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  1. Will Mushin remain the biggest server after the merge?

    Not going to be fun on OMC, Crimson is our dominant faction yes, but there's like 1/10th of us active as there are Ceru on Mushin. The server merger likely just going to destroy whatever active crimson community is currently on OMC, and the newly merged server will be nothing but Ceru within weeks.
  2. Balefull weapon buff not working.

    Warlock mostly. Level 4 Baeful is about equal to lvl 10 True Scorpio I believe, so Warlock needs a lvl 5+ Legendary for it to be an upgrade over True Scorpio, or at least, worth having. Mostly depends on the skill buff your weapon gives, if it buffs a skill that has a long CD, or you don't use too often, losing 18% damage on it upgrading to lvl 1 Legendary isn't a problem. For specifically Warlock, we lose 18% damage on our most important damage ability, making the legendary horrible until much later levels.
  3. Blackwyrm Attack Gems

    BW respawns every hour. Terrors (which can give keys) every 30min. On OMC we used to farm BW 24/7, now we only really do weekend BW. There's a few guilds that just kill BW themselves whenever they feel like it as well. The essences that you can use to buy the gems are more of an insurance, if RNG isn't kind to you opening the boxes, you'll eventually end up with enough essences to buy a gem.
  4. Tower Trader items

    Imma let you finish, but I hear Warlocks have the worst current soul badges of all time!
  5. 6m and 4m drops.

    They really do need to... "normalize" loot between 4m and 6m. On average I see 1-3 stingers in 6mans, it's actually rare that I see none from a 6man, I often see additional stacks too. In 4mans 1 stinger is basically the norm, sometimes I'll see 1-3, I see additional stacks at about the same rate, if not less than 6 mans. I feel like they need to at least set a "base" on the stinger drops in 4mans, for instance 4mans drop 5-10 stingers with a decent chance at additional stacks. Currently with RNG at work, there's no reason to really farm 4mans for stingers specifically, only for the 4man specific loot, you might get more stingers from 4mans, but it's honestly more work for about the same reward. EDIT: I still do 4mans for most of my dailies, but if I need stingers I've mostly stopped farming dungeons for them in general, in the time it takes me to get 10 stingers from dungeons, I could farm enough gold to buy 50+ from the market.
  6. ssp 500pp chest nerfed

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was ninja nerfed, it's rather obvious they've been adjusting the chance of moonstones and keys from ssp for a while now. When the level 50 patch first came out, you were basically guaranteed a key from Konta and Grindtooth boxes, there's was literally only a handful boxes that didn't give me a key in the first few weeks of 50 content, and there seemed to be about a ~20% chance of bonus keys. Then, a few weeks after the lvl 50 update the chance of keys went to hell, it wasn't at some random time, it was exactly after a "weekly server maintenance" that had a patch, yet no patch notes to speak of. Since then it's seemed to be about a 1/5 chance of getting a key from Konta/Grindtooth boxes, and I personally only get bonus keys probably every 20-30 boxes. However the chance of bonus moonstones seemed to have stayed the same, for the time being. Eventually, again after a weekly maintenance, bonus moonstones went the same way as keys, it originally seemed like a ~1/10 chance of getting bonus moonstones, and now, I can't actually estimate the chance of bonus moonstones, as I've only gotten about 3 moonstone crits in the last 100+ chests, so I don't feel like I've opened enough to make a guess at the chances.
  7. It's not constant, so I'm assuming it's related to a specific state of buffs or conditions. Either way, Rupture Stage 1 (specced to 3 points for 6 focus recovery) will sometimes not be able to be cast if you have less than 3 focus. (The requirement of stage 2) Often while casting bombardment I will see the UI F skill for bombardment grey out, or simply disappear as soon as I dip under 3 focus, it doesn't seem to matter if it was activated by a bombardment crit, or wingstorm, or how long rupture has been "available", it seems to purely be based on the amount of focus available. Again, this bug is not constant, though very frequent, so I'm assuming it's related to one or more of the Warlocks states or conditions. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out which conditions these could be, as I'm not about to stop attacking a boss to take note of all of my current buffs, conditions and skill states when I see rupture become uncastable due to lack of focus. Simply attacking a dummy with bombardment didn't seem to produce the bug, but if I get the time to do more testing, or if I happen to identify a cause or more information on the bug, I'll post it here.
  8. New gems...

    You didn't read what I said, you just jumped in to argue over nothing. I was talking about the heptagonal ap gems. Congratulations, you got a hex ame, now get 8 more, transmute them together to get 3 blue hepts, which you can transmute together to get one purple hept. You now have 1 of 7 possible purple hept ap gems. Now do that 5 more times so you can be 6/6. I'm sorry I don't know the drop rate of the gems to give you a statistically accurate estimation on how much you'd have to spend on RNG to be able to obtain the hepts (NOT the hexes, which you were the only one talking about in this thread), But for just the Amethyst hept, you'll need to obtain a total of 9, so enjoy spending on RNG to get 8 more, and the come tell me how I'm wrong about how much you'd currently need to spend on rng to obtain a hept. I'd love some actual data on how much it costs to get 9 of a single hex, so get to it.
  9. No money rewards for side quests in act 1 ?

    While that is strange, and most likely some kind of bug, the money rewards from that stage of the game amount to essentially nothing anyway. Even just the difference between Viridian and Cinderlands rewards is quite large, so as long as the rest of your quests give rewards, you'll only be missing out on a handful of silver.
  10. New gems...

    According to the transmutation menu, the Blue Heps require 3 Hongmoon Hexes (untradable), and you need 3 blue heps for a purple hep. Since the Hongmoon and Non-Hongmoon gems are two totally different items, I'm not sure they'd be interchangeable as materials. Meaning you'd need to somehow afford 9 of each Hongmoon hex from RNG events, some of which have yet to exist. So unless they add Hongmoon hexes to the transmutation list, with non Pay Wall materials (IE: Doesn't require RNG Event or cash shop items to obtain materials), no one is really going to see these gems without spending their life savings, or more. Basically as things currently stand, they are not obtainable, unless you spend like $10k on the current springtime troves to maybe get the Amethyst and Citrine.
  11. i5-6600 or i7-6700, R9-390 or R9-390x?

    Personally I have an i7-4790k, and an R9-280x and it handles the game just fine. I turn my settings down during things like SSP, BW and GHS simply because turning players off has given me problems with crashing in the past, and I'd like to avoid that. If I kept my settings as they were (max) and just turned off players I'd be fine during those events as well. I get 80-120fps during general play (Shiverstone seems to be the only place it drops <100...). And usually 40+ fps using combat settings with players enabled during things like SSP and GHS. (25+ fps with max settings and players enabled) Disabling players would probably have me closer to 60 fps, but I'd rather not risk crashing. Like all MMOs, a powerful CPU is going to be your biggest contribution to performance.
  12. New Level 50 Mushin's Tower Soul Shields...

    From what I understand A mix of Yeti and Asura is going to be the best (5 Asura, 3 Yeti). With full Asura being second best, little less crit, little more HP/defensive. The 5 piece Asura bonus is pretty standard, for the ap and crit damage. Full Naksun will be better than full Yeti, but it won't be "BiS". However it's still better overall than current available soulshields, and I'll probably be farming it before I start Sogun's Lament, if nothing else for all the accuracy, as I apparently can't roll acc on my Yeti pieces to save my life.
  13. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    I'm not sure if you're confusing me for another poster, but your pretty pictures have nothing to do with my mysterious phrase. But for giggles, I'll make some arts and crafts too. How things usually work: Client: He can do that. Server: Ok. How you seemingly want it to work? (Though I'm not sure what the database has to do with input validation...) Client: Can he do that? Server: I dunno, let me ask. Server: Can he do that? Weird back end "input validation": Yeah I guess so. Server: Ok he can do that. Client: Ok I'll let him do that. Having every button press needing to be approved by the server would be a horrible idea. To begin with, whether or not you can use a skill while it's on CD is not any kind of "input". And as an added bonus, packet injection! Client: He can't do that. Injector: Imma let you finish, but that was the best action of all time! Server: Ok he can clearly do that then. The injector intercepts data being sent by the client to the server, and changes it to what it wants. For instance, it can change a "He tried to use that skill, but it's on cooldown, so he's not casting it" into a "He tried to use that skill and it's not on cooldown, so he's casting it.". There's no validation to speak of, the injector changes the no to a yes, and it's seen by everything as a yes. Trying to "validate" that would be telling the server "A yes is only a yes when it's a yes".
  14. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Client restrictions are often bypassed through packet injection. The whole reason it works is because it passes validation, as it appears to be a legitimate call.
  15. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    1: The creation of new accounts and bot characters is usually automated, allowing new bots to be created in seconds without any actual "user" interaction. They're created by the hundreds, if not thousands per day. 2: The main problem, and the reason there's bots, is gold sellers. Bots often need to be left alone for a while so they can be traced back to the gold sellers "bank" characters (all that gold they try to sell needs to be stored somewhere) in an effort to combat the real problem of gold sellers, and not just pick off their limitless bots here and there. 3: While there's countless ways to try and prevent bots, there's also countless ways to bypass those security measures. How many bots you see in a game usually has nothing what so ever to do with the security of the game, and everything to do with how profitable the gold sellers see the game. With the massive need for gold in our crazy gear grind, BnS is basically a gold sellers Golden Goose, they'll go to the ends of the earth to bypass what ever security NC might use to make bank off the game. If players stopped buying gold, the bot problem would start to naturally die off itself, it wouldn't be gone, but it'd be barely noticeable, right now gold sellers are getting rich off lazy/stupid NA players, so there sure as hell not going to tone down their bot operation. If you see a game without a huge bot problem, it's because there's little to not profit to be made from selling gold, and has little to do with the companies efforts or security. -The only thing NC could really do security wise is try to prevent the "hacking" used by bots and players, the bots themselves will be here as long as gold sellers are making a profit. Years ago I was handling bots as a "Volunteer GM" in a game I was playing (Trusted player with GM powers for the sake of handling bots and helping other players). A lot of my work was on the forums, where every day I'd have to: -Remove up to 100 gold spam posts. -Ban 30-50 spam accounts. -Blacklist tens to hundreds of words/phrases. -IP ban a number of specific IPs. -IP ban within a range of proxy clusters. This would often take me an hour or two of work just to clean up the forums each day, and I wasn't the only one doing it, that was just my share. On the forums things were a lot more cut and dry, see spam? Ban spam. Things in game are not so simple, it takes a lot more time and effort. Bot control is fighting a losing battle that doesn't end until the players you're fighting for stop buying gold, and the gold sellers see the game as not worth their time.