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  1. I help Guild members out with Dungeons when they are under-geared, I don't mind carrying them because of a few reasons, but mostly because they actually listen to you, and don't get all teenage-anxiety depressive aggressive with me when I tell them to do something, or that they are doing something wrong. Sitting in a Dungeon which normally takes 15 minutes with people who are actually geared for the Dungeon (even if it is "over-geared") is much more preferable than sitting in that exact same Dungeon for anything up to an hour failing, and failing and failing some more with people that proba
  2. Unfortunately it doesn't get much better, mostly everything has true sight (See through stealth) or ground aoe based around mobs that randomly induct, also the introduction of "enrage timers" which you would have probably noticed by now if you've done any of the newly released stuff. Gone will be the days of solo'ing none solo dungeons.
  3. I have no screenshots of my Sin main, so here's my FM instead.
  4. They stopped for a few minutes, but they're back now :3 It's like watching little children running to an ice cream man.
  5. I mean, this is ridiculous... There's so many, it's such an unbalanced class and clearly OP. 1080p 60FPs for those who don't want eye cancer, now working. Much troll, many thanks for watching. <3
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