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  1. Northstar Bundle

    Yes I would highly recommend it. I'm extremely upset about this misleading bundle :/
  2. Northstar Bundle

    So I have some updates from support. Apparently they do not care that they falsely advertised this bundle to us in all the promotional material and have no intentions of apologizing for it. Example 1 of promotional material showing head piece Example 2 of promotional material showing head piece After I responded with several screenshots of the promotional material that has the bundle advertised to include the head piece in the imagery I got this response: To which I have informed them it's false advertisement as there is not disclaimer on the bundle stating you would not receive the head piece as is assumed by the imagery. If they respond or not remains to be seen given the rather rude undertone in the last GM's post.
  3. Northstar Bundle

    Yeah I got another response from support confirming the earmuffs were never intended to be in the bundle apparently. Waiting for a reply as to why was it then advertised with them and still being advertised on the black friday sales page.
  4. Northstar Bundle

    Got this response on the topic from a GM today :/
  5. Northstar Bundle

    I thought it was missing something! Ugh I hope they plan to send them
  6. Hacker revealed

    Not allowed to name and shame here, send this to support if you want something to be actually done with it. Harassing or Defamatory Content For the same reason, harassing, bullying or defamatory content will also not be tolerated. Throwing around insults or targeting individuals or groups with malice has a negative effect on everyone’s experience in the forums. Harassment takes many forms, if we believe that there is an intent to bully other forum users or make them feel uncomfortable in this environment, action will be taken.
  7. The promotion of such behavior as botting is shameful at best and they do not help the economy in the long run. @Hime @Rukkirii
  8. Someone try to hack me?

    To add on to Rukkirii's post, you can check the ip that tried to login from your account page on the ncsoft website. I'd start there to double check and see if it's your own and then follow through with the steps provided here to insure your account stays secure. I've been having some net troubles lately and I keep needing to verify my email/ip as well. Edit: It's under settings > authorized locations
  9. Hongmoon Black Feather

    No only a purchase of reoccurring membership from the website will get you the feather.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    My little fluffbutt
  11. A Outfit Request :C

    I need that female hair. +1
  12. @Voooya Greetings from NZ! If you have an interest in a server I would like to suggest you to a ongoing petition we have at Please be sure to sign it and share it with your friends. Best wishes.
  13. NcSoft pliease

    I strongly recommend you send this into support as nothing can be done here.
  14. Lyn Warlocks tail issues

    Hmm mine isn't as bad as yours but I think I'm a lot taller then your character. Have you tried a some different weapons?
  15. Oh ok I must have missed that line. I was scared to open my box lol thank you very much for your info!