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  1. NC2 Launcher problem/error

    I cant unstand how is possible an huge company as NcSoft CANT make a Decent Launcher.. I have 100 MB of Internet, i can download 50 GB in 15 minutes... This game Ziped is 22 GB, i am LITERALY 5 HOURS trying downloading / installing this, and i CANT PLAY YET. This software crash in 48% downloading, but in the folder the temporal files are downloaded. What the hell is it? Can fix this trash? The old launcher was perfect, download, install, donwlad game, play, end.
  2. Launcher is Buged yet

    The new laucnher is bugged yet.. i have the full game until March 25 / 19, 45 GB. I donwloaded the new launcher, and this time i can select the patch of my instalation, but the game is downlading all again :/ Dont delete this time, but they cant fin my instalation. Also this DONT WORKS in 1280*720. The last 10% of launcher cant see in this resolution :/
  3. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    Gunslier its the only class who i can load and explote their my most powerfull skill (5 seconds) :v Their are easier to get an eternal stun
  4. Launcher Download bug !!!!

    Test it
  5. WTH New Launcher? OMG

    This software is the most awesome bugged launcher un the story... I have 10 Terabytes in my PC (yes, 10 TERA'S) But in my C i have only 120 GB in an SSD Disk... i and i dont have enough space... so i instaled the game in other Partition. The trash launcher downladed temporal files in C... and I dont have space in C... The setup has failed. Also, This Software DELETED MY PREVIUS GAME. I had the game since 3 years (i last played the last month) And i must donwload ALL AGAIN. WTF? I wanted play after 1 moth, in my little bit free time and i lost all my time with this. FIX ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
  6. The characters of this game are really beatifull and put these in other background will be cool. The idea is create a orb dungeon all with green background, to can apply chroma keyer effect from video editor, and change easier the background of the character. For example to make cools and diferents intros to videos of blade and soul, make a alternative history of the characters... play with our chracterers out of game in an alternative world made by us What its your oppinion about this?
  7. Hi, i want share my first gameplay of Blade and soul, i hope you like it.