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  1. I will tell you why.... NCWest was too tight to give premium members HMCoin as a benefit so essentially ripped us off making us pay for something that is free on all other F2P models. i don't think it's fair that non premium can't receive wardrobe either and I don't think it's fair it's considered a privledge to have when its actually a right for everyone to have in other F2P regions. People can argue all they want about it being this region and not another but bottom line is it sucks.
  2. if my boobs did that as I ran I'd consider a breast reduction and a lift asap. There's nothing sexy about grapefruits in a sock flopping around like saggy granny boobs.
  3. MY LITTLE TW FORCE MASTER HAS THAT!!!! It sucks we don't get that one. You can however change the appearance when your pet is stage 10 I think and it takes awhile to get there unless you're rich in game or have RL money to burn.
  4. lol no wheel of fate for me shows any love except for adornments I cannot use without the outfit...
  5. I like the look of the hello kitty shorts/jumper set but if it were to make it to the store I'd hope they kept the concept and chucked out the hello kitty design. Maybe replaced the necklace with our class icon? Everything about it is awesome minus the hello kitty theme. Anyways... here's my additions (Probably already all up but what the hell....) DEFINITELY THIS OUTFIT: (Ears not so much fussed about but this outfit is my fav) Then....... And this next one, preferably our version wouldn't have the out of place looki
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