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  1. Anybody having issues login in? I'm just getting a "try again later" message which is very odd.
  2. I've been here since launch. And while we have been on a roller coaster and I don't see anything inherently awful right now. In fact, if you consider where we were at launch and where the game is now, the game has improved a great deal. Same old, same old on the forums.
  3. Meh. These are the same old issues that most if not all MMORPGs face. And the bottom line is, that no matter what, there is some pain involved. It's unavoidable because newbies are learning new content. Content that they may be geared for but no familiar with. There will be a learning curve period, but after that, today's dungeon issues will be all but forgotten until the next time. And there will be a next time. So, newbies and vets, need to grin and bear it. It is a process. It will get better. There is no excuse for toxic behavior no matter the scenario, but that is an
  4. Nah, don't trash it unless you need space. Net, net, everything your need weapon wise you get now by leveling aka completing the gold quests. So, use the weapon until you get a better one while leveling, you will eventually get your legendary just by leveling. They have have made it really easy, unlike the early days. You only need to start the upgrade grind when you get your legendary. And even then it's not much of a grind until you get to Raven etc. The reason I say keep it is because that weapon can be used as a skin. Not sure, what the dagger looks like, but i
  5. Lol! Let Whales be Whales. Sure thing! And btw, where is your data showing us how the majority is against the change? Any empirical evidence? Of course not. This is the same old-same old forum nonsense that happens in any game when there is a change. And btw, we have a lot more important things to worry about in terms of game improvements. Oh, no! But the whales will leave! LOL! Yeah, right. Whales aren't going anywhere. It's the casuals, and newbies that you have to attract. And they don't have 400-500 gold to pony up everytime they upgrade. Ah, but they c
  6. Lol. Nope. Almost everyone? What, did you take a CNN poll? Not everyone agrees, and I'll go as far as to add, a majority does not agree. How can I say that? The people I talk too in game, my clan, and in general, think the new "prices" for elements are just fine. You see, not everyone is a whale. People cane make soulstones faster than they can gold, by simply running content. Hell, take a little time to run SSP and you have close to a hundred. Add the earnings from doing normal content and you have the stones AND the gold you need too. So please, h
  7. So.. Guys, NCwest tested the patch. They knew Poh was going to be insane. They even mention on the stream that they were asking that it be nerfed, and it was a little from what was released in Korea. My question is, does NCWest not have the tools and devs to make a slight change to the NA/EU version of the game when required? I think this is a case and point to do that, at least. It's not even a big change, actually. Just allow the steam grates to last a little longer, that's it. Complaints about the event... yup, this must be a gaming forum. All due respect to those complai
  8. It used to be that way. Lately, not so much. I PUG EC all the time and I actually get excited when we get a group without protection because it makes the last boss interesting at least. And more often than not, I am very surprised at how well players can handle it.
  9. Wow. You must play on a different server than mine OP. So first. You have to be kidding about DT, EC, and Foundry. It is easier than ever for lower AP players to jump in and clear those dungeons. I PUG those dungeons everyday because it is pointless to make the requirements you mentioned. But there are limits. You go in with a bunch of HM 6s and you are going to struggle. But that is not what happens in cross-server. In fact, I will go further and say that, in those particular dungeons you get exactly what you are looking for OP. Usually, a couple of lowbies, a f
  10. So... what? Why all the hate for a Lyn gunner? I say, hell yes. For that matter let's open up a few more classes and bypass more class locks. Yun WLs? Sure. Why not? Bottom line, I don't care what race you are when you are in group content. Lyn Destroyer, whatever, as long as you execute and do your job.
  11. Interesting break down. Thanks. I'm glad you posted it here as I don't always frequent Reddit.
  12. Yup. It feels like a DDOS attack.
  13. Nevermind, I found it. The quest is called a Vile Prison, bottom of the list of your letters. Thanks!
  14. I believe the quest I need is called A Veil Prison. Sadly, I don't see it anywhere.
  15. I see. It is not popping up. Not sure why. I've completed the quest as far as I'm aware and have the Chasing Zulia Raid on my list with the first item completed. I might try logging out and logging back in.
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