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  1. But... Razer is garbage. :(
  2. Um... OK? This has absolutely nothing to do with anything I said, but thanks for bringing it up.
  3. You said "word pad"... Are you under the impression that Wordpad is part of the Windows kernel? That's the part of your post I was addressing. Yes, I know you can reassign keys and buttons (to some extent) in the Windows control panel.
  4. I guess you've never heard of a pause character. Besides, who's to say I can't type that fast? Are you familiar with APM?
  5. I never said it wasn't cheating. It could be, depending on how you use it. I'm not encouraging anyone to cheat, but if it's a question of macros, the safest route is to use programmable hardware because it's undetectable. If you're doing something in Windows that's going to show up on your list of processes and get flagged by GameGuard (or whatever), then NC has the evidence (however fickle) it needs to ban you for botting. If it's all happening in hardware/firmware and just passing standard scan codes as keyboard inputs then they have nothing. You can't ban someone on the grounds that th
  6. Get a keyboard or keypad with programmable firmware. They exist (I own several). Then just program whatever macros you want and flash them up to the firmware. The input commands all appear to come directly from the hardware just like any other input because they are. There's no software playing middleman and interpreting key presses into macro commands for you. This makes it completely and permanently undetectable by GameGuard and any other crap malware NC wants to throw at you. A keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard as far as the software and operating system are concerned. The only wa
  7. TLDR: It's an in-fiction term for "warrior". Otherwise it's nonsense. Jyan is the equivalent of Jedi. Jyansei is the equivalent of Jedi Master.
  8. Wow. I knew there were a lot of costumes but DAMN. Most of them are really good too.
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