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    Taylor Swift, the most deadly pop star of them all.
  2. I created a ticket... but this seems to be a server side issue, notsomuch something that tech support or moderators can deal with.
  3. As much as I don't wish latency on others, I'm glad it's not just me, so hopefully it gets addressed. I honestly cannot play the game right now, and that's a huge bummer considering the weekend and all.
  4. Since the new patch, I have attempted to play the game, but it has become unplayable. There are multiple seconds between actions, large spikes in lag, and just overall slowness. I can't even move things around in my bag or vault without large hiccups. I did an internet speed test to show that it's definitely not on my end if anyone wants to make that claim: It's also not my computer - I run: gtx 980 4g 32gb ram i7 5930k 3.4ghz I currently play on the Master Hong server. Anyone else experiencing this or know if this server is having a known issue?