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  1. Even on the old board, if NCSoft allowed it, premium membership could have circled through as many times as possible. They just didn't.


    This new one just magnifies how much I hate RNG. Yes, you can circle around many times, but it won't help if it doesn't land on what you want. I actually makes me feel worse when it passes what I want.

  2. I couldn't put myself into farming soulstones (just the faction dailies, not even talking about SSP yet), so I've been playing my summoner alt recently. It is amazing how much easier to kill stuff and not take damage on the summoner than my blade dancer. However, I had to farm some of the blue breakthrough items using my level 50 blade dancer for her, because there are not that many low level players doing those dungeons and the market price could be pretty high to buy them.  


    My summoner also has better progression on her weapon than my blade dancer at the same level. I only did the main story line quests to level her, and focused on gear upgrades, as opposed to doing all quests while leveling my blade dancer. My summoner was doing E Fleet dailies for gold and soul shields when she was level 43, granted that her weapon was already True Inferno stage 10, which my blade dancer didn't get until level 46. It felt pretty good killing mobs 2 levels above you.


    I'm probably going to hit the wall of soulstones again on the summoner when she's level 50. I really don't like farm soulstones.

  3. 9 hours ago, Arohk said:

    i did Gold-deva, pinchy and everything solo with my blademaster which was my first character.

    and yes i was at the appropriate level.

    i changed in an empty channel because getting only 1 essence every kill was too boring to me.


    Hujikar was very difficult with blademaster but really easy with summoner, but summoner generally is a piece of cake leveling.


    only boss you can't solo is profane jiangshi i think.


    and sorry i will not level an additional character now just to film that, i also have no free character slot.

    No, I never asked you to level and film personally. I'm just looking for some credible sources that support your statement. It looks like that you've soloed some world bosses, not all of them, on 2 classes, but claimed "you can solo all the world bosses through leveling with any class." Please don't throwing irresponsible, misleading information like this around in a thread with the good intent to help other players.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Arohk said:

    you can solo all the world bosses through leveling with any class , you just have to not be completely stupid with your class.

    some might be a bit more challenging than others but overall they are all doable.

    Really? Please link me some videos of people doing these, and make sure they are at the appropriate level and don't already use weapon or gear from the boss or higher content.

  5. I see the most challenge in low level content is not able to find a group for breakthrough weapon or accessory. One way to help is to make these items purchasable via valor stones. If you can't find group to farm 20 weapon boxes, you can instead do 20 dailies for valor stones, for example.


    All dungeons that drop breakthrough items should be available in cross server. I know some classes can solo, but many can't. 


    Money reward for low level quests should be increased. Besides that a level 13 doesn't have access to marketplace to buy the stalker weapon, I don't think I even had 1 silver at that level from questing.


    Daily challenge should be something for all levels (or those can join cross server), and the list should include content appropriate for their level. For example, level 50 doing 45+ quests, level 45 doing 35-45 quests, etc. I'm not so keen to the idea of forcing high level players doing lower level content for the sake of "helping out". The game just needs to make it easier for people to group up to achieve similar goals.

  6. 4 hours ago, Jaite said:

    Lets be fair here, before daily challenge people were saying the 24 mans were dead and the content there was wasted. There is literally no reason for any level 50 to ever return to POH/BSH 24. The whole point of daily challenge is to encourage some assistance with the instances whether, with Poh or side bosses..


    Even if a few 450-500 were to spawn Poh or MM themselves, the chances of completing it would either take a much longer time to spawn MM/POH or if the players could even kill them.


    My personal opinion, I avoid the 24 mans like a plague. People should be happy there are even leechers that assist with the horrible 24 man mechanics.

    You know what, this is the most anti lower-geared player game that I've ever played. There are some fundamental design issues here, which encourage griefing (or bullying) lowbies. I'm not talking about asking for high AP in dungeons or ganking lowbies in pvp. Why do they allow more than 24 players join a 24 man instance? Why was a level 45 player with appropriate gear not able to get kill credit in a level 45 instance if he participated in the whole fight? Why do you think someone would be happy about leechers if they advantages of his work and take away his reward?

  7. My summoner recently hit 45. Based on that leveling experience, first, you are under-geared and there is no need to stay at level 45. You should be able to finish all moonwater quests. I believe an average of true inferno stage 10 would be needed to start silverfrost quests.


    Secondly, your weapon evolution cost is 2.5g plus market price for 1 moonwater transformation stone, unless someone gives you one free. No, you can't make that stone yourself at level 40 without a rich level 50 main feeding your the materials. That would bring your evolution cost to close 7g. Your best bet to farm gold is leveling to 45 and do dailies, or sell crafting mats (which could take even longer to do).

  8. The sad part of the story is: you helped killing all the bosses until Poh spawned, then you were almost frozen on Poh and not able to attack because there were too many people.  Next round, ran around and killed bosses to spawn Poh again, lowered all graphic settings to avoid lag problems, then couldn't get the kill credit because Poh died so fast with the number of high geared level 50s around. So I stood around for my 3rd and 4th Poh kills. That was how my day went on my little level 45 summoner alt. 

  9. I'm all for the support to reduce the cost of upgrades, all upgrades, not just those needing moonwater transformation stones.


    I'm already on the oathbreaker path. The cost after applying a nebula stone seems more reasonable to me. Without the discount from the stone, I'd have given up on upgrading the weapon.


    Even though the OP mainly focuses on the moonwater stage of upgrades, my recent experience in leveling my alt gives me concerns over new players' pre-45 upgrades in general.


    The main issues I ran into on my alt who's currently level 40 are:

    -- hard to find groups for green/blue dungeons for breakthrough weapon/accessory,

    -- leveling is fast and easy doing the quests, but the quests don't give enough gold income to buy breakthrough materials from the marketplace, in addition to pay the cost of upgrade.


    I have a level 50 that can help my alt with all these issues, but I'd be really frustrated in I were a new player. I started my main on a server recommended for new players, and I didn't have trouble finding groups when it was time for upgrade material. Maybe that wave of new players have all moved passed level 50 and can take care of their alts now, and there are just not many true new players around. Maybe all new players are supposed to buy NCoins to exchange gold to catch up.

  10. 31 minutes ago, Zuf said:

    Here's a crazy idea.
    Why not just ban the abusers?

    Being FTP and not using any real world identity to sign up and play, banning doesn't have much effective results. People could just create another account and do it again.


    I'm curious how BnS enforces the rules on character profiles in China. I heard the Chinese government has more strict rules over internet content.

  11. 18 minutes ago, Pepperino said:

    All June 1st will do is bring them more stuff to do until they finish Act IV and bring an end to the Vipercap run. Daily Challenge will still be there and will stay.

    I didn't follow the new content to be released on June 1st, and don't know whether the "new" content will give people more incentive to do the 24 mans.


    However, June 1st will bring an end to the siren-pirate path, so people won't be running those 24 mans for weapon upgrades. You still need to run those for the accessories, but I would expect a lot less people on the days that they are not included in the daily challenge.


    Will that be enough support for a fresh level 45 to run those 24 mans after June 1st? I don't know and we'll have to wait and see what happens next week. My original post that was quoted was a couple of weeks ago and many things have changed since then. I don't see the point of necro an old post, just to show that things change over time?

  12. 53 minutes ago, AttacKat said:

    IOW, there is plenty of room for improvement:

    1. Game can start bid at 50~75% of market avg.

    2. Bids should be limited to max 5-10x of current bid price.

    I have no problem with your initial suggestion of bank gold deposit, but I disagree with these 2 suggestions. Bidding price is only relevant to the group and shouldn't be controlled by the market price. What you bid for a lot of gold in your group could be just given out in another group with a couple of coppers. IMO, the game should not dictate how much money people want to bid. In that sense, it is working fine as it is.


    I understand your concern of delay affecting bidding. Many posters have suggested manually writing down the bid, rather than agreeing to the auto suggested bid as a safeguard. Another "improvement" that the game can provide is that allowing each player set a "confirmation threshold for bidding" for each character. For example, if the threshold is set to 1 gold, anytime you bid for higher than 1 gold, you have to click a "confirm" button. That way, in your scenario, the "confirm" is going out with the 2.4g bid, but the 50g bid would need to be re-confirmed first before sending out to the game server. This will have the downside of taking longer time to bid, but might be worth it.

    53 minutes ago, AttacKat said:

    3. Once bid, you are NOT allows drop out or leave party, or even a DISC. The bid is registered upon submission and money should be taken if you stay as the highest bidder.

    I agree to this totally. I was really surprised when I saw people leaving group to cancel bids, after they wasted everyone else's time bidding against him. I believe that people should be responsible to their bids. If you are trying to fish a higher bid price, then you should take the risk of paying the high price yourself, just like bidding in the real world.

  13. While I enjoy the arts created by the players, I understand how the feature could be abused if NCSoft doesn't police the content of these image files diligently. When bots are running around wild in the game, I'd imagine hacking an image file being an easier exploit and causing more problems.


    Rather than using a solution that doesn't solve anything, maybe they should just remove the uploading feature, and replace the profile picture with a 3D image of what the character is wearing/equipping at the moment of being inspected. Players spend a lot of time on the customization of their characters. I find it hard sometimes to zoom in on other characters to check out their looks. Maybe the player picture could be used for that.

  14. 27 minutes ago, Lunakitty said:

    Or maybe there are also low levels in the party? I can run way faster than the person who this time did the dungeon as he was kinda slow imo but the lvl 37-41 cannot keep up.

    High level players often forgot that low level players are more likely to aggro the trash mobs if the high level players don't aggro them first. And the low level players can't survive running away if the trash mobs start attacking them, because they only had 5K health, not 50K.


    I had a level 50 HM8 in ToE on my alt today. He said "stay close to me" before the dungeon started. I was fine with that, thinking I'd just run without picking up loots. Then, it turned out he was an assassin and stealth most of the time until boss. I shouldn't have "stay close to him". I had to drop group because I couldn't make through the hallways filled with the force master mobs by myself.

  15. I compared my BD (Yetan) with your character. We have almost the same accessories, except the stage of the belt, which doesn't affect attack power. However I have 28 more attack powers than you. You are using the +25 attack power gem, right? I don't think my Oathbraker stage 10 gives that much more attack powers than your Awaken Siren stage 8. Maybe I missed something, but either way you probably should get the weapon to stage 10 next.


    My plan for the BD next is to upgrade her Pirate Bracelet to Awakened Oathbraker. It seems giving a higher attack power increase than my weapon upgrade (which is weird). Then I'll use the crystal from my mushroom dailies to upgrade my weapon to take advantages of the discount before the event expires.

  16. For my summoner, under Key Bindings --> Skill Use, Strafe Left is Q, and Strafe Right is E. If I open the Martial Tome (K) and show Icon (easier to see in the Icon view than the List view), Q is showing Crouching tiger, Tier 3 Stage 2 (i.e. Taunt), and E is showing Beckon. Maybe those are the places you could check and see which keys they are using.

  17. How are "ping latency" and "skill latency" defined? I mean the official definitions by the computer program generating the logs, because I don't understand how the minimum of "skill latency" could be smaller than the minimum of "ping latency" if they are both client-to-server, as show in the few lines quoted from the log file.

    1. 2016/05/13 23:46:17.194 [ping latency] min : 38, max : 127, avg : 96, fps : 43
    3. 2016/05/13 23:46:17.194 [skill latency] min : 17, max : 261, avg : 137, fps : 43
    5. 2016/05/13 23:47:17.204 [ping latency] min : 41, max : 95, avg : 74, fps : 60
    7. 2016/05/13 23:47:17.204 [skill latency] min : 1, max : 229, avg : 131, fps : 60


  18. In my opinion, which path to take RIGHT NOW greatly depends on how much you can do before June 1st. Here is a link for weapon upgrade details:


    Looking at the list of material required for the siren-pirate path, IMHO, if you don't think it is possible to get to at least Pirate before June 1st, you'd better save those materials for the accessory upgrades. As I see it, the major challenge taking the siren-pirate path RIGHT NOW, it's the RNG chance of your class weapon drops, and farming misty woods insignia for the breakthrough weapon (I think you probably also need high enough fraction ranking to buy it too). These are the main reasons for me to go Oathbreaker when I heard the June 1st date.