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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Subscription - stopped Not a single penny more from me Dear Cyan I don`t care about miscommunication with developing team or is there was some misunderstanding. You lie to all the player base...If you have problems with comunication with other ppl then CHANGE THE JOB . But your biggest mestake NCSoft was... Stealing...Yes you steal reset stone from acc that ppl including me was paying for real money. As so see you in court..
  2. You had one job, NC.

    You are not the only one of those who work :) And you do the same thing as ppl who cry there is no content which is stupid cos they hit the end of content wall so they cant progres further. But just because you are willing to waste your life in order to enjoy a game, dosen't mean others do. Remember some people work and they play games in means to relax and have fun. Oh yeh right so enjoying game is waste of time and "gogogo" means relax and fun....Ok I wont argue with that :D
  3. You had one job, NC.

    . I didn't once leave my seat. sorry mate...i wont belive in that :) and its ONLY 6 hours...Like I said...Try L2Classic and then complain. And again "like I said" life sucks sometimes even in games Maby next time you will get lucky. In diferent topic... I dont get it why ppl now have this need of "geting everything fast...faster...gogogo" When there was server opening and someone buy 3 days headstart and he wanna be quick fast and all just to be one of first on the finish line...That I can understand. But now???...theres no need of that cos if someone dont have good guild party / isint maxed out and dont have ton of gold and another ton of naryu silver then he wont be anything near of geting first on finish. Now is best time to stop the "Rat Race" and start to enjoy the game.
  4. You had one job, NC.

    Stop being lousy...RNG that...RNG this... 90 runs??? OMG that must take like 90 days you are my hero....oh 5-6 hours. And yes in my opinion these posts are over-exaggerated . For those who complain about RNG and hard work and all...Play Lineage 2 Classic...And please try to gether materials for SoE or equivalent weapon. After that come back here and try to complain again. And if you have "Bad Luck" ...well then look for guilty person in the sucks sometimes even in games
  5. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    Absolutly not only Korean players But you can find others who thinks same as you not in random que but in created group. Also if someone is new and green and all that stuff...PLEASE inform of it...As first bos in Lab can be done wichout thinking just pure dps that Be Ito not. And if that inexperienced player get job to be a Boomer or worst Tank 3 Masters all party is dead beacose noone knows that he dosnt know.
  6. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    @Rurotsuke about heavely geared ppl...Actualy they search each other and postin requariments to join party. As I said before in some post...If some narcist is looking for "red carpet" in random que then its only his foult. But in other side I get anoyed when its posted (400+ experienced or fast run) and I see in party 374AP and in first boss I get..."Its my first run what I must do here?"
  7. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    Rurotsuke Then whats the problem...gether ppl that think as you,create guild and play together,help each other. In everygame with dashboard there always be some kind of elitnes. Add to that pvp oriented game wirh esports in maind. And you have answer why is that...cos we will be killing each other ;)
  8. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    I saw even higher but i understand that cos its nice to kill Trasher before he starts to spit also its nice to do Slashimi before he start to boil water...oh and spit to^^ and its nice to kill Poharan sooo quick. So its not so nonsensical. Its just fast.
  9. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    Yeh I agree with you in that poh and profane is easy ,bsh not always but if ppl are skilled then yeh. About those picky ppl...most of them are in there own groups posting (440+ only) If those picky ppl are in random search then its theres problems
  10. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    Beacose you didnt get didnt read that dont you? Tank with profane?...and youdidnt loose agro?
  11. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    As you said...150% of theirs dps....if he go low gear he quickly loose agro.
  12. Naryu lab How tank 3 elite force masters.

    Thank you for help :) It works perfectly with good party...If its not so good it seams that ppl have problems to keep their hands from adds :D
  13. How to do it with cat? I just get agro from them on grabbed and killed :(
  14. Permanent account closure: RMT: Selling

    Read it again what you quoted and ask yourself a question... Do you belive in this??? Then again read OP post and ask yourself same questionagain.
  15. Permanent account closure: RMT: Selling

    That was hilarius.... Its like... Maam why you carry AK47 with you... you know its not allowed. But officer i use it only to open cans with food for my cats.... Maam you will get a ticket for that... Why???...i didnt do anything wrong.