapon until it goes under 10 (or the game starts giving you warnings).

  13. 1 hour ago, Tsuchiryu said:

    This. Among the soul shields that require Unsealing Charms, I'd start with Bloodshade one (start with blue as you do 24-man and replace them with purple as you get them from both 24 and 6-man). None of the soul shields before that one is worth spending charms on. My SS progression would be Stalker (lvl 6) -> Viridian (lvl 20) -> Cinderlands (lvl 36), then go for Bloodshade (lvl 45). Decent stats overall that will last you throughout Act 4 and still let you be decent enough to farm the other dungeons for better SS (lvl 45-50).


    Then again, that was before Silverfrost. Now that it's out, I suppose you could settle for the Silverfrost Valor set and skip Bloodshade if you like (though blue one costs 1 charm per set IIRC, so that's still not too bad a deal, I presume), but I haven't got that far with newly created chars yet to tell you for sure if it's actually a good idea.

    Unsealing Charms were not the problem while leveling, unless you unseal everything comes your way. Surveys and quests give plenty of them. Keys were more of a problem if RNG doesn't treat you nicely on weapon boxes.


    Going to Bloodshade at level 45 is just not practical for a new player at this point in game, unless you have friends and family carry you to farm the dungeons over and over, or buy the emblems with Ncoins to exchange for the soul shields. For me, the moonwater valor shields were good enough before I got the silverfrost valor ones. The green E Fleet crit shields are less than 10s even for #8 on my server, so I'd just fuse the valor ones with some cheap buys from marketplace if that's available.

  14. I've only leveled one character to 50, and another alt at 23. I feel questing is the fastest way to level: do the main story line and side/daily quests that are nearby. Grinding for soul shields or class weapons are very inefficient in terms of gaining experience, so I don't do it unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. that class weapon which never dropped). I also feel the soul shields that can be bought via valor stones are good enough for leveling, so I won't go out of my ways to grind soul shields before level cap.

  15. As a relatively new player, I hit level 45 about a month after the Silverfrost patch was released. Based on my personal experience, I think the cost of upgrading pre-45 gear should be reduced, so that new players won't hit the wall of grind at level 45, rather than the level cap of 50.


    A couple of changes that could be considered:

    - reduce the gold cost of breakthrough on gears that are pre-Oathbreaker (considering we are losing the Pirate path on June 1st)

    - further reduce the material cost of Moonwater Transformation Stone.

  16. Graphic and story lines are top-notch in this game, in my opinion. I read the text of every quest, including the side quests and daily quests, while leveling up. I really enjoyed them.


    I agree that some graphics look deceiving. For example, there is a big gap between the poles, but I can't walk through them and have to walk around it. 


    There are bots in game, a lot of them, but I won't worry about them too much. Sometimes, they could be of help to you, and other times, they are against you. You can try to move to another channel if they bother you.


    I'm right handed. I actually wonder if left handed works out better because most of the keys, even the movement ones, are on the left hand side. My left hand seems doing more important jobs during combat than my right hand. My right hand is just for pressing 2 mouse buttons and control the camera. For someone with a gaming mouse with many keybinds on the buttons, maybe it makes a big difference.

  17. I don't know if you've already started questing in Silverfrost Mountains, but my suggestion is starting as soon as you can. Silverfrost quests give more gold in quest rewards. After you finish the main story line, there are more dailies you can do that give a lot more gold than the moonwater ones. After getting everything to True Inferno, focusing on the weapon first before accessories.


    There is no good way to make gold for newbie 45s. Get to level 50 first. The better your gear is, the more ways you can earn gold in game (and more gold you need to spend to upgrade further). Even for the faction dailies and world bosses, if you don't have good enough gear, you won't get the kill credit to get loots. Basically, making a little gold to upgrade your gear a little, so that you can make more gold to upgrade more. 


    I don't know much about Mushin tower. My way of thinking is that I can make more gold spending that time elsewhere, and I'll come back to it at a later time.

  18. 1 hour ago, DomiSotto said:

    Video guides do nothing for me, because normally they show a group with a rock solid tank that unwaveringly holds the boss where the boss has to be at every given time. The players effortlessly glide through the stages, and divide into groups to handle a correct add with a choreographed precision. The raid-lead commands the troops on the team speak, calling for DCDs and swaps. The whole raid takes 15 minutes to watch, and leaves you with an impression the raid is a piece of cake.

    I wouldn't call this a video guide, but rather a boss kill video. A real guide should explain the important parts of a fight BEFORE attaching a whole video of killing the boss. I guess I'm just spoiled by the Tankspot and Fatboss videos in the good old days. I really feel BnS is lacking on good game guides in general, not just video guides.

  19. 2 hours ago, OniOfTheSword said:

    So yeah, back to my point/question. Which way do you prefer to do it? Guide before first hand experience or vice versa? And why?

    I think it would depend on how many deaths it would take, and whether or not I'm going with people that did the research ahead of time.


    If a guide can reduce the number of deaths from 200 to 50 before I could figure out everything the boss does, I'd read a guide first. If this is something I'd figure out after a few deaths, I wouldn't care about a guide. Sometimes, it would take a few death for me to realize that I'd better go read some guide on the fight.


    If I'm walking into a dungeon using special mechanics with people that know the fight, I'd read a guide first, rather than being a burden and wasting other people's time. If we all walk in knowing nothing at all, then let's all be surprised together (but we'd probably all go back and do some research if we kept failing.)


    Even after watching a video guide, I still need my own first hand experience to tell "oh, this is what the guide meant" and "this is what I should do when this happens".