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  1. I'm actually looking forward to Yun exclusive class too but I hope the class they get is elegance related since they are afterall a race of elegance and beauty. Like someone suggested fan class, maybe umbrella class like in moonlight blade online. Just want something elegant.. *nods*
  2. This! I want this! Because it's the closes to a lyn fighter (like kfm/sf) to me. Nunchucks yeeeeeeh! Yeh, that reaper class that's being suggested, the destroyer long ass axe would almost fit like a scythe.. hell if there was a scythe skin for bd.. maybe they could pretend to be destroyer/reaper. (I dunno maybe I just want a fighter class lyn that doesn'tinvolve blades (yes for nunchucks!)
  3. I think it was pretty much common sense that it wouldnt work.... Also it was stated that it's class restricted.. or I'm pretty sure it was stated somewhere and people has mentioned it in the forums before it even came out.
  4. Here have a gif of my wifu (male lyn) and I eating dumplings. Though, her blade dancer keeps trying to eat dumplings with her eye. XD
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