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  1. Namsoslut. I hate her so much i actually started to like her... or not, just kill her already! And Yunhwa, oh god i wish i could punch her into the face so much.
  2. mhm why is she sooooo small :[ Cant reach table, not even a stool, even lynns are taller, 2 candles high, life sux. xD
  3. Wow thanks. :D I also dont really like lyns, so i make her as close to the human as possible. Made her nose much more wider and bigger, jaw more round and etc. Her head might be looking big, but it is the smallest possible, but my lyn is also smallest as possible so she is as high as the gon male boot. xDD
  4. Maybe i created a psychopath? Or her eyes are hypnotizing too much, no idea. :D
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