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  1. On 6/23/2016 at 7:39 AM, Laneera said:

    It's fine if the real world works like that but unlike the real world, there is a company that could make things fair by actually making griefing like that punishable with a ban. They don't because people who pay to win to the degree of having 700+ AP are their big source of income so they'd rather leave them alone even if it annoys people who spend less..

    It always baffles me how hard it is for someone to get kill credit in some instances, and how easy it is for someone to AFK and do nothing for free credit in other instances. The logic in some of the game design just doesn't make sense to me.


    I'm not going to stereotype AFKers as high AP players. I've seen AFK leechers in all levels of gear, so I don't see this issue as favoring "high rollers". It is just poor game design. However, I do feel that the game designers lost their vision and value of the game while chasing dollars.

  2. 3 hours ago, 855967_1452550250 said:

    I cant buy anymore by right-mouse-click ... thats akward.

    Took me several tries after madly clicking mouse buttons to realize that buying is changed to double clicking the left mouse button. I seriously thought my UI was bugged. And, that button next to the chart button which has a "Buy" option in it, doesn't always work. Spending money is hard in marketplace today.

  3. 1 hour ago, zapzap77 said:

    Hard to find a group and i need that darn siren bracelet that's only there and not on 6 man as near as I can tell.

    I could be wrong, but somehow I remember getting the siren bracelet from 6 man Blackram Supply Chain, first boss (Salamish or something like that).

  4. To be fair, gaming companies are businesses and money is their bottom line. It is just that some do it less obviously than others. In my experience, I feel more pressured to spend money in a free-to-play game than a pay-to-play game, but I see it because I've already paid in a pay-to-play game. Then, even in a pay-to-play game, there is always the debate over whether you get your money's worth.


    Basically, everything comes down to whether you think a game is worth the money and time you spend. We all have different views and values. If you don't think it is worth it any more, just stop playing and walk away. We play games for fun, and that's the most important.


    Since I'm somewhat biased towards pay-to-play games, I'd suggest World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14, if you haven't tried them. In my opinion, WoW is more for exploration and everything before end-game is solo-able, and FF14 is more story-oriented before level capped. (Yeah, I know WoW has in-depth lore and history, but you can do all the quests without even reading any quest text.) If you are more into PvP, neither is that great though.

  5. 1 hour ago, Despondent said:

    It already is worth it for high level players. It's part of the daily challenge.

    This is just my opinion. I think just being part of daily challenge is not good enough to make me fight like a level 23 again, if I'm only getting 50 copper and 6 viridian poisons that I have no use of.  

  6. 4 minutes ago, Despondent said:

    To reiterate: your level and gear gets scaled down to the appropriate level range of that particular dungeon. For example: let's say Blackram Narrows was limited to a range of level 20 to 23. Anyone over level 23 and any equipment they had over that level would effectively get scaled down to level 23 max.

    I see. It's downscaling. Then it needs to coupled with better worth-while rewards for high level players to join.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Brand X said:

    FFXIV makes it work so much better.

    Would you mind elaborate how FF14 is doing it? I don't play that game and don't know.


    I've thought about giving better reward to the high levels, or downscaling high level gears in low level dungeons, but each option has shortcomings.

  8. I've said this before, Blackram Narrows and Tomb of Exile shouldn't be included in the level 50 daily challenges. It is not helping lowbies, but rather ruining their experience.


    As a low geared level 50, I could get killed by my fellow level 50s there. So I solo Blackram Narrows when I needed the Viridian Poison in the reward, and I don't queue for ToE when it's up for daily challenges. Not all high level players are inconsiderate, but it only takes one to ruin the run for the rest of the group. There are just more of them when people rushing through the daily challenges.

  9. 39 minutes ago, YamiKokennin said:

    Amazon sell the NCoin prepaid card. You can buy it from Amazon and receive a code. You then redeem the code in your account portal for the NCOIN.

    Amazon takes credit card...whatever else it take, I don't know

    If you already have the credit card for Amazon, why not use the same card for NCSoft? I think Paypal eventually is also tied into credit cards.


    I've only found NCoin cards in GameStop shops in US, but not other shops that you can buy with just cash. A unified currency, NCoins, is easier for the game company to manage than various real world currencies cross all their games. However, this game is lacking options to pay with real cash in NA (probably EU as well). I was looking at the B&S China site, and there are so many payment options.

  10. 6 hours ago, endervoid said:

    To upgrade everything to true siren which will give you around 500 AP you need approximatly 600-700g. If you get 30g per day (which is easily possible with 2 hours playtime) and play 5 days a week you will get 150g a week. So after 5 weeks you will have 500 AP and are able to do everything that is released right now. With 50 AP more you will be able to do all the content that will be released this year.

    I think going from 400 AP to 500 AP in 5 weeks is not unreasonable. However, getting 30g per day in a couple of hours for a low geared player may not be realistic, and even worse if you are melee, because of this "kill credit" thing. It depends on who are the other players around you, which is impossible to predict, and often an army of high geared players showed up 2 seconds before the fight started.


    Then, in 5 weeks, when you are 500 AP, others went from 600 AP to 650 AP (for example), and you may still have this lingering "kill credit" problem. I think this is the basic issue here, lack of a reasonable catch-up mechanic. Actually, if the "kill credit" gets reworked so that low geared players can get the credit as long as they put in reasonable damage per their gear level, the lack of catch-up mechanics probably won't feel as painful.

  11. 1 hour ago, Kyrax said:

    Stuff like owning a house, marriage, kids, etc

    Oh, no, please no. I understand the owning a house part, but why marriage and kids? Don't we play games to get away from those? :P

    1 hour ago, Kyrax said:

    Mount pets like horses

    Just want to add. I think the Windriding, Dragon Pulse, and Return Charms in B&S deserves a lot more credit than what they have got. I really like these capabilities for their convenience.


    I also like the Wind Walking (or flying) skills. They look really cool. Though these seem to be more specific to eastern martial art themed games.

  12. 2 hours ago, Enoll said:

    Someone posted a topic from reddit where the dude states that KR is giving you all free things and then comparing it with the NEW release in NA/EU... and I am reading through the lines of people quoting it afterwards and thinking I really shouldn't continue reading but I just can't help it but to be curious how stupid people can get and I strongly trust in you guys that you can go even dumber. This game was released in KR 4 years ago right (5ish perhaps), through the years they lose player base, to GAIN new player base they need to attract players, however a new player would never want to farm 3 years of items now would they ? So what do they do, they give them "decent" gear. I can promise you that after 2-3 years it will be absolutely the same with EU/NA. 

    I think you missed the key point of that thread. It is not about how Koreans are getting so much free stuff and we don't. The key difference between KR and NA is they are under a subscription model, so their game company isn't trying every possible way to squeeze the money out of your wallet as in a "free to play" model. Not only that, I really don't have the feeling that our company is planning to have BnS NA last for 2-3 years. They just want grab some quick cash and go.


    This game hasn't been out for more than 6 months, and we've been having content patches one after another, which would make many other games jealous. But the concerns over a lot of players leaving and few new players joining have been around for weeks, if not months. On the other hand, the game has been doing great financially.

  13. 11 minutes ago, SilentOne said:

    the question is, do 3 months of grind seems too long for you for full endgame gear?? If yes then im afraid you should not play mmorpgs...

    It would depend on which MMORPG though. I can progress through a raid instance once a week for 3 months, even wiping a few dozen times on each boss. I can't run the same dungeon everyday for 3 months (actually probably no more than 2 weeks) to grind, even only doing it once per day.

  14. Growing up reading many martial art (Wu Xia) novels, it is so typical that the first villain showing up in the story is not the final boss. When I first saw Mushin, he smelled fishy to me, and I'm expecting him to do evil things. Our ending certainly leaves many possibilities open in the future.


    As far as Jinsoyun's ending, I don't see reverting Jinsoyun to a child as forgiving her. I'm assuming this child bears no memory of what happened, so it basically erased the Jinsoyun we have known. I almost feel sorry for the kid. Death would mean peace and over, and "second chance" could be like a punishment for a clueless child because everyone else remembers what Jinsoyun did. I don't think her second life is going to be less complicated than the first one. (I didn't watch the videos for the future acts though. The BnS may be different than what I thought of.)

  15. While browsing on the internet, I came across this post on reddit and I think it is a good read to uplift our spirit or motivate us to learn new language. 

    (Link to the reddit thread


    If you live near enough to the west coast, I'd recommend playing on KR. Even Taiwan or Japan are better servers than NA. These servers WANT you to stay and play, whereas NCWest just wants to filter out all the non-whale players. I've been playing on KR for about 2 weeks and I'm already geared beyond NA max gear. Here's what you get for the $25 a month subscription:

    • tons of free shit. A new account package gives you a free 40AP diamond, 170 drain amethyst, and a ton of buff potions and gem hammers.

    • much better loot tables. In older dungeons (poh/bsh) costumes are almost a guaranteed drop. I got Infinite Challenge from Dreadtide Arena on my 2nd run, then I got it again from the 3rd run. (I was farming tags for the black version of the costume)

    • lots more content and no pressure to only do endgame. In fact, you can't even access endgame dungeons until you get a certain HM level or weapon level.

    • Leveling is smoothed out. Only doing yellow + blue quests gets you to level 50+ HM10 at the end of Act 7 (their current storyline). You also NEVER have to buy or grind any weapons, accessories, or soul shields until you finish the storyline quests because they literally GIVE you the gear you need AND the mats to upgrade them once you get to an upgradable stage.

    • Getting HM skills. 2 weeks in and I've already gotten my HM LB. You get those skillbook pages from EVERY silverfrost dungeon, so you can get almost 20-30 a day just by doing the blues and easy purples. The starter pack also gives you 100 pages, + daily dash spins also have a chance to drop pages. In KR, getting HM skills is a right, not a privilege.

    • Stable market. Unlike NA/EU, where confused kids undercut other sellers by 10g to sell their stones, everything on the KR market is priced fairly and is pretty stable. I calculated the costs of primers, transformation stones, and pickaxes and it turns out, they all net a decent 5% profit, which is fair to both sellers and buyers.

    • No currency exchange. Yes, gold sellers exist, but they HAVE to buy from external websites, and cannot trade ncoin for gold directly.

    • That brings me to another point. NO GOLD SELLER SPAM. I'm not sure if it's a better spam filter, a more effective reporting system, or just policy. Bots exist, yes, but far less compared to NA/EU bot armies, and KR bots are mostly real players using a script to farm HM exp.

    • Better optimization. Not sure what the changes are, but I definitely get more FPS in large player zones.

    • Powerbook. Instead of bumbling through gear lists made by random people that may or may not have errors, the korean client includes a function that lets you look up soul shield stats, gear stats, upgrade pathing, dungeon walkthroughs etc. Basically, it's all the information you need in a place that's easily accessible. Again, they WANT you to succeed in the game.

    • This might be a negative to people who farm arena for zen beans, but PvP players on KR are preeeeetty damn good. Elo also means much less. Getting platinum is like getting 2200+ on NA/EU, because there are no arena bots. The situation is pretty similar across JP and TW as well.

    • Even if you don't want to spend the money to play on KR, TW and JP are good options as well. JP has, by far, the best community in the game, despite it having such a low population and almost all are at endgame. When I needed to do some low level dungeons for upgrades, I couldn't get a crew in F8 so I asked in faction chat if someone could help me. Instantly I got a few whispers from HM10 people who welcomed me to the game and even gave me a couple gold. TW is more populated and has a decent rate of new players. In both of these F2P servers, they help you progress by giving you all the mats you need to upgrade, including brilliant keys, about a dozen elements/jewels every survey, 5-6 of each transformation stone, and 8 pack soul shields.

    But hey, if you stay on NA/EU, at least you can get NCWest Tshirts, right?


  16. BnS is not the first game I played that doesn't follow the US Daylight Saving Time, even their game servers operate in US.  Not every country follows the Daylight Saving Time that is used by the US government, not even every state in US follows that. Even BnS servers are in TX, USA, they are for players for all America, not just North America.  We also have players for Europe, Asia, and Oceania as well. If a game has players from a variety of countries or regions, it might be the best to use a more standard time, like GMT-6:00, as their server time to coordinate events and resets.


    Can NCSoft use TX local time as server time and make players in other time zones/countries adjust accordingly? Sure, if they choose to do so, but they don't. I can understand how it could be inconvenient to some people when they don't change to DST, but some other people could be inconvenient if they do change to DST.  For those who don't play during the hours of daily reset, it probably doesn't matter at all.

  17. 2 minutes ago, TheHumji said:

    Let's say if I do not do PvP at all, am I still able to upgrade my weapon to oathbreaker and farm gold?

    Absolutely. Right now, for you, there is only one weapon upgrade path in game, which does NOT require buying the misty woods weapon from the PvP vendor. The OP of that thread was on the older siren-pirate weapon path, which is no longer available to characters who were not on it already before June 1st.


    However, the necklace, at Awakened Siren stage, would require PvP insignia to buy the breakthrough piece. I wouldn't worry about it, because you'd be level 50+ and can solo those NPCs (note: NPCs, not players) with ease when the time comes, if you ever want to upgrade the necklace at all.

  18. I admire everyone of you that can listen through the whole 12 minute long video.  I couldn't and quit around 4 minute-ish, and kept wondering "what happened to the video, what happened to the video..." during the first 2 minutes. So all I got was the speaker thinks each evolution step takes too much mats, but gives so little increase in power. I agree with this, and it is why I'm not focusing on weapon progression but other things to do in game now.


    But, my feedback to the speaker, please be brief and concise next time. Even there is no video, put up some Powerpoint slides or pictures to help illustrate your points. His fans and followers are really really loyal to be able to listen to his ramblings for so long.

  19. 53 minutes ago, TheQuibbler said:

    Sure, there is not. But you don't need to do PvP..


    I had the insiginias already, when I got to siren stage, since.. you know, you need Soulstones, and before you can do SSP, misty woods is like your only option.


    When ever I encountered anyone attacking me, I would escape (if possible) and change channel.

    If someone is changing channel to harass.. go do something else for 30min.



    Since the OP only complains about PvP required for the misty weapon, not soulstones, I'm guessing that he didn't get the soulstones from PvP related content (e.g. marketplace).


    Just double-checked the vendor at misty woods, buying the weapon with 15 insignia requires fraction rank 3, and buying with 3000 zen beans has no rank requirement. I also remember doing beach and misty woods fraction dailies requires rank 2.


  20. If I remember correctly, this weapon not only costs insignia, but also requires certain PvP rank to buy it. The misty woods necklace doesn't have the rank requirement though. Basically, to get this weapon, doing faction quests wearing PvP uniform is mandatory. There is no way around it.


    However, the quests and NPCs to kill are no different than PvE, as long as you don't engage in actually PvP against other players.  On my server, even though I'm in the dominant faction, it doesn't mean it is absolutely safe for me. I'm being careful picking the time and channel to do these faction quests and avoid every opposite faction player as much as possible.

  21. 7 hours ago, ManurhinMr73 said:

    Also, don't forget this cool stuff being removed from the game:


    1 hour ago, Kurokazu said:

    This is old content. The original version of the story. All regions including Korea have the version we currently have.

    About 2 years ago Team Bloodlust scrapped and redid the entire Silverfrost content including story, maps, and some characters. Originally they had a choice between Light and Dark paths, but it caused many problems such as the dark path storyline cutting off, and it separated the playerbase. In removing the path choices and altering the story, they left more room for future growth of the game and storyline. The original version's ending seemed more final and more was explained. But the new version opens up more possibilities.

    For example: By keeping Mushin alive, he will come back as a stronger enemy in the future. Also instead of Yura being captured by Julia and forced to lay demon eggs (it's messed up), her absence is in line with Mushin's absence. So we will see what these characters have in store for us later on.

    Gubong and Nam Soyoo's disappearance is also now a new mystery. In the original Gubong sacrifices himself to (supposedly) kill Yura, but now we don't know where he is. In Nam Soyoo's case, the original showed her being taken away by Gwon. Now we don't know what happened to her until 3.0 where she will make her reappearance.

    SO while the original ending of Act 4 may make more sense, the current version of the story intentionally leaves a lot more unexplained so that we can find out as the new version of the story progresses.

    Thank you both for these additional info. I was wondering how Jinsoyun took Yunwa away from Mushin in our version of the story. Maybe that was a hole in the story changes, or maybe it will lead to future mysteries about Mushin (e.g., he was using Jinsoyun to do this part of the work). In our version, Mushin definitely seems more evil than Jinsoyun and fits as a later boss in the plot, so the story and the game will continue.


    But, did I give all my power away when turning Jinsoyun back to a child? Kind of weird that I had the power to wipe out the whole dark realm invasion, but still don't have the AP to do the epic level 50 dungeons... :P

  22. On 6/2/2016 at 2:58 PM, ander01se said:

    So the Overwatch link (EDIT: not the link to kotaku. Can't quote that part) is actually pointing to their Chinese site that lists all the game IDs which got banned? I believe all Blizzard games are offered through partnership in China, and their Chinese partner has a lot of power over what to do there. I'm not sure Blizzard US would risk publicity bash doing the same thing. I didn't do a lot of search but didn't see a similar list on their US site. But still, those are IDs which are mostly not the same as in-game names, and their End User Agreement probably says those game IDs/names are Blizzard property and they can do whatever with them. They are legally covered.