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  1. I don't know friend, maybe u're right, or maybe they just don't recieve real feedbacks, and when someone try to bring constructive ideas, most of players don't really care so there's no visibility and no height in the balance. Why would they change anything if a single dude like me complain? But maybe if 10k told them something is wrong they will consider a rework. But u're maybe right 😧
  2. So if +11 has to be considered as a cap, levels above are a bait, making players try impossible things and lose mats for nothing -> unhealthy ----------- Considering that we need 6 characters doing weekly quests to do a single Conquest mode run, and also considering that we still waiting compensation for the last Naryu's Sanctum season where the quest npc disappeared so we couldn't generate Stones this way. And considering the fact 5 Stones packs are rng based loot on content you cannot run endlessely for free. I think we don't have the same readi
  3. So, The Support told me to create a topic and collect community feedback if, in my opinion, something in the game need some changes. So they can read us and adjust what players like and don't like to make a better game togheter. And i wanted to talk about the Ancient System, because i hate it. And i didn't find a single player yet who think this system is good. Don't misunderstand me, free stats on many items is cool, but let me go ahead. First, i think that the failure rate and the way we collect Fusion Stones don't fit; - Create a
  4. Bonjour, Petite question, la possibilité de changer d'élément un accessoire niv10 ou éveillé est-elle permanente? Je veux dire, si après la mise à jour, mes items de raids d'un élément sont transformés en leur nouvelle version, mais que quelques jours/semaines après je souhaite changer de spécialisation, serait-ce possible? Beaucoup de monde se pose la question dans le sens suivant, faut-il monter ses accessoires niv10 ou + avant la mise à jour ou n'y a-t-il pas sujet à se presser, cette fonctionnalité sera-t-elle définitivement disponible? Bisou
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