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  1. Legendary Weapon Stage 1 Costing $600....

    that's for a distant future, it will get easier as we get more updates.
  2. Legendary Weapon Stage 1 Costing $600....

    5000g is not hard to farm, it just takes some time. just find people to run stuff with and you're golden(or do ssp all day, prices skyrocketed). if you don't have the time to grind, well then the game is not for you, sorry. lol we won't be needing legendaries any time soon anyway(confirmed by a staff member), no need to rush.
  3. I find it really funny how people assume stuff they have no way to know about. If you don't want to min/max and get the BEST setup possible, it's ok, no problem it's your choice. But a lot of people do and it would be an amazing tool to have. Tbh it doesn't even have to be a dps meter, if there's a tool to track your damage so you can do extensive testing with a whole lot of different gear setups it's good enough. Not gonna lie, a lot will look down on people with less dps, but having actual numbers to work with would be great.
  4. What you are failing to understand is that people want to know what is the best GEAR for dps. Atm people have mixed opinions about high crit, high crit damage, pierce and stuff. I've came from TERA and dps meters completely changed the metagame, making people understand more about how they should be building their gear. Just because you think you're doing great, doesn't mean you can't do better. Stop acting like you're superior and know about everything and try to understand what people are saying instead of criticizing what you're failing to assimilate.
  5. You are making no sense. What people want a dps meter for is not to know if they're doing well, it's for testing what is best and what will make them do more damage. As of right now we can only assume, but with a dps meter we would know FOR SURE what is the best to use. I don't see anything wrong with people trying to perfect their gear/dps.
  6. Dochun's Memory's song

    Was blazing through the quests to get to lvl 50 and couldn't help but notice the amazing song for this quest. Does anyone know what is called and would like to share? :D
  7. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    From my point of view, here's what happens: You can do this dungeon at 350 ap if you know what you're doing and if I know you are good I'd take you no problem. The issue here is that there's no way I can know if pugs are good or bad so I'd rather have a gear carried noob in my party than a noob that contributes nothing. There's also the thing that, if we wipe at some point, people will leave and the dungeon is so freaking huge that it would be faster if we restart with another party instead of looking for another guy.
  8. I don't think gold sellers sell any gold tho, at least most don't. They steal your accound and credit card info. edit: Ok, if the requirement for upgrades drop enough to satisfy the people who play for like 2h a day, how do you think people with more time to play would feel like if someone who plays for 1~2h a day gets gear at the same rate as they do? It makes no sense, the more time you invest on it, the further ahead you will be from those who spend less time playing, that's how it should be. ps: english not first language, excuse any mistakes pls kthx
  9. Gold is easy to make if you have the time. If you don't, not the game's fault either. I hate that mentality of people who think the game should adapt to the casuals and not the casuals have to adapt to the game. I understand, people work/study and a lot don't have the time to """"""grind"""""", but the sad truth is that this game is not for you (this sentence works for any korean mmo).
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Just appearence changed, her face was hella ugly lol
  11. wait til you get to endgame and start running the 4man dungeons for costumes/skill books and you'll see what is a low drop rate. :P
  12. LOL at the people complaining about having to pvp on a pvp based game.
  13. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    BnS is a pvp focused game, you guys just didn't do your research before starting.
  14. Blackwyrm

    Low fps? There's this magical option that will solve your problems, try pressing ctrl+f.
  15. Weapon Chests Broken?!

    It's just bad rng. I thought weapons for my class were harder to get too back when I started. Took me 20+ blackram narrow runs to get mine, 19 tomb of exiles to get the other one, but hujikar/profane/brightstone took me 2~5 boxes each. Just keep on going, you'll get it eventually. Also, for the blue ones you can always farm a bit of money and buy them off the market anyway.