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  1. The only good thing about this act was that Namsoyoo wasn't as super arrogant because she realized that getting what she wanted (royalty) meant people kept trying to ritual sacrifice her left and right. Mushin's whole "I'm the good guy you're the bad guy let's be one" crap at the end was total BS and just plain weird.
  2. Most updates like these that add new story rewards don't give you anything if you're already past that point in the story. I wish we'd get some retroactive rewards, but history says no.
  3. *debating getting a race-change voucher now*
  4. So when do we get that nice premium compensation? I didn't really care about this Radiant Energy problem since I don't ride the economy during major updates but I still bought one to exchange for this xD
  5. For me all I had to do was click "Register" on the registration page for the satchel. Then the day of the update I was able to claim the package from my Mailbox on the bottom right side of the screen.
  6. I got bells the first time I did this event on my gunslinger. Now after the 2nd time it's started giving out 2 of the antique "Coin of Memory" for the quest like my other characters who did this event last time it was out.
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