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  1. Yes I would highly recommend it. I'm extremely upset about this misleading bundle :/
  2. So I have some updates from support. Apparently they do not care that they falsely advertised this bundle to us in all the promotional material and have no intentions of apologizing for it. Example 1 of promotional material showing head piece Example 2 of promotional material showing head piece After I responded with several screenshots of the promotional material that has the bundle advertised to include the head piece in the imagery I got this response: To which I have informed them it's false advertisement as there is not disclaimer on the
  3. Yeah I got another response from support confirming the earmuffs were never intended to be in the bundle apparently. Waiting for a reply as to why was it then advertised with them and still being advertised on the black friday sales page.
  4. Got this response on the topic from a GM today :/
  5. I thought it was missing something! Ugh I hope they plan to send them
  6. Yeah thats new. Is that even safe to click on to report?!
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