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  1. I just canceled my 90-day recurring premium membership. If this is what passes for "fun seasonal event" in NCSoft world, then I won't be supporting this game any longer. Get it through your thick f*cking skulls: Western gamers don't enjoy ridiculous RNG failure events. THEY ARE NOT FUN.
  2. Daily Dash. Who's already finished?

    Yeah, I finished Friday afternoon with my first spin. I rolled a lot of 5s and 6s this DD. I only wish the reward was Regium Corvus and not Night Luna. I missed it by a few days and I'm afraid I'll be regretting that for a long time. :\
  3. You expected a response after only 2 hours. Yeah, that only happens with companies that actually put some resources toward customer service. You won't find that here. You might get a response back in 24 hours but it will be something canned and only remotely relevant to your problem (if you're lucky). You'll then have to reply back and wait another 24 hours for an actual person to look at your case. And then if they're in a good mood they might actually help you. Otherwise prepare to go round and round with them restating the problem multiple times. Eventually, some number of days from now, they'll realize their mistake and you'll get unlocked. If you have premium membership don't bother asking about a reimbursement on any time lost. They don't do that either.
  4. I'd love a bo staff class, it has roots in kung fu and other arts. There are already a ton of spear/polearm wielding NPCs in the game so I'm not sure why that's not a player class. Half the animations are already done AND it fits in the Blade & Soul theme. For that matter, gunner and archer are also already represented well in the NPC combat archetypes so those would seem like no-brainer class additions. I dunno. /shrug
  5. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    I buy costumes once and give them to a particular character. That's generally where they stay. I'd welcome the ability to swap costumes freely and frequently between alts (through wardrobe?) but it doesn't seem like that functionality is coming anytime soon. Shame, because that would make Premium Membership a lot more valuable.
  6. Please, im begging give us kick option.

    I'd much prefer the occasional vote-kick abuse by elitists over the system we have now, where one guy can ruin the entire run for 6 people and there's not a single damn thing they can do about it but leave and start over. GIVE ME A VOTE-KICK OPTION AND ALL THE BAD THAT COMES WITH IT. It's far more preferable. Look at it this way: if the whole party votes to kick me at some point in the run then I didn't want to run with them anyway. They would have inevitably found some other way to d*ck me over. It's better in the end if I just find a new group and try again. If I keep getting kicked then maybe I'm the one being a d*ck. ;)
  7. Still no way to get fabric without spending irl money?

    Look at the bright side: at least this stuff is on a vendor for direct purchase and not behind an RNG wall in the Transmute window with a high chance to FAIL. ;)
  8. @all these elitists in BnS

    The dungeons have level requirements, and many of them (particularly the purples) also have quest and/or weapon evolution requirements too. Have you actually looked at the tooltips in the dungeon finder? Those requirements are NC setting a baseline for entry to help shield players from content they're not equipped for. And that's about as far as anyone should expect them to take it. All of the AP requirements we're seeing are just players pulling a number out of their asses and calling it the minimum -- it's almost completely arbitrary. I've seen it argued here that +crit and +crit damage are far more important values than AP... but that's another thread. The elitism is real.
  9. The Warlock is based on Ofuda, which is a paper talisman/charm/seal magic from Shinto. It's popular in anime (Inuyasha and Sailor Moon are two that come to mind) but isn't strictly a martial art. As for a gunner/rifleman class, it's worth mentioning that Gun Kata is considered an informal martial art and there are several other combat disciplines involving handguns and gunplay. Have you seen John Wick? They use many of them throughout the film. Equilibrium is probably the most common example of gunplay as a martial art. It's a thing.
  10. Blight weapons drop rate

    This is how RNG works. Random means random. Just as many people got it on their very first run. Quit, reroll, or use a store key if you can't deal with the RNG anymore.
  11. Still no way to get fabric without spending irl money?

    I appreciate your frustration but there's no paywall. It's true that other regions have it easier when it comes to fabric salvaging from PvE/drop costumes, but it is what it is. I gave you two alternatives to using the real money cash shop. Use them or don't. /shrug
  12. @all these elitists in BnS

    If you have the skill but not the gear (because let's face it, gearing is 99% time-based in MMOs) then you shouldn't have any problems proving it. So... do that. Oh you're diamond ranked 1V1 with Awakened Infernal weapon? That's what I'm talking about. Gear is not a direct reflection of skill. It is only an indicator of time spent. Elitists who fail to realize that only show themselves to be frauds.
  13. Still no way to get fabric without spending irl money?

    This. Earn gold through gameplay, then either convert it to Hongmoon Coins and spend those in the cash shop, or buy the fabrics directly off the marketplace. Simple.
  14. Losing Gem Socket when upgrading to oathbreaker!

    Can confirm (yet again) that the gem sockets WE PAID to unlock are being reset by the Oathbreaker upgrade path. It even says in the transformation window that gem sockets will be reset. I don't want the hammers back. I want the SOCKET BACK. I PAID FOR IT. Give it back to me. If you fail to fix this and do right by your customers I guaran-f*cking-tee I will never buy another gem hammer again. I will intentionally and willingly handicap my characters until this is fixed AND the item I PURCHASED is returned. @Hime @Rukkirii This is straight up theft. It's not even fraud or misleading, it's just textbook theft. What do your lawyers have to say about it? Do they even know? You might want to bring it up with them, because this is exactly the sort of BS that snowballs into a class action. You have a golden opportunity to avoid all that, but will you? Please do the right thing.
  15. Mobs Reseting

    This was happening to me a bunch today, mainly with Soul Shackle. It's infuriating and has nearly got me killed a few times. I'm not the least bit surprised that NC has yet to even acknowledge the problem. You don't have to fix something if you pretend it's not broken! What a lazy, incompetent F'ing company.