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  1. Disconnected from server (3000)(132)(15,100)

    I'm playing with wifi and lte, it worked well years ago but now I get dc for no reason
  2. Disconnected from server (3000)(132)(15,100)

    Ok Thank you
  3. Hi guys, I always get this error What should I do to fix it?
  4. Why can't I log in ?

    I think to wrong writing it, I meant something like "topic" but I wrote it with my engrish XD Ah, that's it. "Threads"
  5. Maintenance is ended, So guys....See you next Wednesday
  6. Why can't I log in ?

    Look the forum threat, it gives you an idea
  7. EU enough is enough

    Wait and hope XD
  8. EU enough is enough

    I don't think this will change something but try not cost. enought is enough
  9. They will care if a lot of people do it, for sure they will not buy premium again
  10. compensation time

    I just want to know why maintenance is so long
  11. Male Fashion Issues


    They start maintenance on night for na server, it is afternoon for us, they should do it on night too
  13. Ofc I'm glad to have a bit of lag xd
  14. game will be sold?

    Atleast they consider you a customer, gameforge looks you just how money
  15. Are we ever gonna get an explanation...

    Nice photoshop use xd