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  1. suggestion for new class

    if there's to be a new class, it should be something that hasn't been done before... i was thinking a whip user or fan dancer. those would be awesome.
  2. Baleful or Seraph?

    no warden should ever choose baleful over seraph. the cooldown reduction for blade ward is waaaayyyyy better than a buff to greatslash, especially since you want to get into frenzy asap.
  3. Warden build

    maybe you're just bad? get your warden some decent gear and watch him smash everything he (or she) sees.
  4. Show Off Your Warden

    my warden... coolest looking character in the game... seriously. ncsoft should hire me to just sit around and design cool new characters for thier games.
  5. try going into your bns folder and deleting signcode. then launch the game and let it download the signcode files again.
  6. TAB change doesnt make sense

    instead of giving its damage a slight nerf (which would have been fine) they made the ability a waste of time to even use. the gunners on the korean servers aren't even using tombstone anymore.
  7. Having a hard time in F8...

    as soon as I hit Tombstone, I pull aggro off tanks, sometimes just Quickshot spam is enough. Is there any way to dump aggro besides just stopping dps altogether? I know we're a pure dps class, and I like that a lot, but we really don't have any way to minimize threat at all. Even in groups with other dpsers who outgear me, I'm pulling aggro and then having to Whipline around like an idiot trying not to get annihilated.
  8. Soul Shield Primers

    as a fire gunner, do i need to stack crit, like every other dps class or should i go for accuracy?
  9. Game won't launch

    i was playing earlier today. logged off to get some dinner before our BT raid, and when i tried to log back on, the game doesn't start when i click the Play Now button. i am not getting any error messages the game just won't start. doesn't even launch the xigncode3 window. nothing.
  10. Sniper Stance

    Anyone find a use for this yet? I sure haven't...
  11. FAS reset after failed run

    yes. you are hosed. same thing happened to me on my first FAS run. i misjudged how fast we were killing the thrall and hit 4 to rez. load screen took forever, and i spawned at the entrance to a group that was already half gone. sent ticket, and the GM said working as intended. i thought it was incredibly stupid to have a game mechanic that punishes players like that. he said cry moar noob. not really. but its still a total BS system.
  12. The Radiant Ring gem crafting

    what's even dumber is there are people actually crafting keys... to craft two keys takes 12 elysian orbs, which are 8g+ each on the market... why the hell would you sell an item for less than you'd get just selling the materials? keys are 23g each ffs... its like a blind monkey was throwing darts at sticky notes on a wall how they came up with this crafting system. it makes zero sense at all.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    i was going for a cross between hentai slut and disney princess...
  14. Leveling Build?

    for levelling, all you need is points in frost fury for the self heal... use that when you crit a frost palm and you'll never die. it also gives you back focus... you almost never even need to use flame palm. its literally the easiest levelling spec for any class in the game.