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  1. I just canceled my 90-day recurring premium membership. If this is what passes for "fun seasonal event" in NCSoft world, then I won't be supporting this game any longer. Get it through your thick f*cking skulls: Western gamers don't enjoy ridiculous RNG failure events. THEY ARE NOT FUN.
  2. I'd love a bo staff class, it has roots in kung fu and other arts. There are already a ton of spear/polearm wielding NPCs in the game so I'm not sure why that's not a player class. Half the animations are already done AND it fits in the Blade & Soul theme. For that matter, gunner and archer are also already represented well in the NPC combat archetypes so those would seem like no-brainer class additions. I dunno. /shrug
  3. I buy costumes once and give them to a particular character. That's generally where they stay. I'd welcome the ability to swap costumes freely and frequently between alts (through wardrobe?) but it doesn't seem like that functionality is coming anytime soon. Shame, because that would make Premium Membership a lot more valuable.
  4. The Warlock is based on Ofuda, which is a paper talisman/charm/seal magic from Shinto. It's popular in anime (Inuyasha and Sailor Moon are two that come to mind) but isn't strictly a martial art. As for a gunner/rifleman class, it's worth mentioning that Gun Kata is considered an informal martial art and there are several other combat disciplines involving handguns and gunplay. Have you seen John Wick? They use many of them throughout the film. Equilibrium is probably the most common example of gunplay as a martial art. It's a thing.
  5. This is how RNG works. Random means random. Just as many people got it on their very first run. Quit, reroll, or use a store key if you can't deal with the RNG anymore.
  6. Can confirm (yet again) that the gem sockets WE PAID to unlock are being reset by the Oathbreaker upgrade path. It even says in the transformation window that gem sockets will be reset. I don't want the hammers back. I want the SOCKET BACK. I PAID FOR IT. Give it back to me. If you fail to fix this and do right by your customers I guaran-f*cking-tee I will never buy another gem hammer again. I will intentionally and willingly handicap my characters until this is fixed AND the item I PURCHASED is returned. @Hime @Rukkirii This is straight up theft. It's not even fraud or mis
  7. NCWest isn't going to want to give Valve its required cut just to have the game run through Steam. So the likelihood of this happening is statistically indistinguishable from zero. What would be the point anyway? It's a free download, and the game would still have to connect to NC's private servers. Launching through Steam does nothing but add the bloated Steam overhead/wrapper to the game -- another performance hit is honestly the last thing we need -- and let all your Steam friends know that you're playing Blade & Soul. The minuscule value added doesn't come close to offsetting the
  8. That's nice. They can keep this feature in Korea. We don't need it.
  9. But... Razer is garbage. :(
  10. Um... OK? This has absolutely nothing to do with anything I said, but thanks for bringing it up.
  11. You said "word pad"... Are you under the impression that Wordpad is part of the Windows kernel? That's the part of your post I was addressing. Yes, I know you can reassign keys and buttons (to some extent) in the Windows control panel.
  12. I guess you've never heard of a pause character. Besides, who's to say I can't type that fast? Are you familiar with APM?
  13. I never said it wasn't cheating. It could be, depending on how you use it. I'm not encouraging anyone to cheat, but if it's a question of macros, the safest route is to use programmable hardware because it's undetectable. If you're doing something in Windows that's going to show up on your list of processes and get flagged by GameGuard (or whatever), then NC has the evidence (however fickle) it needs to ban you for botting. If it's all happening in hardware/firmware and just passing standard scan codes as keyboard inputs then they have nothing. You can't ban someone on the grounds that th
  14. Get a keyboard or keypad with programmable firmware. They exist (I own several). Then just program whatever macros you want and flash them up to the firmware. The input commands all appear to come directly from the hardware just like any other input because they are. There's no software playing middleman and interpreting key presses into macro commands for you. This makes it completely and permanently undetectable by GameGuard and any other crap malware NC wants to throw at you. A keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard as far as the software and operating system are concerned. The only wa
  15. If we're lucky we might get a ban wave in a few months. They either can't do anything about the bots or they won't, I'm not sure which is worse. But if you look at Korean or Taiwan BNS it's just as bad there and the game has been out longer in those regions. So... don't hold your breath and it will get worse before it gets better. Which is a shame, because the bots are really ruining the game at such an early stage it will have a lasting negative impact.
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