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  1. Oh. Yeah. That might be me being tired. I just assumed without a plural he/she was talking about arena. Usually when people complain it's vsing wallet warrior(s) in WWV. Thanks Fake for pointing that out..... .....and sorry OP but in that case WWV was never mean to be equalised so I guess you'd better suck it up or get yourself an op pet. And I hate to rain on your parade some more but wait til legendary and ultimate pets hit NA/EU; you're next topic will be 'there's nothing borderline about these OP maxed out pets!!!'. :D
  2. Pets don't work in PvP. Yes they can stay equip but their stats don't count. I wish they would or my uber pet would probably help me not be such a noob and getting my Royal zen beans wouldn't be such a slow process.....
  3. wardrobe isn't even what I paid premium for and to level with you outfits are the least of my priorities in this game. Before I went premium I had 2 outfits. Faction uniform and ONE I purchased; the rest I vendored. I hate when people say 'but this is ba/Europe version NOT another region blah blah blah...'. Point is premium membership in its current state is shit and putting wardrobe behind a paywall was a crappy thing to do because they were too tight to give people who support this FREE TO PLAY GAME by purchasing a sub better perks. A lot of the so called perks are now obsolete
  4. I will tell you why.... NCWest was too tight to give premium members HMCoin as a benefit so essentially ripped us off making us pay for something that is free on all other F2P models. i don't think it's fair that non premium can't receive wardrobe either and I don't think it's fair it's considered a privledge to have when its actually a right for everyone to have in other F2P regions. People can argue all they want about it being this region and not another but bottom line is it sucks.
  5. I see a lot of people loving the viper cap. You'll love 2 upcoming mini events then; frigid arsenal and I forget what the other event is called with Poh however they're viper type events. 16+ in TW but will probably be lvl 36+ again here.
  6. Like someone said they didn't make people get to premium rank 10 but look at it this way: a lot of the 'benefits' once you hit level cap are useless. Some even before you hit level cap and I think that's why the ranks need to be revised. and I know people will tell me that going on about different regions is pointless because this is the western version yada yada yada BUT they're still f2p business models and almost identical in a lot of ways (besides some HP and stuff added to our store to make NCWest more money) so why isn't our premium up to par? There's a good reaso
  7. If you're on Ebon Hall I can help you farm field bosses. If you're not try asking in faction chat. There still are nice people about willing to help you kill field bosses.
  8. I hate when you go into a dungeon and people ask if you've watched a video to know what to do? there's no sense of adventure and wiping is just the end of the world to players in this game who leave after 1 wipe in a brand new dungeon. I learnt in TW pugs, no videos required if you've observant and have half a brain. But I guess considering the tolerance of the west with 1 wipe and half the party leaves I don't blame people for watching videos. It's very different on TW . One dungeon we wiped 8 times before killing a boss in shattered masts but all 6 originally members
  9. if my boobs did that as I ran I'd consider a breast reduction and a lift asap. There's nothing sexy about grapefruits in a sock flopping around like saggy granny boobs.
  10. Well I never liked story until what's coming up next so hopefully if you're already a fan of parts you won't be disappointed to make up for them damn dungeons. :D sure as usual there's some boring bits here and there but it really does get better but I'll shut up as my hype for certain characters might create me opening my big mouth and mentioning some and I hate to be a *cricket* and drop a spoiler.
  11. Fair enough. I love 24 man too. I even find is sad that on my server e fleet and nightshade are dead; I so enjoyed doing those. Well good news for you; the story gets better AND there's more 24 mans to come!!! :D
  12. I already have enough trouble with FPS and doing enough damage to get kill credit. I don't need the Ganker Wankers coming in and depriving what little prestige I can manage to scramble up with my poor excuse for a frame rate. Have a soul OP. My first world problems are not for your sadistic entertainment. :P
  13. Between 500-550 you're at a great place right now to do 6 man. Anymore is just overkill to be honest and gratz on getting there. What class do you play by the way? And what do you mean by you can't do the mechanics right? Just curious because someone might be able to help you out if I can't so we can help get you into those dungeons. :D
  14. It's quite evident that they'll continue to give a big *cricket* you to the player base as long as they're profiting and I think even after they'll say 'well successful run team. We made a good profit. Which game do you want to screw up in the west next?' I know there are probably good people on the BnS team that love the game and have played it in other regions but as a collective NCWest seem to only have one objective and it's not making this game reach its full potential in the west.
  15. I never go into mandate without a scale even if I have to sadly buy one off market because I haven't had time for ruins. I have out of all my runs only got 5 stingers even when initially everyone in the party agrees there's always a jerk. Today I waited and waited to see if anyone else had a scale they either said they didn't or said nothing. Instead of AGAIN using mine I just left the party. Frankly I'm sick of people who go into that dungeon always expecting someone else to have a scale. I understand they probably had 10 before and did the same as me and used theirs just because others would
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