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  1. Where's my transmute gold and pet pods from the F10 boxes? Huh??
  2. I never got transmute gold back and support refuses to look at my account. Hello?
  3. I got all my outfits back but I didn't receive any transmute gold. All the pet pods I got from the F10 boxes are still gone. Support won't do anything and has told me to post my concerns here.
  4. WTS Infernal Design - NA Zulia

    300g OBO. NA Zulia. PM here or in-game (Biggy Shorty).
  5. Poharan Pet!

    Liinxy you are hot! You need to be on more streams!
  6. Login down?

    Still can't login on NA, been like this since 9am.
  7. Summoner Legendary SS (PVE)

    True but I find most bosses in this game do stay in one spot for 10-20 seconds then move somewhere else. Last boss in Citadel being the exception. Examples of bosses that stay in a spot for 10 seconds or more: Cold Storage, Heaven's Mandate, Tomb, Asura, Necro, Yeti, Frozen Fang, the Turtle, all SSP bosses, etc. Having a tank helps too.
  8. Summoner Legendary SS (PVE)

    you crazy, 100% briar damage is huge dps increase.
  9. HM Skill (lmb)

    Fateful tome is Volume 2, which is from the dungeons.
  10. HM Skill (lmb)

    Actually the HM book from Necro and Yeti combine to give you the shroud overflow, I have it now and it's quite good in PVE if you can get the boss to attack you.
  11. Rumblebees PVE

    Thanks for helpful advice.
  12. Rumblebees PVE

    I'm hearing more and more that Rumblebees does better single target damage for boss fights over Sunflowers. Does anyone have a link to a good build? I'm HM9 with all the secret technique skills.
  13. Level 50 Soul Shields

    I was told to get up to 120% piercing for boss fights, correct?
  14. Level 50 Soul Shields

    Go full Yeti and get the piercing bonus.
  15. WTB Hongmoon Pellet (LMB Hongmoon Skill)

    I'd sell my pellets but I don't feel like spending my zen beans on the certificates. I only pvp for the dailies.