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  1. I would recommend setting "SFX quality for others" to 1.
  2. Nice Presets

    Where exactly is this "clone" army at? I don't know what you face everyday, but none of them look like clones. FYI I share these presets to use as guidance, reference, and base. Man it's only NA/EU that complains when someone shares a preset, other regions just say "thank you for sharing" tsk tsk. lol
  3. Nice Presets

    Added a few more presets which were made by me xD They're not great but if anyone wants it, msg me and I'll link you the preset! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. *I only customized the face, body is untouched*
  4. what is that event ?

    That sucks.
  5. what is that event ?

    So there's a chance of getting a cat costume? Are they also salvageable for rose fabric? (didn't log in the game yet, so didn't have chance to check the dragon express tab)
  6. This!! I also got a spare chest just in case but the support told me they can't do the transfer. My friend was able to transfer her "grand phoenix weapon skin" and her "junghado weapon skin" when she asked the support... they told her it's a "one-time courtesy" This is so unfair... T__T
  7. How to upload presets

    It's actually "Manage Appearance" >< my bad.
  8. Nice Presets

    The link to the preset is right below the image ^^ If you're not familiar with downloading presets, here's the guide : Just simply click on the link Jin Preset 1 OR Jin Preset 2 (whichever you wanted), and download the image to CharacterCustomize in BnS folder. Then log in the game, and during character creation, click on Manage Appearance and click on the downloaded image. Hope this helped!
  9. Nice Presets

    First off I don't know if I posted this on the right forum section XD, feel free to move it to where ever. Okay, so I grabbed some popular, nice presets from Korean/ Chinese websites for anyone who is interested to use. I know someone already did a similar post regarding presets, but I wanted to share Korean presets >< Here's the guide on how to download and use presets: More presets can be found on these two websites Korean website: Chinese website: Most of the pictures are photoshopped so please be aware of that when downloading. They might not look exactly the same as the picture. Below are the pictures + the link to preset ^^ Click on the link and download the image and save it in C:\Users\*username*\Pictures\BnS\CharacterCustomize Lyn Preset 1 Yun Preset 1 This is a preset from Chinese website Yun Preset 2 Yun Preset 3 Jin Preset 1 Jin Preset 2 Above preset is a "copy" so if you're interested, check the website below to see the difference between original and the copy ^^진여&l=10830 To translate a bit for those who can not read Korean, the picture above/ the picture on the left (on the website) is the original. Gon Preset 1 Gon Preset 2 If you want direct link to where I found these presets, let me know^^ I hope this helps those who need or want presets from Korean websites!
  10. How to upload presets

    you make presets by changing the appearance of the character and saving that appearance into your CharacterCustomize (iirc) folder. You can save the appearance (preset) by clicking on "Change Appearance" on character creation page. There will be people who upload their character appearance/preset on forums or online allowing other people to "save" presets into their BnS folder and use it when creating character. Saved presets can be seen when you click "Change Appearance" in character creating page (in game).
  11. How do I upload presets on forums?
  12. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    Walking the cat ଲ(ⓛ ω ⓛ)ଲ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  13. Show off your characters!!

    Worth every gold <3
  14. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    I really want a gon gunner T_T my jin gunner preset :)