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  1. The rng isn't the problem, the upgrade cost is probably what's annoying about it. For an event, it's flipping costy and the wep itself is 30silver each. So those gold drain eventually stacks if your someone who's going by fragment. Rank 5 to 6 is like 5 gold each I haven't gotten 6 upgrading to 7 yet. X 50 coral ~ 5 plus 5 corals but all failed /lol
  2. I stil rather have moonstones drop at dungeon too cause I'd grind thst a bunch and ssp isn't cutting it since it's too lagging as ff, to get credit. Only people who can farm it are those with barely/no frame drop. And those who suggest to earn gold and buy it off market should be kicked to the knee since I rather grind the mats than by it off market since I also need the gold/stingers for my upgrade. It's not about wanting the gears fast or whatever it's more along the line of having more options to farm these shits. 6v6 is a waste of time on waiting for people to join and your be
  3. Whoaa, old thread. Aion (nc) costumes are 8$ + it's trade~able to your other characters/players and you can dye em, so no having to wait and buy those recolor shits again. Yep and it's f2p with better supports... (with actual patch notes/doc with every maint changes) What I really want is to not be locked into having to pay another 5 dollars on a bundle costume... because half the time I really hate the hat and I don't want it at all, or I want the hat but not the costume. Which really puts me off from buying the outfit at all.
  4. Will we ever get the Inu Shiba too? YwY the pet that I honestly honestly want, unless it's region locked.
  5. Ohh! This helps thank you! Yea, I was trying out for dark build although I didn't know the rotation for it. As for poison stack.. let's see.. I guess I'll need to get HM skill on my assassin, meaning running nexus. Is it hm "shadow slash" - right tree, that you use to keep reapplying poison? The only other poisons beside those are the x2 bomb or bomb + spit poison thing. Wait. .. did I get the names right.. but yeh, I think my main problem is trying to keep the poison up.
  6. My god, yes please add the stupid moonstone to other areas. I'm actually a player who absolutely cannot do SSP only because I have a shitty comp where it freezes me in place until I die/crash. Please don't mention 6v6 I have more keys than the boxes and the wait time on that shit is 10 mins, I might as well make gold instead. Same with G v G : you'd need to be in a good/big guild, wich I assure not everyone could be in. Not to mention people could crash too depending on how many people are in. Really just "balance" it out with pvp and pve. Top 3 mats
  7. Honestly.. I'm better as a bm, Iframing crux + using hm block to protect my party than when I use my FM to tab + v sheath to protecting party(I manage to mess up on that a lot) I dunno if the delay on my skill is worst on fm or if I just plainly suck at it: I just say both, I think I been playing my bm way too much. But that sin! Oh man, must try it on my sin when I level it up! That looks fun, Iframing those crux *A* But what I'd like to know is, what key do you guys use when your not in hide at all?
  8. My comp is too shitty to do ssp so this wouldn't bothered me but boooo I do want to join the fight "huffs" the one thing where an actual faction vs faction is happening, but too bad that it may die in a few days. I wonder how Mushin chat is right now, I haven't logged in today yet.
  9. Again, if they were to add shared account accessories, it would probably involved ncoin since they could make money off of it instead of making it free itself. True alt-playing needs shared gears? I guess for you or maybe some needs shared gears to be able to play alts (lol). For me, Alt playing is making alts/playing and trying them out without thinking too much about such cost, overall just playing the character itself. The shared gear is more of a luxury rather than a must to be able to play alts, lower mat/gold cost is an actual need because of how insanely expensive the jump i
  10. Just because I suggested something that seems to "penalize" alt-playing doesn't mean my whole post was mean or I myself am mean, like how you said I was. Actually, let me back up... how in the hell does my suggestion "penalize" alt-playing? Was it because of the me not agreeing with the completely free account transferable accessories and they should have a fee then? If so, did you even read everything because you could also pick the suggestion of having the untradeable mats (siren/pirate/ warrior tokens) be account bound and at the same time lower the accessory cost by a lot, ev
  11. I think with any game with pay 2 progress.. those with money will always be at a bigger advantage than those who just grinds. But those you usually buy gold with real money and have those super strong gears right away... a lot of the time.. are pretty bad at playing their characters................ My suggestion though, if you have nothing else better to do, is to try out the game for a week or so then see if you like playing it or not. If you do, then start thinking about whether or not you should put down money. Atleast the decision would be based on your experience than with jus
  12. While we're at it I would like to see an acc bank. Cause sending myself money with fee.. well I don't mind it but it's quite annoying. But yeh, it's untradeable mat and gold(without fee) that I want account bound.
  13. My 2 cent into this is that maybe... just maybe.. this is the owner of the char plan all along!! He/she was having a hard time trying to quit so they went and "fell" for the scam! That way, when everything is gone from their account.. they won't end up reinstalling and playing again! Yes! It makes all sense now! But really, still hope it gets recovered.
  14. I would have dropped the party too... would make my eye twitch on all those wasted relics. I'd let him have the pleasure of having to rerun it again/finding more members or trying to solo the place since I wouldn't want to help his sorry ass into finishing the place. I don't like having my time wasted as well, even if I don't need any of the stuffs... if there is a player who needs them, I'd want them to get it.. atleast that would make my time feel less wasted.
  15. I think they'd be better off buying the gold itself than buying tears and selling at market/ having their gold cut down from the fees. Unless they're crafting... Actually what's the current currency exchange rates right now anyway and the tears, I haven't logged on at all today to check.
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