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  1. what the game like? idk why dont u ask that to ff14 losers who destroyed this game. they are on ff14 gamefaqs board
  2. everyone knows this game was destroyed by people from ff14. they even almost kill me twice. they think they are the richest when richest people are saudi princes rofl
  3. i understand what is your point but there is no such thing as ranged tank in ff14. assassin is actually really hard to play, and like i said so many times they won't nerf fm. fm is their favourite child, also things like ranged tank like i mentioned before exists here. but yeah, melee classes actually needed more utility or damage like what you said because of bosses' circular aoe, etc making their time to dps become less than ranged.
  4. if you are wondering why you are so squishy now, it's because before gem revamp peridot gems give passive recovery stats. now the recovery stat is part of the active so now it's become harder to survive. it's an underrated stat
  5. Well, looks like some people misinterpret of what i meant by p2p. p2p is pay to play, it means people need to pay to play the game. To be frank, some of reason you guys mentioned are actually because the game is f2p. And about game engine, it's impossible for ncsoft to make their own game engine. From my experience of playing many MMOs, blade and soul is the MMO with least turn offs compared to any other MMOs. Well, i can't say what are the name of MMOs but there are some MMOs with a bit better graphic and optimization but comes with a really bad downside, which are ov
  6. idk, I just want this game to get the recognition it deserves. Because for some reason this great game isn't really popular. Is it because it's f2p? why don't we try to change it to p2p and see what is going to happen? For the record, it was a p2p game in Korea and it is the most popular MMO in Korea until now. Well, I'm not Korean so I don't know what is really happening there but, p2p might be the real reason it was and until now the most popular MMO there. I know they changed it to f2p, but now with their new weapon system it's still regarded as p2p unless you want to grind thos
  7. Idk about other MMOs but i think for BnS it's a fair price because i never find a MMO as good as BnS
  8. Is spending 100 usd per month that hard? i don't think so. And there will be many problems also solved by changing the system to P2P like bots, spammers, less incentive for farmers to sell gold because they need to pay to play the game, and so on
  9. I read lot of those threads about "f2p has no right or whatsoever" or "p2w has the right to get everything they want" I had enough of these, why don't just make the game pay to play? make it 50 USD per month or 100 USD per month so this "f2p this or p2w that" will be cease to exist. It will also solve bot problems too. I want it to be 100 USD per month actually so there will be at least less disrepancy between f2p and p2w
  10. If you have raven you can go 6v6 and beat up those f2p players for ez lunch money or you can do what is cool among whales right now, which is killing boss in celestial basin to get dried ginseng and sell it to npc for 100g
  11. no. the target dropped not because the skill is bugged, it's because lightning version will makes you enter draw stance unlike the wind version
  12. the strongest opener that i can think of is V > 4 > 3 > X > rmbspam > tab > rmbspam > soulburn > x > rmbspam > 3 > tab > rmbspam well, not strongest as in damage, but as in highest threat opener
  13. do you know who is the top paying player in EU server? spoiler alert: not from NA or EU and im pretty sure top paying player in NA server also isn't a NA resident either
  14. they are different, the one that takes less to turn into legendary is a "pet skin". The other one is the real legendary pet that you are looking for
  15. before this patch cyclone mid spec gives 300% threat buff, well i don't have problem if it's gone anyway. no one does, well looks like you are pointing this maybe you have problem with it? easy... just get 8 msp and spam the 5 point strike so you won't lose aggro
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